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From Knapping To Crapping

Running Riot Through The Supermarket Of Skills!

The monster of enclosure applies not just to land, but equally to knowledge. Every day we become increasingly dependant on specialists and experts - whether it be to produce our food, cure our illnesses or mend our tools. This division of labour is central to the maintenance of a hierarchical system where we are all alienated from ourselves, each other and the world around us. To continue, advance and intensify the domination of our lives these people jealously guard and mystify the skills they have. This creates a culture of dependence - one where we're scared to try and take control of our lives because we feel we don't have the knowledge necessary to do so. So, if we are ever to transcend this fucked system, part of what we need to do is to re-learn many of these skills that have been forgotten, destroyed or stolen from us.

To try and help this process along we have emptied our shelves, perused through dusty bookshops, and waded through various catalogues to compile this list of practical skills books and pamphlets. When using this list remember that no book is ever a replacement for practice and experience and reading a book listed here is not intended to be a substitute for that. Many of the publications have a strong USA bias (particularly those in the Blags and Scams, Things That Go Bang and Hacktivism sections) - or, worse than this, some may contain out-of-date information. Despite this we have listed these when no other suitable UK or recently written alternative has been found. The inclusion of a book or pamphlet in this list does not mean we agree with the politics of its writer, editor or publisher - and it doesn't necessarily mean we suggest you try what is suggested in it.

Having said all this, the books below can hopefully act as a starting point for people who want to find out more about a particular skill or field of interest. We find the fact that there is this huge diversity of skills out there - as well as many more we haven't even touched upon - incredibly exciting, despite never having the desire nor ability to try our hand at all of them. Hopefully you'll find this section inspiring and informative - and we await your comments on it with glee! (The code in brackets after each review relates to a key at the end of the whole section. To find out where you can get a copy of the publication reviewed refer to this on page 324.)

Forward To The Paleolithic!

Earth Knack - Stone Age Skills For The Twentieth Century by B and R Blankenship (Peregrine Smith) ISBN 0-879-05733-5

Provides working details on how to acquire a whole raft of useful skills. Twist and plait strong rope from plant fibres, learn basic flint knapping, make natural dyes and clay pottery, light a fire using friction, weave baskets and loads more. Bring on the Millennium Bug! (ECO)

Indian Scout Craft and Lore by Charles A Eastman (Constable and Company) ISBN 0-486-22995-5

Written by a full blooded Sioux Native American this book (originally published in 1914) contains details of the authors training and experiences as a boy brought up in the traditional Sioux way. Although not that useful for learning skills from, it's worth reading for the insights it gives into Sioux life. (BK)

Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen (Chicago Review Press) ISBN 1-55652-084-0

A revised and expanded edition of this excellent manual on primitive living skills. Has snippets of Native American influenced philosophy, as well as good advice on fire-lighting, water, gathering and preparing plants, shelter construction and hunting. (BK)

Ray Mears' World of Survival by Ray Mears and Jane Hunter (HarperCollins Publishers) ISBN 0-00-472083-0

A book published to accompany the recent BBC television series Tracks. Contains six sections with each one taking a look at the ways that indigenous people from around the world live in harmony with each other and nature. Includes sections on the !Kung San in Namibia, the Nuaula of Seram in Indonesia and the Evenk people of Siberia. Ray Mears also runs excellent - albeit expensive - courses. For details of these contact: Woodlore, 77 Dillingburgh Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 8LS, UK. Telephone: 01580 819608. (BK)

The SAS Survival Handbook by John Wiseman (William Collins and Sons) ISBN 0-00-217185-6

I remember buying my copy of this when I was about ten and petrified of nuclear war! Focusses on getting through short term survival situations and as such is unfortunately very orientated towards the military/survivalist market. Despite this it is to be recommended as it's full of good basic information. Also published as a pocket sized book by Collins. (BK)

The Survival Handbook by Raymond Mears (Haynes Publishing) ISBN 1-85648-180-8

Comprehensively covers all types of primitive living skills. Clearly written and well illustrated with excellent photographs this book is the best available on the subject for the UK. Unfortunately out of print, although it is possible - and well worth it - to track it down via a library. (BK)

Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival by Tom Brown Jr with Brandt Morgan (Berkley Books) ISBN 0-425-10572-5

Tom is an incredible person. Brought up during the 1960s in the Pine Barrens, USA, he was close friends with one of the last surviving Apache Lipin Scouts. This book - only one in a series - is crammed full of information, stories and diagrams explaining the skills that he's learnt over the years. Tom also runs courses - for details of these contact: The Tracker Inc., PO Box 173, Ashbury, NJ 08802, USA. (BK)

Self Defence

When learning self defence it's important that books should only be used as a starting point or complimentary aid to training - not a replacement for it. Although to become proficient in defending yourself takes years of practice, a few useful techniques can be picked up fairly quickly. We reckon that it is best to use the books below to get a feel for a particular style that appeals to you and then, if you want to learn it to any level of competence, find a good school and start attending - regulary!

A Dictionary of the Martial Arts by Louis Frederic (Athlone Press) ISBN 0-485-12080-1

A reference guide to the technical and historical aspects of all the martial arts. Line drawings illustrate hundreds of techniques, cross references show the relationships between different styles and entries give summaries of all the different arts. (BK)

Free to Fight - An Interactive Self Defence Project (Candy Ass Records) Double LP and Booklet

A benefit record with stories and sound advice on feminist self defence. Intended for use by women and girls only it's an encouraging read - and good music too! For a copy check out a good record store or contact: Candy Ass Records, PO Box 42382, 97242, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Kung Fu - Tae Kwondo, Tai Chi, Kendo, Iaido and Shinto Ryu by Fay Goodman (Hermes House) ISBN 1-84038-203-1

A guide to the most popular martial arts, with clear step-by-step techniques and specialist advice, over 300 colour photos demonstrating moves, and explainations of the underlying philosophy of each art. (BK)

Martial Arts for Beginners by Ron Sieh (Writers and Readers) ISBN 0-86316-171-5

Not a 'how to' book exactly, but probably the best available introduction to, and overview of, the martial arts. Covers the history of the fighting arts, distinguishes between them and has some recommendations for people who are thinking of taking one up. (BK)

The Martial Arts Encyclopedia by Jennifer Lawler (Masters Press) ISBN 1-57028-068-1

The most comprehensive reference guide to the martial arts. Serves as a good resource for those who wish to find out more about all the different styles. (BK)

Martial Arts For Women - A Practical Guide by Jennifer Lawler (Turtle Press) ISBN 1880336162

A reference for women interested in the martial arts. Plenty of 'how-to' information on topics like conditioning, kicking, striking, self defence, sparring and injury prevention. (BK)

Three Second Fighter - The Sniper Option by Geoff Thompson (Summersdale) ISBN 1-873475-66-7

The majority of fights last less than 3 seconds. This book trains you to read the body language and ritual of attack and so learn to stop your attacker in their tracks by using a physical and psychological 'fence' or a 'shooting' attack. (BK)

Health And Fitness

The Handbook of Swimming by David Wilkie and Kelvin Juba (Pelham Books) ISBN 0-7207-2061-3

A fully revised edition this practical manual includes learning to swim, techniques, nutrition and mentality. Fully illustrated with photographs and illustrations throughout. (BK)

Fitness for Dummies edited by Suzanne Schlesberg (IDG Books) ISBN 1-56884-866-8

An essential 'get fit' reference covering fitness in a practical and fun way. Provides tips, techniques and suggestions for a healthy life. (BK)

The Stone Age Health Programme - Diet and Exercise as Nature Intended by S Boyd Eaton, M Shostak and M Konner (Angus and Robertson Publishers) ISBN 0-207-16264-6

Half diet book and half exercise guide, this book argues that we have evolved to live a Paleolithic lifestyle and that nearly all our ills today come from straying from this path. Gives recommendations on how we can return to our healthy roots with a Paleolithic diet and exercise programme. (BK)

Survival of the Fittest - Understanding Health and Peak Physical Performance by Mike Stroud (Vintage) ISBN 0-09-927259-8

The author, a participant of extreme physical challenges, sets out the diet, exercise and genetic factors that enable humans to perform at their peak. Analyses feats of survival and athletic prowess that illustrate the way the body functions at its best. Also has tips on how to get, and stay, fit. (BK)

Triathlon Training by Dave Scott (Simon & Schuster) ISBN 0-671-60473-2

Triathlon competitions involve swimming, cycling and running and their participants are generally regarded as the best at all-round fitness. This book covers the physiology of the body, has individual chapters on each discipline, workout schedules and suggestions for suitable diets. Useful, and not just for people planning to enter a triathlon! (BK)

Stretching - Exercises For Everyday Fitness by Bob Anderson (Pelham Books) ISBN 0-7207-1351-X

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible and ready, improves performance, helps prevent injury and makes you feel good. This book has over 1000 drawings and clear instructions to help you stretch effectively. (BK)

First Aid And Medical

The Anarchist AIDS Medical Formulary - A Guide to Guerrilla Immunology by Charles R Caulfield with Billi Goldberg (North Atlantic Books) ISBN 1-55643-175-9

Caulfield was diagnosed HIV positive in January 1994 and has since dedicated his life to telling people the alternative AIDS therapies that have been suppressed by the medical establishment. This book mentions all of them - from DNCB and Vitamin A through to Chinese medicine and antioxidants. A resources section at the end lists useful organisations and further information. For more details on alternative treatments to HIV/AIDS contact Bodypositive on: 01273 6932266. (BK)

Beyond Antibiotics - 50 (or So) Ways to Boost Immunity and Avoid Antibiotics by Michael A Schmidt and others (North Atlantic Books) ISBN 1-55643-180-5

Everybody agrees that antibiotics are crap, so here are loads of ideas for getting by without them. Includes sections on food and nutrition, sleep, smoking, herbs and vitamins. Also offers fourteen alternative treatments for common ailments that are often treated by antibiotics. (BK)

Cancer Therapy - The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention by Ralph W Moss (Equinox Press) ISBN 1-88102506-3

This thick guide reports on 80 unorthodox cancer treatments and has nearly 1000 references from medical journals to back up its claims. (BK)

Ditch Medicine - Advanced Field Procedures for Emergencies by Hugh L Coffee (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-717-3

