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An article from Do or Die Issue 5. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 71.

Animal Antics

1) 'An Angler was drowned by the fish he was trying to catch. Chris Bowie, 29, from West Palm Beach, Florida, was dragged off his boat and pulled 30ft under by a blue marlin when his hands became tangled in the line during a contest off North Carolina. "It just snatched him off the deck", said a friend.'
- Daily Mail, June 20th 94.

2) 'An Elephant whose calf was knocked down by a locomotive in the Sythet region of Bangladesh on the 21st of February 1993 blocked the next train that passed an hour later and banged her forehead against the engine for 15 minutes, until it could no longer run. She then walked off into the jungle, leaving about 200 passengers stranded for over 5 hours. The extent of the baby elephant's injuries were not known.'
- Associated Press, 22/2/93

3) 'Nature's war on man's design grinds on in Seville where the World Expo, having been plagued by armies of rats, which gnawed through most of the optical and electrical cables, is now being consumed by mosquitoes. Soaring temperatures, fountains, abundant vegetation and strong night lights have attracted every insect within miles and no one has a clue what to do.'
- Guardian, 17/4/92

4) 'San Francisco Police chased a Zebra down a 6 lane Freeway at 45MPH. When stopped, it kicked in two doors, smashed a mud guard, climbed on the bonnet, chewed up the steering wheel and bit two handlers before being returned to Marine World Zoo.'
- Daily Mail, 27/ [sic]

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