Do or Die

Do or Die Issue 2

Some photos, illustrations and other images from the paper edition are not yet included on the website.

Short Blah
Junking the Junk (p. 1)
An exciting and fun activity for all armchair Earth First!ers
Biocrap (p. 1)
Bovine Fæces and the Enclosure of Language
Trees for Life (p. 2)
The Amazon on our Doorsteps
Permaculture (p. 3)
Grow Your Own Revolution
The Feminisation of Earth First? (p. 4)
By Judi Bari
Up and Coming (p. 6)
Remember - every day is a day of action!
Abuse the Car Industry - For Free! (p. 6)
Earth Night (p. 7)
Go out and do something for the Earth... at night!
Golf Night! (p. 7)
Sick Bastards (p. 7)
Action Update (p. 8)
Twyford Diary (p. 10)
Dear Nora... (p. 12)
British Columbia (p. 14)
Temperate Rainforest Crisis
Earth First! and Tribalism (p. 15)
A Lesson from Twyford Down
Lettuce To The Cabbage (p. 16)
Directions (p. 17)
Are we to be a radical ecological movement or not?
Scotland (p. 17)
Caledonian EF!
Conscious of Prisoners (p. 18)
500 Years of Genocide... (p. 19)
to be continued?
Partizan Poets (p. 20)
Turn Sellafield into a Wind Farm (p. 21)
Sellafield has dumped half a tonne of plutonium onto the seabed
Uncivil Disobedience (p. 22)
A cautionary tale
Paranoia... Noia... Noia... Noia... Boo! (p. 23)
Sheep in Wolves' Clothing (p. 23)
Tribal Beat (p. 24)
Links and news of everything direct


Recommended reading for the Terra1st! (p. 25)


Civil disobedience & ecodefence
Away with all cars, by Mr. Social Control
The Monkeywrenching Gang, by Edward Abbey
Rommel, Gunner Who?, by Spike Milligan
Ecodefense: A field guide to monkeywrenching
Autogeddon, by Heathcote Williams
Timber Wars, by Judi Bari
Into the 90s with the ALF, from Green Anarchist
End of the Road
Without a Trace
Counter-surveillance equipment
Excellent car graphics & info packs
AK Press


Turning Point
Green Line
Sea Shepherd
Green Anarchist
Green Revolution
Private Eye
Anti-Nuclear Network Newsletter
The Ecologist
EF! Journal

Contacts (p. 26)


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