How to deal with traumatic injuries that occur in wilderness settings where there is no chance of an evacuation. Provides step-by-step instructions, real life examples and photos on dealing with infected wounds, small wound repair, pain control, treatment of burns and more. (PAL)

First Aid by Dr RM Youngson with The Diagram Group (HarperCollins) ISBN 0-00-4701208

Small pocket sized manual that covers all basic first aid techniques and skills. Well illustrated and explained - this is a book worth getting and keeping with your first aid kit. (BK)

First Aid Manual - Emergency Procedures for Everyone at Home, at Work or at Leisure The Authorised Manual of St. John Ambulance, St. Andrew's Ambulance Association and The British Red Cross Society (Dorling Kindersley) ISBN 0-86318-230-5

Comprehensive clear guide to every type of medical emergency. Includes the principles of first aid, basic resuscitation techniques and a well illustrated guide to dealing with specific injuries. Don't wait until you need this book to save a life - do a first aid course now! For details of your local one contact St. John Ambulance on: 0171 235 5231. (BK)

Helping The Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse - For Friends, Families and Lovers by Kathe Starke (Mother Courage Press) ISBN 0-94130-026-9

A meaningful and thought provoking account of childhood sexual abuse. This book aims to help friends of survivors understand the behaviour of victims, and so aid them on the recovery process. (AK)

Medical Handbook for Walkers and Climbers by Peter Steele (Constable) ISBN 0-09-478210-5

Provides first aid information to cover all eventualities. Suggests equipment and drugs to carry and describes various conditions and how to treat them, from the minor - nosebleeds and blisters, to the major - hypothermia, fractures and pulmonary oedema. (BK)

Natural Pregnancy by Janet Balaskas (Gaia Books) ISBN 1-85-67002-7

Practical well-being guide to pregnancy - from conception through to birth. (BK)

Our Bodies Ourselves - A Health Book By And For Women by Angela Phillips and Jill Rakusen (Penguin) ISBN 0-14-004430-2

A classic women's health book covering a wide range of issues, from physiology and sexuality through to violence against women, common women's health problems and the menopause. Also lots of information on both preventing, and having, babies. (BK)

Seeing Without Glasses - Improving Your Vision Naturally by Dr Robert Michael Kaplan (Beyond Words Publishing) ISBN 0-941831-97-3

According to this book weak eyesight and other problems related to your eyes can be corrected using natural, inexpensive methods - exercises, nutrition and attitude adjustment. Details all of these and has information on clinical studies to prove the point. (BK)

US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook by Glen K Craig (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364454-9

A quick reference guide to disease diagnosis and treatment, drugs and dosages, emergency paramedic skills, and preventative medicine. Special sections on nuclear injuries, biological and chemical warfare and emergency surgery! (PAL)


When using the books listed below be certain that you are positive with the identification of any herbs that you intend to use. The best way of learning is to be competent in the use of a flora guide. Alternatively, or ideally as well, go on a walk with somebody who can show you which herbs are which. Also bear in mind the ecological impact of 'wildcrafting', as collecting from the wild is known. It should only be done if there are loads of the plant in that area, although even if there are, you should avoid picking the whole plant. If using herbs medicinally, make sure it is for minor ailments or first aid only. For anything more serious (i.e: that lasts for a few days) it is recommended that you see somebody more knowledgeable. Learn respect for herbs.

The Complete New Herbal edited by Richard Mabey (Penguin) ISBN 0-14-012682-1

A good all-round introduction to herbs and their uses - not just medicinal, but as dyes, in cooking and beauty. Also has ideas on how to grow them. Not good for identification in the wild though. (BK)

The Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants by Andrew Chevallier (Dorling Kindersley) ISBN 0-7513-0314

This looks a bit of a coffee table book as it's very glossy, but is actually quite useful. Good large format herbal, which covers most herbs used, including some Indian and Chinese ones. Main herbs have a whole page description; whilst others are covered in less detail. Lovely pictures. (BK)

Herb Craft - A Guide to the Shamanic and Ritual Use of Herbs by S Lavender and A Franklin (Capall Bann) ISBN 1-898307-57-9

Don't let the title mislead you, or put you off. There is some stuff about ritual use, but this book is good for the folklore and such like information. No pictures, but good descriptions of the herbs - as well as some interesting recipes. (BK)

Herbal Remedies by Christopher Hedley and Non Shaw (Paragon) ISBN 0-7525-2148-9

Wonderful book on how to actually make your own remedies - including creams, tinctures, and even cider vinegar. Good pictures and easy to follow instructions. Has small section at the end about some of the most useful herbs to have in the house for first aid. (BK)

Hygieia - A Women's Herbal by Jeannine Parvati (Freestone) ISBN 0-913512-54-0

Gorgeous book made with love. Focuses on women only - dealing with periods, fertility and childbirth. Drawback is that it is written by an American and mainly covers US herbs. All women interested in herbs should read this. (BK)

The Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe (Collins) ISBN 0-00219069-9

A portable, excellent flora to help identify plants in the wild. Easy to use flower key. A must for those who want to know their plants! (BK)

A Women's Book of Herbs by Elisabeth Brooke (The Women's Press) ISBN 0-7043-4296-0

Interesting for giving the astrological references for the herbs she writes about, following Culpepper and that English tradition. Focuses only on women, but is noted for giving the emotional aspects of the herbs along with the medicinal. Very useful. (BK)

Blags And Scams

The Complete Book of International Smuggling by MC Finn (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-268-6

Smuggling is easy money for tourists or professional crims alike. This book covers which goods sell where, avoiding trouble, what customs officers look for and how drugs are smuggled. (LP)

Dowsing - One Man's Way by J Scott Elliot (Unknown) No ISBN

I ain't no bleeding hippy but even water and oil companies are taking this seriously now. This book is the result of 20 years experience in practical dowsing. Covers tools, their use and also gives examples of the potential for dowsing. (ECO)

Duty Free - Smuggling Made Easy by Michael Connor (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-264-3

This book gives you some ideas, both simple and complex, on how to conceal contraband from customs. (BK)

Free Stuff - How Others Get Free Money, Booze, Gasoline and Everything by John Green (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-657-6

Find out how others are scrounging everything from cars and clothes to medical care and money. Shows schemes - from the simple to the complex - telling you how to get free travel, film tickets, postage, haircuts, insurance and more. (PAL)

The Last Frontiers on Earth - Strange Places Where You Can Live Free by Jon Fisher (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 0-91517-924-5

Takes you to the many strange places where the author reckons you can live for nothing. Includes; Antartica, The Arctic Icecap, floating icebergs, ocean platforms, living as a nomad, underwater habitats, airships and underground hideaways. (LP)

S(H)elf Help Guide - The Smart Lifter's Handbook by Gabriel Caime and Gabriel Ghone (Trix Publishing) ISBN 0-9680761-0-6

The first part of the book covers the morals and motives of shoplifters, retailers and the authors themselves. Then goes on to extensive chapters on how to actually steal stuff from stores - with over 40 different approaches to try. The last chapter deals with the security devices designed to thwart shoplifters and then tells you how to get around them. This book may be the last thing you buy! (BK)

The Vegetable Liberation Front (Self Published) No ISBN

A publication from the VLF who seek to liberate the captive foods from shops - supermarket and 'right-on' organic outlets alike. Much of this publication describes their technique for brazenly walking into stores and freeing the produce. Also has tales of train hopping, a bicycle parts library and building a makeshift house in the woods. For a copy send some dollars to: 3124 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705, USA.

Mulching Felicity Kendal

Backyard Composting by John Roulac (Green Earth Books) ISBN 1-900322-04-8

Covers composting at home to conserve water, reduce rubbish, enrich the soil, replace toxic fertilisers and have fun! Also mentions the various types of composting bins and accessories and gives instructions for constructing your own from scrap materials. (PP)

Fertile Waste - Managing Your Domestic Sewage by P Harper (Centre for Alternative Technology) ISBN 1-898049-02-5

Treat your own sewage and use it for plant feeding! The nature of sewage, health and safety, making a compost toilet, managing septic tanks and more are all covered in here. (CAT)

The Humanure Handbook - A Guide to Composting Human Manure by Joseph C Jenkins (Jenkins Publishing) ISBN 0-9644258-4-X

Written by an organic gardener this book has details about both basic and complex methods of dealing with human excrement. Uses plenty of photos, humour, cartoons, and tables to show how we should be using our shit for more productive ends rather than just polluting the seas, lakes and rivers. (CAT)

How to Shit in the Woods by Kathleen Meyer (Ten Speed Press) ISBN 0-89815-627-0

A collection of techniques to assist wilderness freaks to acquire the skills of shitting away from civilisation. Has sections on Digging a Hole, When You Can't Dig a Hole and Trekkers Trots. (CAT)

Sewage Solutions - Answering the Call of Nature by N Grant, M Moodie and C Weedon (Center for Alternative Technology) ISBN 1-898049-13-0

Whether you are connected to the mains or not, this book will help you make the right choices for small scale sewage treatment. Has sections on household water flow, compost toilets, cesspits, solar ponds and collecting waste water. (CAT)

Things That Go Bang

A special warning for some of the books in this section. Dabbling with this stuff usually translates into serious trouble - and not just from the heavily armed anti-terrorist cops when they smash their way into your house at 3 o'clock in the morning.

In addition to those killed outright there are a number of people walking around today that are missing an eye, or have one or two fingers less than they'd like, due to their experiments with home-made guns and explosives.

As well as kids who have read too many survivalist magazines, they include well trained experts with decades of experience behind them. The things discussed in these books are by their very nature highly unpredictable and potentially lethal. If you must learn about them don't rely on a book for anything but a very basic theoretical understanding.

