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Prisoners of War

This is an incomplete list of imprisoned radical ecologists, anarchists, Black Liberation activists, animal liberationists, anti-fascists and others we feel an affinity with. We think that they, and others like them, deserve our full support. This list was compiled in November 2000 and since then some prisoners may have been released or moved. For more up to date information we have included the contact details for some active UK and international prisoner support organisations.

UK Prisoners

Kuldip Bajwa DN 7230, HMP Highpoint, Stradishall, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9YG, UK. Sentenced in February 2000 to 21 months for violent disorder in London on June 18th 1999.

Paul Revell FR5599 (sentenced in July 2000 to 18 months), Darryl Walker FR5843 (sentenced in June 2000 to 15 months), Kevin Townsend FR6275 (sentenced to 9 months), Mark Graham EL6133 (sentenced in November 2000 to 7 months), Michael Collins FR6303 (sentenced in October 2000 to 2 years) are all inside for charges relating to actions in London on May Day 2000. They are all at HMP Wandsworth, PO Box 757, Heathfield Road, London SW18 3HS, UK.

Simone Sabeddu FB2520, HMYOI Feltham, Bedfont Road, Middx TW13 4ND, UK. Sentenced in August 2000 to 14 months for actions on May Day.

Nikki Koole, FB6530, HMYOI Feltham, Bedfont Road, Middx TW13 4ND, UK. Sentenced to 9 months for May Day.

Gareth Williams, FT7291, Ford Prison, Arundel, West Sussex BN18 0BX, UK. Sentenced to 6 months in September 2000 for N30.

Mel Broughton DJ8216, HMP The Mount, Molyneaux Avenue, Bovingdon, Hemel Hampstead, Herts HP3 0NZ, UK. Animal liberationist sentenced to 4 years for conspiracy to cause explosions.

Saptal Ram E94164, HMP Full Sutton, Moor Lane, Stamford Bridge, Yorks YO4 1PS, UK. Saptal was sentenced to life by an all white jury for defending himself in a racist attack. He's been inside for 13 years already and gets moved constantly as well as being subjected to racist abuse. Email:

Barry Horne VC2141, HMP Belmarsh, Western Way, Thamesmead, London SE28 0EB, UK. Barry is serving 18 years for anti-vivisection arsons.

US Prisoners

Rob Thaxton

Robert Lee Thaxton #12112716, OSP, 2605 State Street, Salem, Oregon 97310, USA. Rob, a long time anarchist organiser, publisher and writer, is one of the few from around the world facing serious charges for June 18th. When it kicked off in Eugene in the US, Rob threw a rock at a cop who was charging at him in an effort to escape. He was arrested and sentenced to 88 months for Assault II and Riot. He's clearly been used as scapegoat - the one that didn't get away. He appreciates zines (send individually from a recognised distributor or publisher). More information from: Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous (AAA), PO Box 11331, Eugene, Oregon 97440, USA. For copies of Rob's recent zines, Rob The Rich! and Fuck you Bearden! send a cash donation.

James Rio Johnson #8952263, SCRI, 777 Stanton Blvd., Ontario, Oregon 97914, USA. James has been active in anarchist projects since the early 80s. He's in isolation, and is frequently moved, for killing a drug pimp who victimised women he cared about. More details from: AAA, PO Box 11331, Eugene, Oregon 97440, USA.

Chris Plummer #677345, Route 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, Texas 76597, USA. Chris is serving a sentence of 15 years for actions on White Power scum. He's been trying to set up an anarchist lending library inside so if you can help by sending books or pamphlets from recognised distributors or publishers, this would be greatly appreciated. Contact his Defence Committee at: PO Box 685136, Austin, Texas 78768, USA.

