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It can be difficult, depending on where you are, to find like minded people, but they are out there, so persevere. Below are a few things you can do using the internet. (warning, though: remember your original aim, to find people in the real world you can get together with. This is a very seductive ghetto! The pixel dance is for watching only, you can't join in. But you can use it to find others if you don't let it suck you in.)

Places to go is a work in progress, intended to give an idea of what things are going on around the world that are long-term enough to be worth a long journey.

Revolutionary Graffiti Front - Find a local chapter or start one yourself. "Together, we can shock those who've become oblivious, out of their oblivion. We must awaken the minds of those who've become manipulated and deceived by the dirty games of pop culture and corporate mainstream propaganda."

Mailing Lists

  • efextreme Earth First! Extremist, where rednecks, loggers and wise abuse dupes take on hippie tree huggers, vegetarians and pet lovers.
  • Direct Action Scotland A discussion and information list focusing on direct action and protest in Scotland.
  • Infoshops Network is world-wide, for people interested in autonomous spaces in our towns, for distribution of information and as a non-commercial meeting place, usually but not always squatted. There is a list of lots of infoshops there, which can be a good way to find other people and ideas. There is a discussion / news list too.
  • Direct Action Media Network: news-wire reports of direct actions that have occurred, and follow-up reports to those actions. The damn-all@tao.ca list is the one to which DAMN posts all the reports we gather, from the independent, "alternative", or even mainstream media. If you would like to receive only articles by independent publications you should subscribe to damn@tao.ca.
  • Earth First! Alert - A moderated list for activists to either post alerts and announcements to folks who are eager to support Earth First! projects in a variety of regions, or to stay informed of various priorities which develop among a variety of Earth First! and sympatico groups around the globe.
  • PNW Forest Defender - Pacific North West tree camps etc, latest updates.
  • v-nv-mobilize Discussion of activist "violence" and "nonviolence" at the current large mobilizations (J18, S26, J20, etc). All perspectives are welcome.
  • diversity of tactics group For people who wish to discuss the effectiveness of diverse tactics of resistance against power abuse; who see the split between dogmatic, non-violent groups and the more radical tactics as non-productive.