The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell (Barricade Books) ISBN 0-9623032-0-8

Has to be mentioned really, although only to warn people not to go anywhere near it. Contains mad, bad, flawed and potentially lethal descriptions of making drugs, guns, explosives and booby-traps. Conspiracy theories abound about this book - with some reckoning the CIA wrote it to help kill us all off! You have been warned. (PAL)

The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-931-1

Here Jeff Cooper - the foremost firearms instructor in the USA - tells you everything you need to know about shooting the rifle, whether it be for hunting, target shooting or combat. A classic amongst shooters apparently. (PAL)

Blowguns - The Breath of Death by Michael D Janich (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87346-707-7

Not bang so much as fffff. Covers purchasing a modern blowgun, making you own, how to shoot them, devising targets, maintenance and storage. (LP)

Boomerangs - How to Make and Throw Them by Bernard S Mason (Dover Publications) ISBN 0-48623-028-7

This is a cool book! Be like the feral kid in Mad Max 2 by and learn how to build and fly Cross-stick, Pin-wheel, Boomabirds, Tumblesticks and more! (CAT)

Breath of the Dragon - Homebuilt Flamethrowers by Ragnar Benson (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-565-0

According to this book flamethrowers are powerful, cheap and easy to build and operate. Includes easy-to-follow instructions to help you construct your own customised flamethrower. Also has plans for backpack and vehicle mounted designs. (PAL)

David's Tool Kit - A Citizens' Guide to Taking Out Big Brother's Heavy Weaponry by Ragnar Benson (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-143-X

Ragnar brings together many of his unusual interests here in a guide for getting rid of Goliath's tanks, helicopters, trucks, jeeps and other heavy vehicles and weapons. This book will teach you to make molotov cocktails, thermite grenades, explosives and much, much more. (LP)

A Do-It-Yourself Submachine Gun - It's Homemade, 9mm, Lightweight and Durable by Gerard Metral (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-840-4

An illustrated step-by-step guide to constructing your very own 9mm selective fire blowback submachine gun. (PAL)

Guerrilla's Arsenal - Advanced Techniques for Making Explosives and Time Delay Bombs by David Harper (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-7556

A complete primer on making explosives from scratch and then using them. Describes the equipment, safety procedures and techniques for construction as well as having anecdotes from the IRA and the USA Underground in the 70s. (PAL)

Homemade Ammo - How to Make It, How to Reload It and How to Cache It by Duncan Long (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-816-1

Now having made your submachine gun you need some bullets. Here is the book that tells you - with a little help from some basic tools - how to make them. Includes all the technical details needed. (PAL)

Improvised Munitions Black Book Volumes One, Two and Three (Paladin Press) No ISBN

Originally published as US military manuals these were aimed at increasing the potential of special forces and guerrilla troops in resisting the Soviet invasion. Has instruction in the art of manufacturing explosives from easily available materials with sections on the construction of detonators, shaped charges, delays, switches and incendiaries. (PAL)

Professional Boobytraps - Special Devices and Techniques by Seymour Lecker (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-699-1

Gives an overview of boobytraps used by today's armies. Written in non-technical, easy to follow language with more than 100 illustrations on how to build, obtain, set and detect boobytraps. (PAL)

Rolling Thunder - Turning Junk into Automobile Weaponry by Ryan K Kephart (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-667-3

Mad Max eat your heart out! Learn how to arm your car for self defence on the road. Has plans for smoke screens, oil slicks and an electric shock seatbelt. (PAL)

The Sling for Sport and Survival by Cliff Savage (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 0-91517-919-9

Doesn't go bang but what other section could it go in? Everything you wanted to know about every window smashers favourite - the catapult or sling. Has details on construction, usage and ammunition - everything from stones to molotovs! (PAL)

Zips, Pipes and Pens - Arsenal of Improvised Weapons by J David Trilby (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-702-5

Using examples from prisons, the 'Third World' and police departments the author demonstrates a wide variety of improvised firearms - including their construction and usage. (PAL)

Home Sweet Home

Build it with Bales - A Step-by-Step Guide to Straw Bale Construction by Mattas Myrhrman and SO MacDonald (Chelsea Green) ISBN 0-9642821-1-9

A clear, illustrated, logical guide to the entire process of designing and building your straw bale house. Now take up smoking! (PP)

Build Your Own Yurt - A Complete Guide To Making A Mongolian Ger by PR King (Self Published) ISBN 09531763-0-4

If you thought living under canvas had to be damp and miserable you should see some of the Gers this bloke has made. Recommended if you want a to build a gorgeous ger or yummy yurt. (BK)

The Cob Builders Handbook - You Can Hand Sculpt Your Own Home by Becky Bee (Green Earth Books) ISBN 0-9659082-0-8

A third of the world's population live in homes made from cob - unbaked earth. It does not require great experience to build, is ecologically sound, comfortable and long lasting. Has chapters on design, site selection, materials, foundations, floors, windows and doors, roofs and construction. (PP)

Diggers and Dreamers - The Guide to Communal Living 98/99 edited by Jonathan How (Diggers and Dreamers Publications) ISBN 0-951494-54-6

Lots of articles, contacts and advice on [the nightmare of] living collectively. Has practical advice on setting up a communal household and contains 80 UK and some 400 international contacts. (CAT)

Handmade Houseboats by R Conder (International Marine Publications) ISBN 0-07158-022-0

Though an American book almost all of the ideas here are applicable to UK narrowboats. Good source of ideas and techniques and loads of practical information. (ECO)

Home Tree Home - Principles of Tree House Construction by P Nelson and G Hadden (Penguin) ISBN 0-14625-998-8

And they mean tree houses - windows, roofs and everything. Good practical hints, plans, examples, line drawings and colour photos. A must for anyone with access to a large tree, a saw and a box of nails - even covers how to tie knots in your safety line. (ECO)

How to Set up a Housing Co-operative by Radical Routes (Self Published) No ISBN

Fuck off your landlord - set up a housing co-op. This covers exactly what a housing co-op is, formalities and structures, raising money and other options if a housing co-op is not for you. Includes a list of useful contacts and further reading. Order a copy for £5 (including postage) from: Radical Routes, c/o Cornerstone Resource Centre, 16 Sholebroke Avenue, Chapeltown, Leeds, LS7 3HB, UK.

Ideal Home - Survival Edition (Suspect/Hooligan Press) ISBN 1-869802-01-2

Probably long out of print (although try Freedom Bookshop in London as they may have a few copies left) but still a cool anarcho/DIY book. Has sections on squatting buildings, land squats, benders and canal boat living. All interspersed with graphics and extra snippets of information in a wild cut and paste type way. (BK)

The Self Build Book - How To Enjoy Designing And Building Your Own Home by Jon Broome and Brian Richardson (Green Earth Books) ISBN 1-900322-00-5

The definitive guide to the whole process of planning and constructing your home. Has loads of examples from successful projects. (CAT)

Shelter (Shelter Publications/Random House) ISBN 0-679-76948-X

First published in 1973 this 176 A3 page book is still the best overview of traditional and ecological housing worldwide. It's packed with over a thousand beautiful pictures of domes, tents, barns, cave dwellings, huts, yurts and treehouses. Includes useful building tips and design ideas. Guaranteed to get your imagination and excitement levels racing! (BK)

Sod It - An Introduction to Earth Sheltered Development In England and Wales by P Carpenter (Coventry University Press) ISBN 0-905-94928-5

Has a good general introduction to all the topics relating to earth construction. As well as this it has examples from actual projects and realistic approaches for planning an earth dwelling. (ECO)

Squatters Handbook by the Advisory Service for Squatters (Self Published) ISBN 0-9507769-3-9

Everything you need to know about the basics of squatting buildings in the UK. Has chapters on the legal aspects (including post-Criminal Justice Act), finding a place, moving in, repairs, evictions and a useful resource guide at the end. For a copy send £1.50 to: ASS, 2 St. Pauls's Road, London, N1, UK.

General Mayhem And Mischief

DIY Tunnelling by Anonymous (Self Published) No ISBN

A good pamphlet that covers all aspects of using tunnelling as a tactic to delay the eviction of direct action camps. Has sections on; the basics, shoring up, lighting, air, doors, lock-ons, concrete, fortification, living underground and the eviction. For a copy check the web at:

Earth First! Direct Action Manual - Uncompromising Non-violent Resistance in Defense of Mother Earth! (Self Published) No ISBN

A US EF! production full of direct action skills. Heavy focus on blockades, lock-ons, tripods and other similar tactics. Also has information on legal situation (USA specific though), hunt sabbing and small bits on pre-action preparation, first aid and spaces for notes - although this strikes me as a security no-no. For a copy send around $10 to: DAM Collective, c/o SWEF! PO Box 10384, Eugene, Oregon 97440, USA or order from the Earth First! Journal - see contacts on page 335.

Ecodefense - A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching edited by Dave Foreman and Bill Haywood (Abbzug Press) ISBN 0-9637751-0-3

Largely the book that US Earth First! had its reputation built upon in the 1980s. Has sections on stopping developments, tree spiking, disabling vehicles and heavy equipment, animal defence, miscellaneous devilry and propaganda. Get the Third Edition that has a special enlarged post-Dave Foreman bust section on security - as well as an epilogue on how to sink ships! All very US-centric, but great fun anyway. For more useful UK advice see Osymandias below. (BK)

Fighting Back on the Job by Victor Santoro (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 0-91517-9-11-3

Your boss can ruin your life - but remember you can ruin their life and their business! 101 ways of doing that are included in this book. (AK)

A Gardeners Guide for Survival in the Modern World! by Anonymous (Self Published) No ISBN

A straight-forward guide to trashing genetic crops. Covers preparation, appropriate clothing, equipment, finding and identifying your crop - and then what to do with it. Hunt around for a copy of this, track down your local test site - and then get digging!

Roger's Profanisaurus by Roger Mellie (Fulchester University Press) ISBN 1-902212-05-3

A new expanded edition of the entertaining/highly offensive glossary of vulgarity, expletives, colourful obsenity and sexual euphemisms. Never be unsure about what the 'Bologna bop' or an 'attack of the helicopters' are again. (BK)

Sabotage in the American Workplace - Anecdotes of Dissatisfaction, Mischief and Revenge edited by Martin Sprouse (Pressure Drop Press) ISBN 0-9627091-3-1

Divided into sections according to work category, there are 133 stories of worker mischief making here. Ranging from thieving, slow downs and pranks through to outright sabotage these stories make for an inspiring, thought provoking and funny book. (AK)

Smashing The Image Factory - A Complete Manual of Billboard Subversion and Destruction by Anonymous (Self Published) No ISBN

A collection of bits from Ecodefence and some additions on how to deface and destroy the brain washing weapons of control and consumption - advert hoardings. (BK)

Squaring up to the Square Mile - A rough guide to the City of London by Corporate Watch and London Reclaim The Streets (J18 Publications) No ISBN

Excellent, clearly written pamphlet produced in the run-up to the Global Day of Action on June 18th this year (see page 1). It aims to provide a basic overview of how the City of London works, and so help us fuck it up - information for action at its best! For a copy send £1.00 (including postage) to: J18 Info, Box E, 111 Magdelen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RQ, UK.

