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Green Partisans

Crazy happiness-giving ideas in Poland

We would like to start our short report from Poland with a piece of happy news - for a year now an ecological movement has existed in our country, with an ideology which is very close to the activities and philosophy of Earth First! We even identify with Earth First!, we use the same symbols and concepts of activity.

The name of our organisation is: The Green Partisans - Earth First! (in the name we use the title of a punk music group from Poland called "Ewa Braun"). So far the structure - the "network" of GP-EF! - has been spread across such cities as Kalisz, Stupsk, Warsaw, Bielsko-Biala and Lodz.

We participate in many campaigns in Poland for the protection of the earth. For example: "The Wild is Beautiful" (protection of wolves); "The Tatras (Polish mountains) Are Not a Toy in the Hands of Man! - Stop Olympiad 2006!"; "Anti-Shell"; "Anti-Multinational".

In the summer of '96 we also took part in the blockade of the power station in Temelin, in the Czech Republic.

Although GP-EF! is a small structure, the people who are connected with it have been activists for many years, in the Green Federation, the Collective "Social Activity", and The Workshop for All Beings (the Polish name for which is: Pracownia Na Rzecz Wszystkich Jstot -the PNRWJ).

Till now, our role has lain in making "background" for the activities of PNRWJ, which is like an engine for the radical ecological front in Poland. PNRWJ was the first organisation in our country which started to identify its philosophy of activity with EF! The PNRWJ is interested in more than just power for humans, and it is this that enables the Earth not to feel lonely in the never-ending fight with man.

At present, PNRWJ leads the campaigns for the National Park of Bialowieza, in the southeast of Poland, and for the protection of the Tatras (especially the Polish part), which are endangered by the Olympic lobby, business and a plague of tourists. PNRWJ has also gotten involved in the campaign for wolves and other wild beasts ("The Wild is Beautiful"). Its latest project is the "Network of Guards of Environmentally Valuable Places", and PNRWJ is instructing, teaching the people to guard and keep safe some places with which they feel strongly connected. They are to protect their places from an offensive of civilisation. PNRWJ also edit the first Polish magazine referring to bioregionalism, deep and radical ecology, called "The Wild Life" ("Dzikie Zycie").

The most important issue for Polish nature is "The Vistula- Now", led by Club-Gaja. Their aim is to make it impossible to 'civilise' the main and still wild river in Poland. The co-ordinator of that campaign edits the bulletin "Vistula-Fax" (Wista-Fax).

The members of the Green Federation hinder the building of motorways in Poland. Although the people from the G.F. are for youth, vigour, energy and the anti/sub/-culture style of life, they gained legal status: as the 'Ecological Cultural Association Enklawa' in Kalisz. It enables them to fight with government and its crazy "happiness-giving" [stupefying?] ideas.

We should mention the oldest Polish magazine - 'The Green Brigades' ('Zielone Brygady'). It was founded by the people who created the basis of the Polish ecological movement. The Green Brigades are also printed in English, and in this way it's easier to communicate and learn about ecology and so on.

We're reaching the end of this short and imperfect report from Poland. If you are interested in any of our campaigns, write to a co-ordinator of any one. We'd like to suggest (very kindly) that at present the most important is the Tatras, so get in touch with PNRWJ. If we happen to have made any mistakes, please, be willing to forgive us.

Best wishes, green colours, thousands of kisses,

Green Partisans Earth First!


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