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This website has not been updated for some years. This website has been left as it may still contain useful content.

If you're feeling reckless ignore this page and go straight to the message board

Contacts message board for ecological direct action

This board has been set up solely to provide a means for people to get in touch with others who are concerned about what is happening to our home. That is the only restriction on it. Use it to leave a contact address, or to have a conversation about things that are going on in your area.

To make it easy for people to see messages from people near them, put your region and country in the 'subject' field on the form. (eg Sussex, UK; or Oregon, USA)

This is not an ideal medium for this contacts thing, but we will figure out something easier to use. Anyone who can do good cgi scripting please help! (PGP key)


If you don't want to be traced or hassled by email from nutters (this happens far less than some think) there are a few things you can learn about fairly easily.
Web Proxies
every time your browser requests a page from a web server, it has to tell that machine where to send it to. This is your IP address, and depending on how your server works, this could identify your email address, or at least your server. You can confuse this somewhat by using a proxy. See Simple Anonymity for a very good explanation of this, and how to do it. The script for this message board puts the IP address of your server with the message. This doesn't necessarily matter, unless you have a static IP address from your server (eg mine is resolved to savage.easynet.co.uk--not too hard to figure out...) Its worth knowing things like this, ask your tech support. Don't let this put you off using our board though, the difference here is that we are telling you what goes on. If you want to stop this, use a proxy. When we can get our own scripts together this wont happen, nor will there be any ads.
'Anonymous' Email
Not Hotmail! Most web-based email accounts give out your IP number in the header of the message. For the purposes of this message board, a hotmail account is probably ok, because you are not trying to avoid state investigation (pointless), only keeping your anonymity. But hotmail is run by microsoft who don't have a very good attitude. subdimension seems a lot better. You have a choice between web-based and full pop mail (eg like you use a proper mail client for, and don't need to stay online while reading and replying to messages). The pop option, though, uses your existing outgoing mail server, so this will still be somewhere in the headers, but not obvious. So if that bothers you, use the web version and a proxy server. Send a message to yourself to check. Subdimension doesn't insist on cookies like hotmail.

We don't want to give the impression any of this will give you anonymity against the State. Only the state can know for sure how to do that. This is just a few precautions to separate you enough so that you can choose who to have contact with.

this is a bit rough, better info will follow.

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