Osymandias Sabotage Skills Handbook Volumes One and Two by Anonymous - First Edition, 1995 (Self Published)

Excellent - the best UK guide to ecotage so far. Obviously written by someone that knows their stuff, it has so far been published in two volumes. The first contains really good basic information on planning a hit, security, tools and methods of sabotage. The second covers more technical stuff including incendiaries. For a copy see the website at:

Out of Business - Force a Company, Business, or Store to Close its Doors...for good! by Dennis Fiery (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-190-1

Whether you are looking to cripple an international conglomerate or shut down a small family run business you'll find all the techniques you need to do so in this book. For more ideas on fun and frolics at work check out the How to Fire Your Boss - A Workers Guide to Direct Action website at: (LP)

Road Raging - Top Tips for Wrecking Roadbuilding by Road Alert! (Self Published) ISBN 0-9531-852-06

Comprehensive, clearly written excellent guide to stopping roads (although the information is also applicable to most other developments). Covers all stages of setting up a campaign, legal information, dealing with the media, knowing your enemy, preparing for direct action, offensive action, sustaining the campaign and pages of useful contacts. Essential reading. No longer available as a book but try the web at:

No Comment!

Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies! by Jack Luger (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-559500-72-7

How to survive 'being interrogated, interviewed, quizzed, grilled or sweated' this is a manual for those wishing to avoid giving anything away - including in lie detector tests! (AK)

Dirty Tricks Cops Use by Bart Rommel (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-559501-01-4

A guidebook to the sly and aggressive tricks that the US police use to disrupt the lives of people and demoralise potential criminals. (LP)

Interrogation - Techniques and Tricks to Secure Evidence (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-625-8

A US police manual used to train interrogators. Details the methods they use to squeeze information out of us and includes techniques used by the Chinese and Soviets (and the USA and UK no doubt) during The Cold War. (PAL)

No Comment - The Defendant's Guide to Arrest (with added Criminal Justice Act Information!) by London Anarchist Black Cross (Self Published) No ISBN

Excellent guide to getting nicked in the UK and what is likely to happen when you do. Clearly explains what you are obliged to do when arrested and your rights, as well as giving examples of how the cops try and get you to answer questions and incriminate yourself. Essential knowledge for anyone reading this. Free copies are available from London ABC - see page 290 for address.

Without a Trace - To Live Outside the Law You Have to be Honest by Moriarty (Self Published) No ISBN

Intended to try and even the balance between us and the police, this is a practical guide to fingerprints, forensics, phone tapping and video surveillance. Includes a section (slightly dated) on how the police operate - including their communication systems. Also has an interesting interview with a person involved in animal liberation that has details of how they planned and executed a raid on a vivisection lab. Hard to get hold of - but essential reading if doing anything dodgy. (BK)


Basic Blacksmithing - An Introduction to Tool Making by David Harries and Bernhard Heer (Intermediate Technology) ISBN 1-85-33995-6

With only an anvil, a pair of bellows and a few basic tools, you can make almost all the tools you need to set up your own forge. Included here are tool making techniques, raw materials and a section on making metal parts for carpentry. (PP)

Beginners Guide to Candlemaking by David Constable (Search Press) ISBN 0-855-328-32-0

Features many techniques for making ornate and ornamental candles, as well as ordinary lighting candles. Comprehensive and illustrated with photos and drawings - everything you wanted to know about candlemaking. (PP)

The Craft of Natural Dyeing by Jenny Dean (Arthur Schwartz and Company) ISBN 0-85532-744-8

Practical handbook of all the wonderful natural products that can be used to dye material. Shows you how to dye at home using simple equipment. (ECO)

The Complete Book of Self-Sufficency by John Seymour (Corgi Books) ISBN 0-552-98051-X

Has yet to be beaten as a general introduction to the topic. A huge amount of information from the acknowledged expert. (BK)

The Forgotten Arts - A practical guide to traditional skills by John Seymour (Collins, Angus and Robertson) ISBN 0-207-15007-9

A guide to woodland, building, field and workshops crafts. Also includes a good section on textiles and homecrafts such as making linen, silk, dyeing and candle making. (BK)

Green Woodworking - Working with Wood the Natural Way by M Abbott (Guild of Master Craftsmen) ISBN 0-94681-918-1

A step-by-step guide that takes you through the background, preparation and practice of green woodworking. Learn how to build your own pole lathe and avoid the nightmare of machinery. (ECO)

Handmade Baskets by Susie Vaughan (Search Press) ISBN 0-855-327-55-3

A guide to making baskets from the traditional materials found in the garden or hedgerow. (PP)

The Nature and Subsequent Uses of Flint - The Basics Of Lithic Technology Volume 1 by John W Lord (Self Published) ISBN 0-9521356-0-4

A cool little book for all us real luddites. Aimed at teaching people the basics of knapping - the art of shaping flint for tools. Has all you need to know to start you off creating your own knives, arrowheads and more. Down with technology - up with tools! (BK)

Thatching - A handbook by Nicolas Hall (Intermediate Technology) ISBN 1-85339-060-7

A guide to using natural resources to achieve good quality thatching. How to get the longest possible roof life and minimise fire risk. Lots of drawings and clear text. (PP)

Traditional Woodland Crafts by R Tabor (BT Batsford Ltd.) ISBN 0-71347-500-5

The best of the few books on the topic of woodland crafts. Chapters on raw materials, the tools of the trade and lists the major woodland products together with details on how to make them. (ECO)


Be There Now (Self Published) No ISBN

How to set money aside and take time off for budget travelling. Ways of saving money in earnest, frugal packing and mistakes to avoid. For a copy of this fanzine send $3 (including postage) to: PO Box 441993, Somerville, MA 02144-1993, USA.

Big World (Self Published) No ISBN

A fanzine of inspirational travel-on-the-cheap stories and armchair adventures. Writing about solo bike treks through Patagonia, the use of Khat in the Yemen and busking techniques for Europe. Helpful section on finding cheap airfares and hostels around the world. For a 6 issue subscription send $15 to: PO Box 8743-C, Lancaster, PA 17604, USA. E-mail:

Cycle Repair - Step by Step by Rob van der Plas (Springfield Books Limited) ISBN 1-85688-027-3

Clear concise instructions, diagrams and colour photos make this a complete guide to keeping your bike in top working order. (BK)

Expat World (Self Published) No ISBN

A magazine for 'international travellers, vagabonds, pirates and rakehells'. Has articles on useful loopholes and secrets for travellers, as well as how to get fake degrees - or even a driving license if you've failed your test. Three issue trial subscription is $50 from: Expat World, PO Box 1341, Raffles City, Singapore 9117. E-mail:

The Hitch-Hikers Handbook by James MacLaren (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-12-51

Everything you need to know about hitching. Covers what to wear, what to take, positioning yourself on the road, sign making and emergency sleeping. (AK)

Hitch-Hikers Manual - Britain by Simon Calder (Vacation Work) ISBN 0-907638-26-0

Advice and information for both the first time hitcher and the seasoned traveller. Has directions for hitching out of 200 towns and cities as well as maps of motorways with hitching ratings for every junction. Crams in techniques and gimmicks, the art of signwriting, legal problems, hitching lifts with boats and planes, CB radio and route planning. (BK)

Hobo Times - America's Journal of Wanderlust (National Hobo Association) No ISBN

A magazine rather than a book - but a glossy full colour one devoted to the wild and free hobo life and their love of railroads and trains. Yearly subscriptions cost $21 for 6 issues. Send to: National Hobo Association, PO Box 706, Nisswa, MN 56468, USA.

Hopping Freight Trains in America by Duffy Littlejohn (Sand River Press) ISBN 0-944627-34

A guide to riding the rails covering what you need, the best times to do it and how to avoid getting caught by 'bulls'. Also discusses the pros and cons of different types of railcar. Has a heavy emphasis on safety throughout - in 1988 in the USA around 598 'railroad trespassers' were killed and 920 injured. (BK)

Infiltration (Self Published) No ISBN

Cool fanzine dedicated to the passion of exploring places you're not supposed to go. Covers getting into hotels, caves, subway stations and hospitals to explore their hidden sides. For a copy send $2 to: Infiltration, PO Box 66069, Town Centre PO, Pickering, ON LIV 6P7, Canada.

The Mysteries of (H)I-(T)CHING (Godhaven Ink) No ISBN

An little A6 pamphlet on the whys and hows of hitching lifts. Includes helpful hints on where to stand, signs and the law (it's legal). For a copy of this and more cool stuff send a stamp or two to: Godhaven Ink, PO Box HP94, Leeds, LS6 1YJ, UK.

Richards' Bicycle Repair Manual (Dorling Kindersly) ISBN 0-7513-0087-X

Everything the average cyclist needs to keep their bike in peak condition. Good clear instructions for mountain and road bikes so even a mechanical disaster area like me can use this one. (BK)

Now You See Me...

In the UK alone around 250,000 people vanish every year. Although many re-appear a few days later a significant number are never seen again. Ever since I was a kid I have been excited by the idea of being able to create a new identity for myself and disappear. In this section there are some books that we hope may give a few tips on how to do so if needed. Also worth checking out for more up-to-date information (as when you really need it you don't want to fuck it up) is 'So you hate your life, too? Well it's easy to disappear from it.' in The Observer Life Magazine (18th August 1996).

