Do or Die

Do or Die Issue 3

Some photos, illustrations and other images from the paper edition are not yet included on the website.

Land and Liberty - A Letter From Scotland

Action Reports

News from Somerset
Hillforts and Revenge
Faslane Peace Camp
Cardiff Barrage
M11 and A11
Welsh Oil Drilling
Skye Otter Campaign
Golden Hill
Jesmond Dene
Avon Gorge
Partners in Crime
Target Tarmac
Twford Diary - Part Two

International News

EF! Defends the Danube
Bio-Factory Bombed
Finnish Activists Jailed

Articles & Issues

Timbnet - What Went Wrong?
Pull Out Legal Briefing
Fascism - Out on the Streets
MOVE - They Kill Vegetarians!
Government - We Love It
The Wilderness!


To Be or Not To Be Paranoid?
They're at it Again
Monkeywrenching News
Dear Nora
Welsh Trial Exposes M15
News from the ALF

Poem: Flying Tree Images
Prisoners of War
Lettuce to the Cabbage (Letters)


Ancient futures: learning from Ladakh, Helena Norberg-Hodge
Alarm (voice of Northeast US EF!)
Green Rage: radical environmentalism and the unmaking of civilisation
The Earth First! reader: ten years of radical environmentalism
Confessions of an eco-warrior, by Dave Foreman, age 13 and three-quarters
Do or Die No. 3
A green history of the world: the environment and the collapse of great civilisations, by Clive Ponting
The population explosion, by Paul and Anne Ehrlich
Health and the rise of civilisation, by Mark Nathan Cohen
Where the buffalo roam: the storm over the revolutionary plan to restore America's great plains
& A rural manifesto for the Highlands: creating the second great wood of Caledon, by Anne Matthews
The penguin: Hornsey and Wood Green Solidarity Group Bulletin (Issue 3)
The Faradawn Trilogy, by Richard Ford
Anarchist Black Cross Bulletin
Open Eye No. 2
FINNS (Free Information Networks)
Monolith News
Green Brigades
The tree planter's guide to the Galaxy
Fifth Estate
The Lancaster anarchist bomber
Am I totally normal too?
Counter Information

EF! Contacts

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