Leonard Peltier #89637-132, PO Box 1000, Leavenworth, Kansas 66048, USA. Leonard is an American Indian Movement (AIM) activist framed by a COINTELPRO operation for the murder of two FBI agents in 1975 for which he's serving two consecutive life sentences. Leonard's supporters are currently trying to pressure President Clinton to grant Leonard executive clemency in his short remaining time in office. Contact the Leonard Peltier Defence Committee at: LPDC, PO Box 583, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA. Email:

Robert H. Wilson (Standing Deer) #640289, Pack Unit One, 2400 Wallace Pack Road, Navasota, Texas 77869, USA. Standing Deer, a Native American activist now in his late 70s, has been in maximum security prisons for over 20 years for robbing a jewellery store. He exposed the government plot to assassinate Leonard Peltier. His support group is pressing for his release as he is old and can't be seen as a threat to society anymore. Contact them at: SDDC, PO Box 368, Carroltton, Georgia 30117, USA.

Harold Thompson #93992, NWCC, Site 1, Route 1, Box 660, Tiptonville, Tennessee 38079, USA. Harold has been in prison since 1979, serving a life sentence plus about 90 years. He is a passionate anarchist and jailhouse lawyer who never gives up. He has also recently been busy suing Aryan Brotherhood scum who attacked him inside.

Ted Kaczynski #04475-046, US Pen. Admin. Max. Facility, PO Box 8500, Florence, Colorado 81226, USA. Ted is serving multiple life sentences for the Unabomber bombing campaign against techno-industrial society. Donations to: Friends of Ted Kaczynski, BM 1715, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

Barrilee Bannister #11309597, EOCI, 2500 Westgate, Pendleton, Oregon 97801, USA. Barrilee is a young working class mother serving a 12 year sentence for assaulting a man who was endangering her and her friend. She was moved out to a detention centre in Arizona where, as is often the case, many of the all male staff regularly abused their power over the female inmates. The women who tried to speak out against this were usually silenced, until Barrilee and other women managed to get the media's attention - the story exploded nationally. The women were relocated and the centre fired or suspended 36 guards. Recently Barrilee has been assigned Security Threat Group (i.e. anarchist) status, just for political support by the Political Prisoners of War Coalition (PPWC) and Rob Thaxton.

Kebby Warner #259737, Scott Correctional Facility, 47500, 5 Mile Road, Plymouth, Michigan 48170, USA. Kebby had her first child in prison and is fighting to stop the state taking the child away permanently and denying her all parental and visiting rights. Kebby has been receiving abuse from racist guards and her family for having a mixed race child. She is feeling very isolated and needs support.

Ali Khalid Abdullah #148130, 3225 John Conley Drive, Thumb Correctional Facility, Lapeer, Michigan 48446, USA. Ali is an Afro-American inside for 10-20 years for community self-defense against drug dealers. He's very active and is involved with the PPWC, and he faces repression because of this.

Silvia Baraldini

Silvia Baraldini fought against the Vietnam War and in support of Black Liberation and Puerto Rican independence. Convicted in the US she was sentenced to 43 years for participating in the successful 1979 escape of Assata Shakur and for conspiracy against the government. The long campaign to get her transferred to her native Italy has recently been successful. For her new Italian address contact: Release Silvia, 3543 18th Street, Box 30, San Francisco, California 94110, USA.

Karen Horning #006444-049 CCS, FMC Carswell, PO Box 27137, Fort Worth, Texas 76127, USA. Karen's been sentenced to six life sentences for distribution of LSD and refusal to grass on her mates. She's involved with the PPWC and is a jailhouse lawyer.

Jerome White-Bey #37479, Potosi Correctional Centre, Route 2, Box 2222, Mineral Point, MO 63660, USA. Jerome is an anarchist prison activist who set up the Missouri Prison Labour Union to fight against slave labour in prisons.

Larry Giddings #10917-086, PO Box 1000, Lewisburg, PA 17837, USA. Larry is an anti-authoritarian prisoner jailed in 1973 for attempted expropriation. He was paroled in 1978 but re-arrested in 1979 while trying to liberate a comrade from prison. He's doing multiple life sentences plus 75 years.

Bill Dunne #10916-086, Box 1000, Marion, Illinois 62959, USA. Bill was sentenced to 90 years for trying to liberate a prisoner with Larry Giddings.

Ojore N. Lutalo

Ojore N. Lutalo #59860, CN-861, MCU, Trenton, New Jersey 49444, USA. Ojore is a Black Liberation activist and anarchist. He was jailed in 1975 for expropriation, paroled in 1980 but re-arrested in 1982 for an attack on a drug dealer and sentenced to 20-40 years.

