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Sweet Death

Monsanto poisons the world for profit

Nutrasweet (aspartame) is an artificial sweetener added to over 9,000 products worldwide. It is manufactured by Monsanto (now famous for its mutant soya) and contains a product of genetic engineering. Originally classified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a neurotoxin (nerve agent), this chemical was developed as a chemical warfare weapon.

Monsanto, like all corporations, need to be able to patent something before they market it. Sugar is no good as anyone can produce it. Aspartame happened to taste sweet, and was already patented.

None of the regulatory bodies ever performed any research on aspartame, they simply rubberstamped a political approval of aspartame by the FDA. All FDA team leaders reviewing the pre-approval studies put them in the category of "abysmal" and many suggested they were fradulent. (An interesting point to note on this subject is that Industrial Biotest Laboratories - the American company that did 11 out of the 19 chronic toxicology studies on Monsanto's glyphosphate (i.e. Roundup) - was denounced by the American Environmental Protection Agency in 1983 for "serious deficiencies and improprieties". These included "countless deaths of rats and mice that were not reported", "fabricated data tables" and "routine falsification of data".

Perhaps the nicest example of their efforts comes in a quote from an EPA report: "It is also somewhat difficult not to doubt the scientific integrity of a study when the IBT stated that it took specimens from the uteri of male rabbits for examination" In spite of all this, Roundup is in widespread use worldwide and fully approved by the FDA.)

Dr. Virginia Weldon, VP for Public Policy at Monsanto Chemical is a "top candidate" to become Commissioner of the FDA, reported the St. Louis Post Dispatch Tuesday, May 20 1997. FDA approved Monsanto's NutraSweet, Equal and the bovine growth hormone Posilac, which are under mounting international medical and consumer criticism as toxic substances. NutraSweet and Equal are Monsanto brands of the neurotoxin aspartame. The original developer of NutraSweet was Searle which was acquired by Monsanto in l985.

"If Weldon gets the appointment Monsanto will have its former Vice President empowered to bless dozens of new Monsanto bioengineered chemicals and sweeteners. NutraSweet 2000 is slated for approval in l998 according to the Chemical & Engineering News (21/4/97). "These job swaps by FDA officials are a well oiled revolving door that doesn't even squeak, it just stinks", says Betty Martini, founder of Mission Possible. "Think of the FDA as Monsanto's Washington branch office."

Monsanto researcher Margaret Miller who worked on the bovine growth hormone (rBST), transferred to FDA and got the job of reviewing her own research. Miller increased the antibiotic protocol for milk to permit an increase of 10,000 percent. Cows treated with rBST require more antibiotics because of rampant udder infections. Monsanto attorney Michael Taylor was hired to an FDA post where he could oversee the approval process. Martini calls these events "The Monsanto march on Washington."

David Kessler, the FDA Commissioner who recently retired when questioned for padding his expense account, gave blanket approval to NutraSweet even though it has an allowable daily intake, without public notification in June. He has protected Monsanto by ignoring the FDA register of 10,000 complaints and their published list of 92 reactions to aspartame, from coma and blindness to seizures and death.

Kessler consistently protected Monsanto by refusing to require chemical breakdown tests of the drug. An 11 year old, Jennifer Cohen, outclassed the highly paid FDA scientists in an experiment for a school science project *1. She stored cans of Diet Coke in a refrigerator for 10 weeks. They broke down and released formaldehyde and diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent. According to the Food Chemical News the FDA said they knew it all along.

Mission Possible has demanded FDA recall of aspartame on the basis that a pivotal study of aspartame, SC 18862, produced grand mal seizures in 6 of 7 infant monkeys. One died. Mrs. Martini says: "I fail to see how grand mal seizures prove safety! The FDA report of symptoms list 4 different types of seizures in the public." Acting FDA Commissioner Michael Friedman has ignored the demand.

James Turner, Washington based attorney, explained on 60 Minutes that the original studies on aspartame never proved safety and were not replicated. The late FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment because it triggered brain tumors, astrocytomas (first stage of the deadly glioblastoma now said to be rampant in the population). The Bressler Report exposed mammary, uterine and ovarian tumors. Rats listed as dead appeared alive later in the report!

Dr. Virginia Weldon is a pediatrician, and Pediatric Professor, Dr. Louis Elsas testified before Congress in l987 that aspartame is a neurotoxin and teratogen (triggers birth defects!). If she becomes the new FDA Commissioner will history repeat itself? "It's the same song in the same saloon with new nudes," says Martini. "Their corruption is exposed for all to see. Play it again, Sam!"

Contact: Betty Martini, Mission Possible 5950-H State Bridge Rd. Suite 215 Duluth, GA 30155 USA, for even more information, or if you would like to help stop Aspartame.

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