Birth Certificate and Social Security Number Fraud by J Newman and T Sand (Index Publishing) ISBN 1-56866-105-3

This report examines the methods of getting a fake birth certificate and then using it to commit fraud. Includes a section on the tactics that institutions use to try and counter this. (PAL)

The Construction of Secret Hiding Places by Charles Robinson (Paladin Press) No ISBN

Not strictly about false ID but how to hide things nonetheless. Want to hide cash, gold [fat chance], guns or drugs? This book details building secret stashes for all these and more - including one for a whole family! Also has instructions on building dummy furniture, false plumbing, hidden stairways and secret rooms. (PAL)

Getaway - Driving Techniques for Escape and Evasion by Ronald George Eriksen II (Paladin Press) No ISBN

A disappearance of a different sort! A veteran high performance driver reveals everything you need to know about cornering, right angle turns, ramming procedures and dealing with blockades. Maybe I should learn to drive first though. (PAL)

The Get Out of Jail Free Book by Maxwell Hutchinson (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-559500-85-9

Starting with a history of escape attempts this book goes on to cover the tricks on escaping from - and then staying out of - prison. Has bits on weapons, diversions, breaking out and more. (AK)

How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found by Doug Richmond (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 0-915179-52-0

Heavy duty advice and tips on disappearing tactics for the people that need to know. (AK)

How to Start Your Own Country by Erwin S Strauss (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 0-915179-01-6

Failed in your attempts to disappear? Go to extremes the other way! This book tells you the story of dozens of new country projects including Sealand - where in 1966 Paddy Bates set up in an old WW2 anti-aircraft tower seven miles off the Essex coast. He then claimed independence and issued passports, money and stamps. After shooting at a boatload of passing workmen he was charged but the court ruled that they had no jurisdiction! Where is he now - anyone know? (LP)

The Real World of Alternate ID Acquisition by DP Rochelle (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-440-9

Tells you how to obtain the birth certificate of a dead person and from this single piece of ID you can build up a whole new identity. Has a lively personal account of how the author did this - learn from his mistakes though! (PAL)

Reborn Overseas - Identity Building in Europe, Australia and New Zealand by Trent Sands (Paladin Press) No ISBN

Written from a USA perspective this book tells you how to build up a paper identity in the countries listed. (PAL)


Corporate Watch Address Book by Corporate Watch (Self Published) No ISBN

One of the best and most fun publications ever produced! Has well researched listings of names and home addresses for hundreds of company heads, directors and high ranking employees. Methinks they be getting rather more British Rail penalty fares than they usually do. Order a copy for £2.00 from: Corporate Watch, c/o Box G, 111 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RQ, UK.

The Industrial Espionage Handbook by Hugo Cornwall (Random Century) ISBN 0-71263634-X

Covers overt and covert methods of intelligence gathering, the types of information available, computer hacking, how to research a company, State intelligence agencies and counter-measures taken by industry. A basic introduction and worth reading as a primer. (BK)

The Whole Spy Catalogue - A Resource Encyclopedia for Researchers, PIs, Spies and Generally Nosy People by Lee Lapin (Intelligence Incorporated) ISBN 1-880231-10-7

A whole range of things are covered in here; with ways of locating individuals, tapping phones, bugging rooms, breaking and entering and following people amongst them. Tells you how to get hold of a person's address, phone number, financial details, employment records and anything else you may want to know about them! Company directors better watch out! (BK)


The really effective techniques for computer 'crime' are unlikely to be found in these, or any other, books. Banks, corporations and other institutions often quietly cover-up breaches of their security so as to not create panic in their customers or provoke a wave of copycat offences. Use these books to familiarise yourself with the background and history, but they are no substitute for a 12 year old square-eyed coffee-fuelled geek from Winton who actually knows what they're doing. Onwards and upwards for HGF-56 and the Mad Hactivist!

Alternative Inphormation Consumer Survival Catalogue (Self Published) No ISBN

A short catalogue whose areas of expertise are phone phreaking (using computers to scam free calls) and hacking. It includes chapters on reversing utility meters, listening in on cellular phones, writing viruses and beating lie detectors. For a copy send $3 (including postage) to: PO Box 4, Carthage, TX 75633-0004, USA.

2600 - The Hacker Quarterly (Self Published) ISSN 0749-3851

The most professional and widely distributed zine on hacking and related topics. Covers subjects such as cryptography, radio telephones, French phone smartcards and instructions for defeating Windows 95. Always has a cool and interesting letters section. Order it for $7 (including postage) from: 2600 Enterprises, PO Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953-0752, USA. E-mail:

The No-Nonsense Computer Virus and Hacking Resource Book (Catalogue) No ISBN

Offers a good selection of books, magazines and software related to hacking, viruses and encryption. Amidst the other useful tat it sells a CD-ROM with 3700 active viruses on it! For a copy send $2 (including postage) to: American Eagle Publications, PO Box 1507, Show Low, AZ 85901, USA. Use false name and a care of address when ordering.

Root Zine (Self Published) No ISBN

A fascinating publication devoted to the art of phone phreaking and hacking. Has an expose of cordless phone security systems and ways of defeating them. Also has collections of news about the latest techniques and failures or successes - as well as FBI busts of hackers. For a copy send $3 (including postage) to: Root Zine, PO Box 1178, Maplewood, NJ 07040, USA. E-mail:

Secrets Of A Super Hacker by The Knightmare (Paladin Press) ISBN 1-55950-1-06-5

How crafty hackers can attack computers and read, ruin or copy any of your information. A very practical book with tales of how hackers bombard systems with passwords, deliver fake e-mail and much more. (AK)

Strategy Not Astrology

Armed Joy by Alfredo M Bonanno (Elephant Editions) No ISBN

As if we needed telling, this is a pamphlet that sets out the misery and pointlessness of existence in capitalist society. Posits a set of ideas and suggestions for joyful revolutionary activity aimed at shattering the facade of power, and so enable us to start living real lives. Order a copy for £3.00 (including postage) from: Elephant Editions, BM Elephant, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Wordsworth Reference) ISBN 1-85326-305-2

Written in China 2,500 years ago, this classic strategy book is still read by military officers the world over for its insights into the art and science of warfare. Know your enemy. (BK)

Bolo'Bolo by PM (Semiotext(e)) ISBN 0-936756-08-X

The anonymous PM maps out an inspiring plan for the creation of a global network of bolo's - autonomous zones. A wild, desire-fuelled dream of mutual aid and voluntary co-operation that aims to help destroy the capitalist/socialist planetry work machine. (AK)

Earthforce! An Earth Warriors Guide to Strategy by Captain Paul Watson (Chaco Press) ISBN 0-9616019-5-7

Cut through the utter shit that this book is full of and there are few interesting thoughts and ideas on strategy for eco-action. My favourite is The Laws of Eco-Guerrilla Activity - with gems like 'Never participate in covert or illegal action with your wife or husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover' and 'Do not participate in any action with any individual unless you have known the person for seven years' - seriously! (BK)

Guerrillas in the Mist - A Battlefield Guide to Clandestine Warfare by Bob Newman (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-944-3

Learn about warfare as practised by guerrillas for thousands of years. Draws examples from history and applies proven principles to cover every facet of warfare; from basic fieldcraft, boobytraps and ambushes through to nocturnal operations, strategy and tunnel construction! (PAL)

Revolutionary Self Theory - A Beginners Manual by Spectacular Times (Spectacular Times) ISBN 0-907837-10-7

A booklet for people dissatisfied with the world. A guide to the pleasure of thinking for yourself - a sharp, thought-provoking, concise read from the situ-theory for normal people bunch. Should be compulsory reading for all revolutionaries, so order a copy for £1.50 (including postage) from: A Distribution, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London, E1, UK.

Total Resistance by Major H Von Dach (Paladin Press) No ISBN

Written for the civil defence networks in Switzerland this book covers how small groups of people should resist an invading or occupying military force - ideal for all us Red Dawn film fanatics. (PAL)

Towards a Citizens Militia - Anarchist Alternatives to NATO and the Warsaw Pact by IRSM and 1st May Group (Cienfuegos Press) ISBN 0-904564-33-9

This A4 pamphlet has been knocking around for a while now and has achieved an almost mythical status in some circles. It's nothing special really - just a very basic guide to some tactics that may be useful to a freedom fighter/guerrilla/terrorist force operating against organised military/police units. Spattered with some libertarian leftist/anarchist views throughout, much of the information is very dated and it harks of RAF/Angry Brigade activity in the 70s. (BK)

Outdoor Skills

A Manual of Modern Rope Techniques by Nigel Shepard (Constable) ISBN 0-09-469170-3

A pocket sized guide that covers a wide range of rope techniques including knots, abseiling, snow, rock and ice anchors and ascending. Ideal for beginners and experts alike. (BK)

Mountain Craft and Leadership by Eric Langmuir (The Scottish Sports Council/The Mountain Leader Training Board) ISBN 1-855060-295-6

Compiled and approved by the Mountain Leader Boards of Great Britain and Northern Island this covers a vast array of techniques, essential information and practical skills. Has sections on ropework, navigation, crossing dangerous terrain, safety, first aid and equipment. (BK)

Mountain Navigation by Peter Cliff (Highland Printers) ISBN 1-871890-55-1

The reference book for those who want to learn how to find their way around in mountain or hill country. Clear, precise and comprehensive instructions on every aspect of navigation using a map and compass. (BK)

Staying Found - The Complete Map and Compass Handbook by June Fleming (The Mountaineers) ISBN 0-89886-397-X

Covers the simplest way to plan routes and find your way through tricky terrain. Also has sections on navigation in low visibility, using nature as a guide, and teaching kids to 'stay found'. (BK)

Grow Your Own

The Complete Manual of Organic Gardening edited by Basil Caplan (Headline) ISBN 1-55859-644-5

Produced by the Organic Gardening Magazine team this is as good an 'all-round' manual as you can get. Recommended for beginners. (BK)

Dig For Revolution! by Graham Burnett (Self Published) No ISBN

A small but snazzy little booklet packed with information about growing your own organic food. Gives details of various crops and has a historical/political perspective on land usage. (LL)

The Encyclopaedia of Organic Gardening by Bradley and Ellis (Rodale Press) ISBN 0-875-965-917

The latest encyclopaedia from America's foremost organic gardener. Contains a huge amount of information and is an indispensable resource for every gardener. (ECO)

Forest Gardening by Robert A de J Hart (Green Earth Books) ISBN 1-900322-02-1

Designed to achieve the utmost economy of space and labour, a forest garden is a tiny imitation of a natural forest. Requires minimal maintenance and can provide year round supplies of fruit, nuts, herbs as well as root and perennial vegetables. This book includes guides on species selection, designing and looking after a temperate forest garden. Even made me excited about growing food. (PP)