Mark Cook #027100, B3-05, Washington State Reformatory, PO Box 777, Monroe, Washington 98272-0777, USA. Mark is a former Black Panther and is in prison for actions carried out with the George Jackson Brigade, such as expropriation and prisoner liberation. He is serving two life sentences plus 30 years. His support group is fighting for his release after more than 20 years. Contact them at: Mark Cook Freedom Committee, PO Box 85763, Seattle, Washington 98145-2763, USA.

Sundiata Acoli #39794-066, Box 3000, USP Allenwood, White Deer, PA 17887, USA. Sundiata is a former Black Panther first imprisoned in 1969 in the Panther 21 case. Upon release he joined the Black Liberation Army. After a police ambush in 1973 at which a comrade and a cop were killed, Sundiata was sentenced to life plus 30 years for murder. In his early 60s, he is one of the longest serving political prisoners in the world. For more details contact: Sundiata Acoli Defense Campaign, PO Box 5538, Manhattenville Station, Harlem, New York 10027, USA.

Sekou Odinga #05228-054, 3901 Klien Blvd., Lompoc, California 93436, USA. Sekou is a former Black Panther and was also later involved with the Black Liberation Army for 12 years. Chased and shot at by the police he shot over his shoulder and was sentenced to 25 years for attempted murder of a policeman, plus a further 20 years for liberating Assata Shakur and expropriating an armoured truck.

Russell Shoats #AF-3855, SCI Greene, 1040 East R. Furman Highway, Waynesburg, PA 15370-8090, USA. Russell is serving multiple life sentences since 1972 for Black Liberation Army actions. He's currently active in the struggle against the notorious Control Units.

Shaka Shakur #28443, Indiana State Reformatory, PO Box 30, Pendleton, IN 46064, USA. Shaka, a black prison activist and organiser, was sentenced to 30 years after being stitched up for armed robbery. For more information contact: SSDC, PO Box 565, Madison, WI 53701, USA.

Philip Berrigan #292-139 and Rev. Steve Kelly #292-140 both at Roxbury Correctional Institution, 18701 Roxbury Road, Hagerstown, MD 21746, USA. Susan Crane #916-999, Maryland Correctional Institute for Women, PO Box 535, Jessup, MD 20794, USA. Elizabeth Walz #995376, Baltimore Co. Detention Centre, 200 Court House Court, Towson, MD 21204, USA. These four Ploughshares activists were sentenced to 18-30 months each on 23rd March 2000 for damaging two A-10 'Warthog' anti-tank aircraft and then handing themselves in.

Free Free! Free Critter!

Surveillance by the police and FBI, media hate-mongering and arrests have been on the increase in Eugene, Oregon recently. On June 16th 2000, two anarchists were stopped by police for a routine traffic violation at 1.00am, and ended up booked in on charges of Criminal Mischief and Arson. The media were told the two were being held on suspicion of an arson attack on a car showroom in Eugene the same night. Free's house was searched for such dangerous items as matches. On June 23rd they were indicted on nine felony counts and one misdemeanor. These include charges relating to another attempt at arson at an oil company. Critter entered a plea bargain and has been sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment. Free is still expected to stand trial and a new date has yet to be set.

Jeffrey Luers (Free) #1306729 and Craig Marshall (Critter) #1340996 are both at: 101 W. 5th Street, Eugene, Oregon 97401, USA. They can only receive written correspondence and they'd really appreciate reading material. Photocopies must have no staples and books must be sent from a publisher. For further information contact their defence committee at:

420 Arrested in Philadelphia

On August 1st 2000, thousands of people took direct action against the Republican National Convention in the US. Hundreds were arrested, abused in custody and charged with misdemeanours and about 30 with felonies. The latter face sentences of up to 60 years. The defendents especially need financial help to cover the coming court costs. Get in touch with the R2K legal collective at: The Defenestrator, PO Box 30922, Philadelphia PA 19104, USA. Web: or Friends of Camilo, PO Box 58247, Philadelphia PA 19102, USA. Email:

MOVE was a mainly black revolutionary group with a radical and holistic ecological perspective who were consistently persecuted by Philadelphia police during the 1970s and 80s. This culminated in the police firebombing of their commune in 1985 in which 11 people died. The remaining living members, the MOVE 9, were framed for the murder of a cop and sentenced to up to 100 years each. Merle Africa died in prison in 1998 under suspicious circumstances.

