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An article from Do or Die Issue 9. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 111.

Resisting the WTO

November 30th 1999

The mobilisation against the Third Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) which took place in Seattle in November 1999 has been hailed across the globe as a victory. For four days tens of thousands brought chaos to the streets of Seattle, shutting down the Conference’s opening ceremony, defying the National Guard and braving the tear gas. Meanwhile people across the globe were taking co-ordinated action against a common enemy: the neoliberal economy.

Capitalism? No Thanks! We will burn your fucking banks!

In this section:

November 30th, 1999: A Global Day of Action, Resistance, and Carnival (p. 112)
The original proposal for the Global Day of Action.
Interview (p. 114)
Interview with a woman who has been involved in Earth First! (EF!) in the States over the past few years and was involved in the mobilisation against the WTO last year.
Black Bloc Communiqué (p. 125)
An extract from a communiqué published by one section of the black bloc in Seattle on November 30th.
This Is What Anarchy Looks Like (!?) (p. 126)
Reflections On Mass Protest In Amerika.
Countdown to the Battle of Seattle (p. 129)
An Incomplete Chronology.
Vampire Alert! (p. 134)
The Revolution will not be Bolshevised.
Resources and Further Reading (p. 136)
A listing of various magazines, books, websites, and videos covering the Seattle protests.

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