Getting Started in Permaculture by Ross and Jenny Mars (Rodale Institute) ISBN 064620-090-9

A very practical manual with step-by-step guides for garden projects. Includes mulching, raised beds, ponds, walls, hothouses and DIY fertilisers. Packed with illustrations and diagrams. (PP)

How To Grow Natural Herbs and Spices by Charlotte de la Bedoyere (Search Press) ISBN 0-855-32751-0

Successful organic growing principles for most of the popular herbs. Also has a section on spices and hundreds of colour photos and illustrations. (BK)

How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible On Less Land Than You Can Imagine by John Jeavons (Ten Speed Press) ISBN 1-58008-016-2

How you can grow fresh organic vegetables for a family of four for a year on 800 square feet or less. Has detailed charts, diagrams, photographs and clear text to explain this bio-intensive method. Covers sustainability, companion planting and seed propagation. One of the best gardening books you can get. (PP)

How to Make a Forest Garden by Patrick Whitefield (Permaculture Publications) ISBN 1-856623-008-2

This book is a guide to creating a maximum output for minimum labour food-producing garden. Highly practical and inspiring, it gives you information on everything you need to know about forest gardening. Includes sections on basic principles, layout, how to choose plants and much more. (PP)

Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison and Reny Mia Slay (Ten Speed Press) ISBN 0-90822-808-2

Outlines the philosophy as well as giving masses of practical examples. Topics covered include gardens, orchards, farms, small livestock, aquaculture, communities, urban strategies and more. (ECO)

The Permaculture Garden by G Bell (Thorsons) ISBN 0-72252-783-7

A practical book that concentrates on permaculture gardening in the UK. Well written with lots of clear illustrations this book shows how even the smallest backyard or brambliest allotment can be transformed to a beautiful and productive garden. (ECO)

The Pip Book by Keith Mossman (Not Known) No ISBN

Precise instructions on how to go about raising avocados, peanuts, kumquats, kiwis, coffee bushes and limes - to name a few - from pips. (CAT)

The Sprouter's Handbook by E Cairney (Argyll Press) ISBN 1-87464-048-3

You don't even need a garden for this - I know a guy who did it whilst hitching! Produce your own bean, peanut, lentil and a whole host of other exciting sprouts. (BK)

Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew (Rodale Press) ISBN 0-8785-7341-0

Introduces a whole new approach to gardening. Based on foot squares so you can grow as little or as much of any crop that you desire. Ideal for beginners or experts alike. (CAT)


The History and Practice of The Political Police in Britain by Tony Bunyan (Quartet Books) ISBN 0-7043-3128-4

The book by which all others on this subject should be judged. Although published in 1977 it is still full of relevant and interesting information on the political role of the police (is there any other?). Has chapters on The Political Uses of the Law, The Uniformed Police, Special Branch, MI5, Private Security Agencies and surveillance methods. A must read for us all. (BK)

Riot Control - Material and Techniques by Colonel Rex Applegate (Paladin Press) No ISBN

Tells you how they contain, subdue and disperse rioters effectively, humanely [!?] and quickly. Includes a complete survey of modern riot control gear including chemical agents (CS Gas etc.) batons, helmets, firearms and vehicles. Hundreds of equipment photos and illustrations are included - wank material for budding TSG recruits no doubt. (PAL)

Police Crowd Control - Risk Reduction Strategies for Law Enforcement by Captain Charles Beene (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-674-6

Written by the ex-head of the San Francisco Police Department, this shows how the US police use the media, instant mobile response, barricades and multiple arrests to try and manage and control us in crowd situations. Although obviously very USA orientated it makes for interesting reading anyway. Any ideas of an official UK police equivalent anyone? (PAL)

Shooting in the Dark - Riot Police In Britain by Gerry Northam (Faber and Faber) ISBN 0-571-15090

A study of the paramilitary policing that's used in major public order confrontations. Draws on unpublished police documents, case studies and interviews, and then pulls all this together into an interesting and informative book. Includes excerpts from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Public Order Manual - the official guide on cop riot tactics. (BK)


Asylum - A Journal For Democratic Psychiatry (Self Published) No ISSN

Now in its thirteenth year Asylum magazine is a forum for debate between users and professionals from the world of psychiatry. Produced by 'patients' each issue covers a wide variety of topics. Copies cost £1.50 each from: Manor Farm, Brightholmlee, Sheffield, S35 0DB, UK.

Call Me Crazy - Stories from the Mad Movement by Irit Shimrat (Press Gang Publishers) ISBN 0-88974-070-4

Partly a personal history of the author who 'went crazy' three times in her life, partly a history of the anti-psychiatry movement and partly a resource for anyone who wants alternatives to psychiatry. Has some suggestions for society as a whole and others which are practical tips for individuals to implement now. (BK)

Lunatic Fringe - Journal of the Psychiatric Inmates' Liberation Movement

A one person 'zine that doesn't so much focus on psychiatric oppression as it does on concerns that are related to the people who are involved with the mental health system - homelessness, welfare and unwanted pregnancy. For a copy send $3 to: Lunatic Fringe, PO Box 7652, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, USA.

Alternative Power

Off The Grid - Managing Independent Renewable Electricity Systems by Paul Allen and Bob Todd (Centre for Alternative Technology) No ISBN

How to design, install and look after small scale RE systems and live unplugged from the grid. Covers resource evaluation, AC or DC, batteries, control systems and case studies. (CAT)

The Practical Solar Handbook - A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Your Own Solar Water Heating System by Bushell (Centre For laternative Technology) No ISBN

A step-by-step guide to the installation of solar hot water heating systems. Intended for the basic DIYer it covers the essentials of some tried and trusted systems. (CAT)

Solar Water Heating - A DIY Guide by P Trimby (Centre for Alternative Technology) ISBN 1-898049-11-4

A companion to Tapping The Sun (see below) it covers the more DIY end of the spectrum. Includes bits on making your own solar panels, connecting and installing them, building pumping devices. (CAT)

Tapping the Sun - A Solar Water Heating Guide by B Horne (Centre for Alternative Technology) ISBN 1-898049-01-7

Everything you need to know before buying and installing a solar water heating system. Includes sections on how they work, types of systems and where to get hold of them. Includes a UK resource list. (CAT)

Windpower Workshops - Building Your Own Wind Turbine by Hugh Piggott (Centre for Alternative Technology) ISBN 1-898049-20-3

Fuck corporate windpower - build your own! This book explains how to make a turbine from scrap, safety issues, rotor blades, electrical stuff and gives case studies, a glossary and resource guide. (CAT)


Beyond AA - Dealing Responsibly With Alcohol by Clarence Barrett (Positive Attitudes) ISBN 0-9630292-9-0

A few people I know could do with reading this book - myself included probably. Offers approaches to people who would either like to cut down or quit alcohol. The key to the technique is willpower and after discussing the problems with Alcoholics Anonymous the author gives simple advice for controlling or stopping your drinking. Alcohol is a weapon of the State! (BK)

The Cultivators Guide to Marijuana by William Drake (Ronin Publishing) ISBN 0-914171-53-4

A fully updated and revised edition of the classic. Has information on growing weed indoors and outside and is full of examples, illustrations and horticultural knowledge. (AK)

The Good Booze Recipe and Cookbook by James C Krohn (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-450-6

Tells you the equipment you'll need to set up a still and the techniques for producing clear sugar alcohol that you can then flavour or cut with gin, whiskey, vodka etc.. (PAL)

A Guide to British Psilocybin Mushrooms by Anonymous (Self Published) No ISBN

This booklet is about the species of hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow here in the UK. Has sections on identification, types, collecting, dosage, effects and a list of further reading. (BK)

The Ibogaine Story - Report on the Staten Island Project by Paul De Rienzo, Dana Beal and others (Autonomedia) ISBN 1-57027-029-5

Ibogaine is an alkaloid derived from an African bush that has shown to be incredibly effective (unlike methadone) in treating addiction to heroin, alcohol, cocaine and nicotine. This book tells the story of its use and the suppression of it by the State, anti-drug zealots and the pharmaceutical industries. (BK)

Marijuana Growers Handbook - Indoor and Greenhouse Edition by Ed Rosenthal (Quick Trading Company) ISBN 0-932551-00-9

The seminal guide - apparently - for growing grass in attics, basements, closets or any other enclosed space. Hydroponics, soil growing, lighting and more are all discussed here. (BK)

Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti by Adam Gottlieb (Ronin Publishing) ISBN 0-914171-95-X

Has a short section on methods of ingestion, legality (in the USA) and effects. The bulk of the book is taken up with telling you how to find, grow and graft psychoactive cacti. Has bits on how to increase the potency and extract pure mescaline or alkaloid mixtures from them. (BK)

Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World - An Identification Guide by Paul Stamets (Ten Speed Press) ISBN 0-89815-839-7

This book is the most complete, detailed reference guide for magic mushrooms ever published. The focal point of it is the 130 pages that describe in detail - with illustrations for them all - around 85 species from all over the world. Has information on where to find them, collecting, preserving and preparation. (BK)

Psychedelic Shamanism - The Cultivation, Preparation and Shamanic Use Of Psychotropic Plants by Jim Dekorne (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-1-10-3

A volume on the cultivation, preparation and use of psychotropic plants. Has thorough and detailed description of plants and their extracts. (AK)

Stoned Free - How to Get High Without Drugs by Patrick Wells and Douglas Rushcroft (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-126-X

All about using those natural drug-free methods to induce rushes, highs and other altered states of consciousness. From fasting, eye visuals and chants through to sleep deprivation, skydiving, silence and sex. (BK)

Wild Things


Creating a Flower Meadow by Yvette Verner (Green Earth Books) ISBN 1-900322-08-0

This shows you how you can have a wild flower meadow, and all the wildlife that goes with it, in your garden - or anywhere you plant it even! Good practical information that includes a season calendar, lists of all types of species and a contact list. (ECO)

Flora Britannica by Richard Mabey (Chetto and Windus) ISBN 1-85619-377-2

Not only a guide to British wild flowers, plants and trees, but a history of their relationship to humans. Over 4,000 people submitted memories, anecdotes and folk history to this book. A sort of plant Doomsday Book for the end of the 20th Century. (BK)

The Food Insects Newsletter

Long-standing newsletter that promotes the study of insects as part of the human diet. Part anthropology, part entomology and part uncharted cuisine it includes actual recipes! One issue costs $1.50 and a five issue subscription $5. Send to: Florence Dunkel, Department of Entomology, 324 Leon Johnson Hall, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717-0302, USA.