Debbie Simms Africa #006307, Janet Holloway Africa #006308 and Janine Phillips Africa #006309 all at: SCI Cambridge Springs, 451 Fullerton Ave, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403-1238, USA. Michael Davis Africa AM4973 and Charles Simms Africa AM4975 both at: SCI Grateford, PO Box 244, Grateford, PA 19426-0244, USA. Edward Goodman Africa AM4974 at: 301 Morea Rd, Frackville, PA 17932, USA. William Philips Africa AM4984 and Delbert Orr Africa AM4985 are both at: SCI Dallas Drawer K, Dallas, PA 18612, USA.

For more information about MOVE contact them at: MOVE, PO Box 19709, Philadelphia PA 19143, USA. Email:

Mumia Abu-Jamal AM8335, SCI Greene, 1040 East R. Furman Highway, Waynesburg, PA 15370-8090, USA. Mumia is an ex-Black Panther, radical journalist and MOVE supporter who was framed for the murder of a cop in 1981. He's been awaiting execution since 1998 but this has been temporarily stayed due to massive international campaigns. Support is vital in this case. For more details contact: International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, PO Box 19709, Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA.

Other Countries

Thomas Meyer Falk, JVA Bruchsal, Zelle 3117, Schoenbornstr. 32, 76646 Bruchsal, Germany. In 1996 Thomas was sent down for a bank robbery. He'll be inside until at least 2010. Because of his strong beliefs, he's been subject to very harsh repression and is kept in solitary with daily cell raids, suppression and censorship of mail and no access to education. On top of this his cell is in very bad disrepair. Protest letters and faxes are needed towards improving his conditions, to help with this contact ABC Innsbruck - address at end of article. When writing to him don't mention you are a political supporter. Besides hand-written letters, the only things he can get in the post are 3 International Reply Coupons (IRCs) at a time.

Revolutionary Cells Arrests, Germany. At 6.00am on Sunday 19th December 1999, heavily armed riot police stormed Axel Haug's and Harald Glaede's flats in Berlin, as well as Sabine Eckle's in Frankfurt, and all three were arrested. At the same time the Mehringhof, a social centre in Berlin Axel and Harald work at, was surrounded by 1,000 police. They trashed the place looking for some 'secret weapons' cache, but just found two immigrants, Frank and Alicia, who they promptly deported to Russia and Bolivia. All this was based on the confessions of a recently arrested alleged member of the Revolutionary Cells, who were responsible for campaigns of criminal damage in the 1980s. For current prisoner addresses and more information contact: Mehringhof Soli-Buero, Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin, Germany. Email: Web:

Nikos Maziotis, c/o Dafni Vaganou, Ozortz 3, 10689 Athens, Greece. In 1999 Nikos was sentenced to 15 years for bombing the Greek Ministry of Industry. He did this in solidarity with the inhabitants of Strymonikos Bay who have been resisting multinational TVX-Gold's attempts to build a factory there for over a decade. He is the first prisoner in Greece to be officially classified as political.

Klaudiusz Gliklich, Zaklad Karny, ul. Wiejska 3, 99400 Kowicz, Poland. In November 1991, Klaudiusz was attacked by three Nazis. Klaudiusz had trained in judo for years and managed to defend himself. One of the Nazis called the police and after being arrested and serving 3 years Klaudiusz was let out on parole. Unfortunately his parole officer turned out to be a former Nazi too. After being attacked by Nazis again and defending himself again, Klaudiusz has ended up back in prison where he will be until early 2002.

Grzegorz Chyska, Zaklad Karny, ul. Katowica 4, 46-200 Kluczbork, Poland. In February 1999, Grzegorz was, not for the first time, attacked by some Nazis. Grzegorz and his mate, Wojciech Grabia, ended up being charged with assault and banditry. Wojciech has been released, but since Grzegorz had an outstanding warrant, he's in for 3 years and 7 months.

