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Haudenosaunee Message to Western World -Akwesasne Notes
Our essential message to the world is a basic call to consciousness. The destruction of the Native cultures and people is the same process which has destroyed and is destroying life on this planet. The technologies and social systems which have destroyed the animal and the plant life are also destroying the Native people. And the process is Western Civilization....

The Battle of Gothenburg - by Amos Keppler
As the unrest is temporarily, evidently subsiding in Gothenburg, the site of the recent EU-summit and the most recent celebration of capitalism, tyranny and destruction, one is once again struck by how easily most people are fooled.

The Man Who Planted Trees - by Jean Giono
Corporate scumbags are trying to stop this important work from being freely available on the web. This story, of a man who devoted his life to planting trees, must have inspired many thousands of guerilla tree planters around the world.

Long Distance, Short Life: Why Big Business Favours Recycling - by Simon Fairlie
Recycling is a solution industry can live with, since it favours centralized production and long distance distribution; reuse, on the other hand, gives an advantage to independent, locally-based producers - an advantage that corporate business stigmatizes as a “trade barrier”

Realities of Going Primitive - by Brent Ladd
"I want to be as encouraging as I can be to those of you seeking this way of life. However, I am also going to tell it straight up, just like it is." "What is it like to live primitive, the difficulties, the compromises, the progressions and rewards? I will finish by relating what I feel to be the two most important aspects of living primitive. They are not found in any wilderness skills book, but can determine one's success at living in the wild."

The Personal Carbon Dioxide Quota
--the maximum quantity of CO2 each of us may emit into the atmosphere every year without causing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere to rise above its present level. The quota is measured in dAubs. With this you can work out your personal carbon contribution to climate change.

No-one Ever is to Blame
Green People's reaction to the above Quota sheet was very surprising for the author, and has a lesson for all of us.

Sheet Mulching for Home Gardens
Sheet mulching saves a great deal of labour and water, whilst redirecting your waste from the landfill site. It also makes for healthy soil and disease-resistant plans. It suppresses all weeds and generally makes life easier.

A Lesson in Earth Civics - By Chellis Glendinning.
Cultures, past and present, that maintain beliefs and practices based on a respectful relationship with the natural world share more than a set of common cosmological qualities; they share a set of common social practices. What occurs when human beings live in intimacy with the Earth? The kind of society we formulate is likely to be participatory, democratic, egalitarian, leisurely, ecological, and sustainable.

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