Food for Free by Richard Mabey (HarperCollins Publishers) ISBN 0-00-219865-7

This classic book details some of the huge number and variety of wild foods available here in the UK. Has sections on trees, plants, fungi and shellfish - all accompanied by colour pictures for help in identification as well as some suggestions for preparation. (BK)

Mammals of Britain - Their Tracks, Trails and Signs by MJ Lawrence and RW Brown (Blandford Press) ISBN 0-7137-0588-4

Although fairly old and probably quite difficult to get hold of (our copy was found outside a charity shop in the bins - don't even ask!) this is a very comprehensive field guide. Includes colour photos and diagrams of tracks and skeletal remains as well as habitat and distribution information for all UK mammals. (BK)

Plants for a Future - Edible and Useful Plants For A Healthier World by Ken Fern (Permanent Publications) ISBN 1-85623-011-2

Describes British, European and temperate edible and useful plants. Has information on growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees. Packed with information, anecdotes and indexes. Comprehensive and recommended. (PF)

Pocket Guide to Wildlife of Britain and Europe edited by Michael Chinery (Larousse) ISBN 0-7523-0019-9

A clearly organised pocket guide to mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and invertebrates. Full of colour illustrations as well as including basic information such as recognisable features and habitats. (BK)

Tracking - A Blueprint for Learning How by Jack Kearney (Paladin Press) No ISBN

A retired US Border patrol agent passes on his knowledge in this easy to read guide to tracking people through wild terrain. Has sections on identifying tracks, determining direction and age, utilising sun angle and much more. (PAL)

Tree Planting and Aftercare by British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (Self Published) ISBN 0-946-752-079

Covers planning and design for conservation and amenity, the law, safety, equipment, seed collection, planting, aftercare, species tables and lists of suppliers. (ECO)

Wild and Free - An Introduction to British Wild Foods (Self Published) No ISBN

A double sided A3 info-sheet packed with details on - as it says - wild foods found here in the UK. Has bits on some common foods that we all recognise (including acorns, dandelion and stinging nettles) and a few suggestions for recipes. Available for an SAE (although donations are welcome) from: Box B (NV) 111 Magdelen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RQ, UK.

Wild Food by Roger Phillips (Peter Smith Publishers) ISBN 0-84466-262-3

Eat your weeds and enjoy them! Back in print this book is arranged month by month with excellent photos. Probably one of the best books to aid identification and, as a major plus, it also includes recipes. (ECO)



Complete Guide to Lockpicking by Eddie the Wire (Paladin Press) No ISBN

One of the most precise and detailed books on lockpicking ever. It has information on how to open all types of locks - as well as tips for preventing people breaking into yours. (PAL)

Expedient B&E - Tactics and Techniques for Bypassing Alarms and Defeating Locks by Carl Hammer (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-688-6

The professionals guide to getting into places where you shouldn't be. Covers reconnaissance and planning, has an examination of types of locks and alarms, as well as instructions for opening filing cabinets, cars and safes. (PAL)

Secrets of Lockpicking by Stephen Hampton (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-423-9

Reveals the skills, tricks and tools needed for bypassing key and combination tumbler, pin, mushroom, magnetic, warded and cylinder locks. (PAL)

Stomach Stuff

Animal Free Shopper - A Shopping Guide for Those Wishing to Avoid Animal Suffering by The Vegan Society (The Vegan Society) ISBN 0-907337-21-X

Ignore the awful title and this is a good pocket sized book. Lists the ingredients of most food products, non-vegan E numbers, vegan toiletries, cosmetics, home and office supplies and loads of animal friendly contacts. (BK)

Animal Ingredients A to Z compiled by EG Smith Collective (AK Press) ISBN 1-87317-6-59-7

Easy to use and concise guide to animal and animal-derived ingredients. Has chapters on vegan nutrition, alternatives to animal produce, a resource listing and - most importantly - a guide to vegan alcohol. (AK)

Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda! by Joe Alexander (Blue Dolphin Publishing) ISBN 0-931892-1-7

Interesting book that proposes the theory that our bodies have evolved to deal with - almost exclusively - raw food, and that nearly all our illnesses and problems now are due to the consumption of cooked processed food. I was sceptical - but read this and be convinced! Goes on to explain how to move back to a raw food diet. (BK)

Food Not Bombs - How to Feed the Hungry and Build Community by CT Lawerence Butler and Keith McHenry (New Society Press) ISBN 0-86571-239-5

A manual showing how volunteer groups can practice mutual aid by distributing food to those that need it. Has ideas, practical experience, a few recipes, dealing with the police/media and more. (AK)

Modern Stoves For All by Waclaw Micuta (Intermediate Technology) ISBN 0-9466-835-4

A book for anyone interested in designing and building fuel efficient stoves. Charts the basic principles, cooking pots, alternative fuels, specifications, construction, testing of different models and cooking methods. (PP)

The Stone Age Diet - The Natural Way to Eat by Leon Chaitow (Optima) ISBN 0-356-12328-6

Our Stone Age ancestors were stronger and healthier than us. This book examines their diet and argues that it was largely because of what they ate. Discusses ways in which this diet can be adapted to today's available foods. (BK)

Soy Not Oi! by the Hippycore Crew (Self Published) No ISBN

Simple yummy vegan food presented in punk-as-fuck recipe-writing, including 'Bring back Black Sabbath bean casserole' and 'Biscuits not Bombs'. Plus rants on 'why I'm a vegan', homebrewing and outdated nutritional info. For a copy send £2.00 (UK) or £2.50 (Europe) to: Active Distribution, BM Active, WC1N 3XX, London, UK.

The Vegan Handbook by Debra Wasserman (Vegetarian Resource Group) ISBN 0-93141117-3

A massive resource book containing recipes, cooking tips, essays on veganism and related subjects, the history of veganism and more. (AK)

The Wild and Free Cookbook by Tom Squier (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-128-6

Tom 'Road Kill King' Squier gives tips on preparing and cooking hundreds of dishes made from wild plants. Also includes ideas of recipes for rabbit, snake, catfish, alligator, racoon and buffalo - if you're into to that sort of thing. (LP)

Well Fed - Not an Animal Dead by Graham Burnett (Self Published) No ISBN

A guide to the wider implications of a vegan diet. Has sections on growing your own, food for free, vegan mothers and infants as well as brewing your own alcohol. (LL)


Access To The Airwaves - My Fight For Free Radio by Allan H Weiner (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-163-4

A well known pirate radio station figures in US history. here recounts his arrests, legal battles and general philosophy - worth reading for any budding pirateers. (LP)

The Bug Book - Wireless Microphones and Surveillance Transmitters by ML Shannon (Lysias Press) ISBN 1-884451-00-4

Has an emphasis on the practical and is mainly about the transmitters available to everyone. There is information on detecting bugs and what to do when you find them. Also has a question and answer chapter and a list of more resources for both books and equipment. (BK)

The Complete Manual of Pirate Radio by Zeke Teflon (See Sharp Press) ISBN 0-9613289-9-1

Written with the USA in mind this may not be that relevant for anyone in Europe trying to get a pirate station together. Having said this it still may be worth looking at in conjunction with some of the others mentioned in this section. Includes pieces on considerations, getting away with it, transmitters, antennas and mobile operations. Also has a further reading list that may be useful. (AK)

Flyposter Frenzy by Matthew Fuller (Working Press) ISBN 1-870736-15-X

Dozens of posters from the anti-copyright network. Loads of contributors add their bit to this wild overview of xerox satire and propaganda. As relevant now as when printed - get copying! (CP)

Improvised Radio Jamming Techniques - Electronic Guerrilla Warfare by Lawrence W Myers (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-520-0

A practical field guide outlining improvised methods of intercepting, identifying, analysing and jamming radio traffic. Covers the different phases of electronic warfare and gives a breakdown of a jamming operation. (PAL)

Make A Zine! - A Guide to Self Publishing Disguised as a Book on How to Produce a Zine by Bill Brent (Black Books) ISBN 0-9637401-4-8

Getting material, creating the zine, photos, distribution, legal matters and loads more. Has loads of useful contacts at the back including shops, distributors, review publications and other 'how-to' books. (AK)

Pirate Radio Operations by Andrew Yodler and Earl T Gray (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-151-0

A 400 page book telling you how to take back the airwaves by operating your own low cost radio station. Includes ways of getting cheap equipment from markets, setting up a studio, broadcasting, safety issues and frequencies. Has a section at the back listing more resources. (AK)

Print - How You Can Do It Yourself by Jonathon Zietlyn (Journeyman) ISBN 1-85172-0-49-9

An excellent step-by-step guide to anyone wanting a hands-on approach to printing. (AK)

Radio Is My Bomb - A DIY Manual for Pirates (Hooligan Press) ISBN 1-869802-03-9

The - almost certainly out of print now - pirate radio classic. Has a very practical focus with chapters on building FM transmitters, legal implications and experiences from other pirate stations. Although a lot of the technical information is now probably out of date this is still the most relevant manual for all those thinking of setting up a pirate station in the UK. Hard to get hold of - but worth trying. (BK)

Radiotext(e) by Neil Strauss and Dave Mandl (Semiotext(e)) ISBN 0-93675-6-94-2

An anthology of essays about radical pirate radio and other tales of the airwaves. Pirates, theory, practice, rants, monologues and philosophy. (AK)


I Am My Lover - Women Pleasure Themselves edited by Joani Blank (Down There Press) ISBN 0-940208-18-0

This book documents and discusses the solo-sex sessions of a dozen women whilst still managing to have a respectful and joyous attitude. Best quote: 'My first masturbation to orgasm was on the day of Holy Communion; it happened outdoors with a tree that I used to climb. It was my first real sexual, spiritual experience, and it was with Nature, not the Church.' (BK)