Tomek Wilkoszewski, Zaklad Karny, ul. Orzechowa 5, 98-200 Sieradz, Poland. Tomek was sentenced to 15 years after killing a Nazi in self defence in Radomsko in 1997. He has recently been denied an appeal for a shorter sentence.

The Cordoba 4 are one Spanish and three Italian anarchists - Michel Pontolillo, c.p. de Villabona Aptdo 33271 Gijon, Asturias, Spain. Giorgio Rodriquez, c.p. de Topas Carretera Gijon-Seville, 37799 Salamanca, Spain. Giovanni Barcia, c.p. de Badajoz mod. 7 Carretera de Olivenza, 06071 Badajoz, Spain. Claudio Lavazza, c.r. Huelva mod. 16, Carretera la Ribera s/n 2161 Huelva, Spain - who were arrested in Cordoba, Spain, for a bank robbery. Even though there wasn't very much evidence against them (other than that they're anarchists) they were recently sentenced to 11 years each. In November they will have been sentenced for further incidents involving imprisoning the Italian consul in solidarity with Italian anarchist prisoners.

Betty Krawcyzk, Burnaby Correctional Center for Women, 7900 Fraser Park Drive, Burnaby, BC V5J 5H1, Canada. On the 15th of September 2000, eight people were found guilty of criminal contempt relating to anti-logging actions in the Elaho Valley in 1999. The others have all been released or are still to be sentenced, but Betty, a 72 year old great grandmother, is serving a one year sentence.

Italian Repression

There's a steady stream of reports from Italy of extensive repression. Ecological anarchists, squatters and animal liberationists are becoming more and more active, but with the help of notorious judges such as Judge Marini and the ROS special police squad, the state is clamping down hard on resistance.

For more information contact: El Passo Occupato, Via Passo Buole 47, 10127 Torino, Italy or Solikom Italien, c/o Infoladen, Breisacherstr. 12, 81667 Munich, Germany who produce the English and German magazine Breakout which focuses on Italian repression.

Silvano Pellissero, Com. Mastrlietro, Via Ferreri Noli 2, San Poso, 10080 Torino, Italy. On January 31st 2000, Silvano was sentenced to 6 years and 10 months for bombing the construction of a new high velocity train (TAV) intended to cut through the beautiful Val de Susa. Please write to Silvano in Italian, Spanish or French.

Things You can do to Help

Adopt a prisoner

If you're active in a group or campaign you could choose one or two prisoners to consistently support. Pass cards round meetings, send useful stuff to them, knock up a flyposter and get their case some publicity if they could use it, or get in touch with the prisoner's support group if there is one. You can take this on as an individual too.

Write to a prisoner

Prison is isolating, so letting a prisoner know they are not forgotten helps break this down. Sometimes just a friendly card can boost their morale. Writing for the first time to a complete stranger can be awkward. A card with some well wishes, a bit about who you are and asking what you can do to help is often enough. Don't expect prisoners to write back. Sometimes the number of letters they can receive or write is restricted, or they just might not be very good at writing. To help, include a couple of stamps or, if writing abroad, International Reply Coupons (IRCs) that you can get from any post office. Write on clean paper and don't re-use envelopes. Remember to put a return address on the envelope. Ask what the prisoner can have sent to them, as this varies from prison to prison. Books and pamphlets usually have to be sent from a recognised distributor, bookshop or publisher (ask at a friendly bookshop). Tapes, videos, writing pads, zines, toiletries and postal orders are some of the things you might be able to send. Food just gets eaten by screws.

Remember that all letters are opened and looked through so don't write stuff that could endanger anyone - this doesn't mean you should be over paranoid and write one meaningless comment on the weather after the other. Be prepared to share a bit of your life to brighten up someone else's.

Protest letters

Petitioning Tony Blair asking him to stop being a capitalist bastard might well be futile, but writing letters to relevant places requesting something realistic such as an appeal, transfer, vegan food etc. on behalf of a prisoner can help improve their chances. Prisoners who seem to be 'in the public eye' do tend to be treated better.

Other support

There is so much more than can be done, it's up to you and your imagination and your contact with a prisoner. Things to think of trying include; getting publicity for the case, visits, financial support or pickets of prisons.

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