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Dead Trees Publishing aims to produce background information for people doing direct action. The titles are presented in the order in which they were added to the archive, page one being the earliest. If you have loads of money, please help us out, we'd like to be able to distribute paper texts. Thanks to eco-action.org for the hosting.

"20 Years on the Move" - By MOVE.
In May 1985 the Philidelphia Bomb Disposal Unit dropped a bomb from a helicopter onto a commune run by revolutionary ecologists MOVE, killing eleven people and burning down sixty surrounding houses. Before dropping the bomb they shouted, "Attention MOVE, This is America!"

"Remain a parasite OR become an Earth Warrior" - By Paul Watson .
Paul Watson founder of Sea Shepherd, the infamous whaler ramming, trawler sinking, driftnet sabbing er.... explains the politics of extinction!

We All Live In Bhopal - "The cinders of the funeral pyres at Bhopal are still warm and the mass graves still fresh, but the media prostitutes of the corporations have already begun their homilies in defence of industrialism and its uncounted horrors." - A look at the Bhopal 'accident' and some of its wider implications for all of us.

A Winnowing For Tomorrow`s World. - What happens to evolution after the great dying? Norman Myers, one of the first ecologists to call western attention to the tide of extinctions occuring in the tropics, examines the road from nowhere.

Away With All Cars! - "A sincere and zealous protestation against the over-abundance of motorised carriages together with some suggestions towards the elimination of this disgorge in the form of an open letter to all motorists." - A positive view of a viable future transport strategy, rather than the usual idiot pleas for more dirty diesel buses or nuclear (ie. electric) powered cars, or millions of acres of genetically engineered, chemical sodden biodiesel crops.

The Simplicity - "Civilised agriculture is a war with the spirit of life and war with the cosmos." A short piece on the folly of modern agriculture.

Future Primitive. - In this essay John Zerzan takes recent anthroplogical and archaeological revisionism to an ultimate conclusion. "Life before domestication/agriculture was in fact largely one of leisure, intimacy with nature, sensual wisom, sexual equality and health." Does civilsation (literally meaning - the culture of cities) represent only the recent, yet near total, degradation of human life? (60k- in 2 parts )

Industrial Domestication: - Industry As The Origins Of Modern Domination.

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