The Art of Auto-Fellatio - Oral Sex for One by Garry Griffin (Added Dimensions Publishing) ISBN 1-897967-11-1

A complete guide to teach men how to perform oral sex on themselves. Has loads of letters and photos of people doing it - yes it really is possible! Hmmmghhhruupp. (BK)

The Compleat Spanker by Lady Green (Greenery Press) ISBN 1-890159-00-X

This manual tells you everything you want to know about smacking for sexual pleasure. Covers mood, warming up, implements, where to strike, tips and tricks and much [too much?] more. (BK)

Decircumcision - Circumsion Practices and Foreskin Restoration Methods by Gary Griffin (Added Dimensions Press) ISBN 1-897967-05-7

The mutilation of penises has been widespread for around 4000 years. In this book the author traces the practice across time and through cultures. Discusses the pros and cons of male circumcision, the medical methods of restoration and the DIY version with a roll of tape - cheaper and safer! (BK)

Exhibitionism for the Shy - Show Off, Dress Up and Talk Hot by Carol Queen (Down There Press) ISBN 0-940208-16-4

Sex-positive activist Carol overcame her shyness and now wants to help you overcome yours! She presents instructions for talking sexy on the phone (hello MI5) dressing up, awakening your sexual persona, finding partners, group sex and working in peep shows. (BK)

The Guide to Getting it On - A New and Mostly Wonderful Book About Sex by Paul Joannides (Goofy Foot Press) ISBN 1-885535-14-7

Winner of a book award for best sex book this is a light-hearted practical manual about sex. Aimed at heterosexuals, it starts by dealing with topics such as preliminaries, orgasms, fluids and getting naked. Goes on to cover masturbation, finger fucking, oral and anal sex, massages, sex toys and much more. Has facts, observations and tips on relationships, religion, fetishes, abortion and safe sex. (BK)

A Hand in the Bush - The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting by Deborah Addington (Greenery Press) ISBN 1-890159-02-6

Fisting - for the uninitiated - is the art of inserting one's entire hand into a person's anus or vagina for sexual pleasure. This is the first book ever published on the subject and it has a detailed history, answers to many of your burning questions and also includes poems and practical lessons on how to do it. Workshop at the Earth First! Summer Gathering anyone? (AK)

Kinkycrafts - 101 Do-It-Yourself S/M Toys edited by Lady Green with James Easton (Greenery Press) ISBN 0-9739763-7-0

Want S/M gear but can't afford it? Well here is a guide to making your own stuff - from adjustable ankle spreaders, ball crushers and bondage benches through to suspension harnesses, spandex hoods and labia stretchers. Careful though or you may have Amnesty International after you - if you're lucky! (BK)

The Politically Correct Guide to Getting Laid by Tuppy Owens and friends (The Leydig Trust) ISBN 1-872819-08-7

How to flirt, chat people up and sleep together, all with a caring 90s PC edge to it. Less of a 'how-to' manual and more of a piss taking book of ideas to get you laughing and thinking. (BK)

Sex Information - May I Help You? by Isadora Alman (Down There Press) ISBN 0-94020-8-14-8

A frank look at sexually transmitted diseases, sexual turn-ons, group sex, masturbation, pregnancy, contraception, disability, ageing, cross-dressing and a whole host of other topics. Written by the long time director of the San Francisco sex helpline. (AK)

Fuck School!

As Soon As You're Born They Make You Feel Small - Self Determination for Children by Anonymous ( AK Press) No ISBN

First published in the UK in 1986 this is a classic in the field of children's liberation. It rails against - amongst other things - child abuse, corporal punishment, gender stereotypes, harmful toys and school. Also re-prints the manifesto 'Youth Liberation Program.' (AK)

Deschooling Our Lives edited by Matt Hern (New Society Publishers) ISBN 0-86571-342-1

An essential collection of material that condemns the contemporary school system and offers alternatives such as home schooling, community learning and free schools. Ends with a list of other resources on the same subject. (BK)

The Free School by W Kenneth Richmond (Methuen) ISBN 416-75930-0

Explores the root of the educational malaise and looks at what can be done to free education from its rigid and hierarchical nineteenth century organisation. (BK)

Lib Ed - A magazine for the liberation of learning (Self Published) ISSN 0267-8500

An annual magazine for anyone interested in radical libertarian education. History, news and analysis of all forms of education. Contact them at: Libertarian Education Collective, Phoenix House, 157 Wells Road, Bristol, BS4 2BU, UK. (AK)

The Teenage Liberation Handbook - How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education by Grace Llewellyn (Lowry House Publishers) ISBN 0-9629591-0-3

How to de-school yourself. Has details on all the issues surrounding it including the legal implications, dealing with adults and learning once outside school. In the final section it includes stories about what people have done with their lives when not constrained by the educational system. I wish I'd had this book when I was younger. (BK)

Wild Children by Peter Lamborn Wilson and Dave Mandl (Autonomedia) ISBN 0-936756-83-7

Pranks, poems, prose and graphics all by contributors aged from 0-18 years old. Re-prints the excellent 'School Stoppers' handbook. (AK)

The End...

The Dead Good Funerals Book by Sue Gill and John Fox (Engineers Of The Imagination) ISBN 0-95271-590-2

A collection of examples, ideas and information to provide a catalyst for anyone seeking to avoid 'traditional' funerals. Outlines the legal requirements and a host of alternatives to crap funeral arrangements. (CAT)

The Hit Man - A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors by Rex Feral (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-276-7

Has detailed instructions on how to kill people for money - including creating a false identity, using a silencer, making the kill, as well as that ever important point - getting away afterwards. The publishers are currently being sued by the family of somebody who was killed by a reader of this book. (PAL)

The Secret Art of Strangulation by Dr Hana Lung (Paladin Press) ISBN 0-87364-843-9

This book has two parts with the first half detailing the history of the secret sect of the Thugee in India and their strangulation techniques. The second half presents 55 pages of detailed instructions on how they killed people with strangleholds and neck breaking. (PAL)

Silent Death by Uncle Fester (Loompanics Unlimited) ISBN 1-55950-159-6

What makes a good poison? Covers delivery to the target as the best poison in the world is useless if you can't work out how to feed it to the victim. Also has a section on autopsy, including a piece on what the medical examiners will look for in cases of suspicious death. (LP)


Book Brokers and Pamphlet Pushers

The code in brackets after each review relates to the key below. This is where we think it's easiest to get hold of a copy of the publication listed. Wherever possible we have also included the ISBN/ISSN reference so you can order it from any bookshop - although most will be able to find copies using only the writers/editors name or publisher if the ISBN/ISSN is not known. Remember that libraries will order any book for you - and this way others can read it after you!

(AK) AK Press and Distribution (Europe) PO Box 12766, Edinburgh, EH8 9YE, Scotland. Telephone: 0131 555 5165. E-mail: Although they don't stock most of the books listed above they are always worth checking out as they are probably the best distributor of anti-authoritarian/anarchist books in the world. Send an A4 SAE for their exciting and comprehensive catalogue.

(BK) Bookshops. The resources that are marked by this code were obtained at various bookshops - some mainstream, some radical and some secondhand. Check out your local ones and ask if they can order it for you. A list of radical bookshops was published on page 152 in Do or Die No. 7. Another list is featured in the front of the 1999 AK Press catalogue.

(CAT) Centre for Alternative Technology Mail Order Department, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 9AZ, UK. Telephone: 01654 703409. Comprehensive catalogue containing books on most things with an ecological focus. Includes stuff on alternative power, composting, gardening and house construction. Send an A5 SAE for a catalogue.

(CP) Counter Productions, PO Box 556, London, SE5 ORL, UK. A huge selection of unusual publications from the marginal milieu and beyond. Everything you could imagine, a few you couldn't and some you definitely wouldn't want to - send an A5 SAE or some stamps for a catalogue. Highly recommended.

(ECO) Eco-Logic Books, Mulberry House, 19 Maple Grove, Bath, BA2 3AF, UK. Telephone: 01225 484472. Excellent catalogue with books and pamphlets on gardening, self-sufficiency, fields and wildflowers, building and trade skills. Send an A5 SAE for a catalogue.

(LL) Land and Liberty, 35 Rayleigh Avenue, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SSO 7DS, UK. Good little distribution service that has a selection of pamphlets on organic gardening, animal liberation and land use. Send an A5 SAE for a catalogue.

(LP) Loompanics Unlimited, PO Box 1197, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA. Telephone: 360 385 2230. E-mail: Barking mad whacked-out libertarian fringe of the increasingly bizarre American political scene. Has publications on everything from surviving interrogation to building your own weapons. Although most books are very USA-centric the catalogue is worth getting - if only for a laugh.

(PAL) Paladin Press, PO Box 1307-7FSF, Boulder, CO 80306, USA. Telephone: 303 443 7250. E-mail: Another warning here - Paladin Press is chock full of militaristic authoritarian US militia shit. Despite this, once you have stripped away the offensive ideologies you may find some useful, universally applicable nuggets of information. Use a false name and address when ordering this catalogue.

(PP) Permanent Publications, Hyden House Ltd., The Sustainability Centre, East Meon, Hampshire, GU32 1HR, UK. Telephone: 01730 823311. Publishes the Earth Repair Catalogue which is full of cool books on forest gardening, alternative technology, low impact dwellings and loads more.

(PF) Plants For a Future, The Field, Penpol, Lostwithel, Cornwall, PL22 ONG, UK. Telephone: 01208 873554 or 872963. A resource and information centre for details on edible and other useful plants. Publishes free/cheap photocopied leaflets and information sheets on all sorts of subjects relating to plant usage. Send an A5 SAE for more information.

We first heard about loads of the books reviewed from Psychotropedia - A Guide to Publications on the Periphery by Russ Kick (Critical Vision, Manchester, UK, 1998.) ISBN 1-900486-03-2 For details on how to order this book send an A4 SAE to: Critical Press, PO Box 26, Manchester, M26 1PQ, UK. The US magazine Factsheet Five - your perpetually suprising guide to the zine revolution also has thousands of reviews and contact details for some of the more esoteric publications around. Contact them at: Factsheet Five, PO Box 170099, San Francisco, CA 94117-0099, USA. Also worth trying are the numerous book/author search engines on the web.

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