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I wandered into a restaurant the other day. It was crowded full of customers, and I thought, ‘this must be a good restaurant!’. The staff were very busy so while I queued at the counter I looked around to see what was available, hoping to order quickly when my turn came. There seemed to only be sandwiches, and strangely they all seemed to be served with chips.

All they had were chicken sandwiches, beef sanswiches, bean sandwiches or fried chicken. That was it. A big, prominent, popular restaurant in the center of Town. I asked when I got to the counter: “why is this place so popular when it has such a dismal selection of food?”.

“This is McDonald’s!” replied the assistant indignantly, as if no further explanation was needed.

When you design a website, if your content is a load of mindless drivel then you could correctly conclude ‘it’s all in the presentation’, just like Mcdonald’s do when serving up their cheap adulterated pap. The bright lights, the big windows and the dazzling display of shiny catering equipment at the back, together with the uniformed and uniform staff combine to create the illusion that good food is being served there. Likewise, websites advertising worthless and world-consuming baubles to fill the hole in civilised people's lives use many tricks to create the illusion that they have something of consequence to impart.

This website tries to comply with web (W3C) standards. Not because doing this should make the pages more accesible to people with low-badwidth connections or old equipment and operating systems (though it will); not becuase supporting and designing for the latest fasionable aberrations produced by one particular browser developer will detract from the presentation in other browsers and encourage the fools to continue developing proprietary gizmos at the expense of compatibility with HTML standards (though it will); but because it is too much work to keep up with the scatty minds of people who spend their entire lives in the world of design and marketing. So there is no recommendation like “best viewed in the latest version of browser x”.

Plain HTML is used, with a few tables but not excessively. What bit of design there is is mostly in style sheets. If your browser doesnt support style sheets, or doesn’t implement them properly, and unless you’re from Betelgeuse and brought your browser with you it doesn’t (at the time this is written), the pages should still work (ie. be readable and the links should work). If this is not happening please tell support@eco-action.org (PGP key).

We can’t claim to be compatible with Any Browser because the code is too sloppy (with one or two notable exceptions done by someone else), but we are trying at least.

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