Do or Die

Do or Die Issue 6

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Reclaim The Streets! (p. 1)
From road blockades to street parties, from strikes on oil corporations to organising alongside strikingworkers, Reclaim the Streets' action and ideas are attracting more and more people. Here RTS activists talk about their actions, their philosophy and their vision of the future.
Stop Making Sense: Direct Action and Action Theatre (p. 11)
Security and cops on one side, us on the other. We all play our roles. Some suggestions on better acting.
Animal Antics (p. 15)
From alcoholic elephants to rioting polar bears: the critters' war on the unnatural continues.
Earth First! - But What Next? (p. 18)
The Business of Conservation, or the Conservation of Business? (p. 21)
Worried by the 'threat of environmentalism', industry is increasingly pouring money into the conservation movement. Who's using who?
Newbury - an Adrenaline Junkie's Idea of Heaven (p. 24)
A description of Newbury.
A Critique of Newbury (p. 27)
Were we as effective as we could have been? Lessons for the future.
Cybernora (p. 33)
Contractors' War on Eco-Hackers.
No Evolution without Revolution (p. 34)
Wolves, beavers, forests, indigenous humans - all have been purged from the Scottish Highlands. How and why they must return.
The Joys of Travel (p. 44)
Industrial tourism - more distance, less difference.
Farewell Fairmile (p. 48)
Road Raging in the South-West.
Mutant Red Herrings? (p. 54)
Why labelling of genetically modified food is pointless.
Anti-genetics Actions (p. 57)
Crop Circle Chaos and vegetable vandalism: To combat genetic engineering, Germans are squatting & trashing test sites.
Howzat! (p. 59)
Genetic Experiment sabotage crosses the Channel to Britain dressed as a cricket match.
Sweet Death (p. 60)
Monsanto - poisoning our foods.
Victory at Offham! (p. 62)
"We took on a farmer who was trashing a nature reserve and for once we won".
The Luddite war on Industry (p. 65)
Machine smashing and factory burning.
Lyminge Forest (p. 72)
The spread of syphilitic suburbia.
Autonomy, Resistance and Mediation (p. 74)
The dynamics of Reclaim the Valleys! Community defence and anti-opencast coalfield campaigning chaos in the Welsh valleys.
Life on the Battle Star (p. 82)
A personal account of the eviction of the Manchester Airport Battle Star Galactica.

Other Islands

Reports "from our own correspondents" around the globe.

Wilderness & Resistance (p. 87)
Blockades & burning bridges in the struggle to protect temperate rainforest and national sovereignty in Canada.
Cascadia Rises! (p. 93)
Free State in the Forest: forest defence creates an autonomous area in the American wilderness.
Temelin (p. 98)
Anti-Nuclear Action Camp: Radiation & radicalism in the Czech Republic.
Acme Tyre Pressure Reducer Mark 2 (p. 100)
Green Partisans (p. 101)
Crazy happiness - Earth First! in Poland.
Ecology in Euskadi (p. 102)
Trashing dams in the Basque Country.
The Philippines (p. 104)
A Country for Sale: Tree defence and rebellious cops in the Philippines.
What's on in Germany (p. 109)
From Autonomen to Zeitgeist.
Thüringen (p. 110)
Anti-road campaigning has spread to Germany.
Freiburg Tree Eviction (p. 112)
Tunnels, welded tractors and tens of thousands of activists block nuclear waste in Germany.
Go Gorleben! (p. 113)
Word up from the anti-nuke Massive.
Groen Front! (p. 116)
Earth First! in Holland.
RTS Amsterdam (p. 117)
Reclaiming the streets of Amsterdam, what a good excuse to get stoned.
Earth First! Finland (p. 118)
A movement faced by Finnish society.
The Last Stand For Headwaters Forest (p. 122)
Ecodefense in Russia (p. 128)
The Criminal Element (p. 130)
Delta Reports on the reality of Shell's Role in Nigeria.
Zapatista! (p. 133)
Today Chiapas, tomorrow the world.
No Compromise in defence of the Lily-pillies (p. 135)
Activists in Australia are back blockading the forest.


The Empire Strikes Back (p. 136)
Faced with the growing success of direct action the British state is replying with raids, conspiracy charges and surveillance. Is this a taste of things to come?

Other Stuff

Resources (p. 143)
Twyford Down: Roads, Campaigning and Environmental Law, by Barbara Bryant
Senseless Acts of Beauty: Cultures of Resistance Since the Sixties, by George McKay
Green Backlash, by Andrew Rowell
Henry's Quest, by Graham Oakley
Joining the Rainbow, by Bel Mooney
Laura's Way, by Beryl Kington
Road Raging: Top Tips for Wrecking Road Building, from Road Alert!
Battle for the Trees: Three Months of Responsible Ancestry, by Merrick
Lettuce to the Cabbage (p. 147)
Contacts (p. 151)
More contacts than you can shake a wrench at.

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