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Bilston Glen Anti Bypass Camp - Edinburgh
August 2003 update


Greetings from us all in the Glen!

We're all well and having another site - party on the 5th,
6th and 7th of September with again lots of great music ?
Also we want help with some projects on site. On the Saturday
we have a meeting concerning us. The more people go the more
it will show them. It will be a laugh! We will also gladly hold
workshops in climbing, building etc. and would welcome any other
workshops, spare tat and material, canvas etc. anyone can find
or think of doing.

We're also having a working open building weekend on the 26th,
27th and 28th of September, which will get us set for any
possible autumn or winter eviction threats. So come on up
tae bo0nny Scotland and meet us all. We have loads of room,
great skips and materials all around and a great welcome for all.
Hope to meet a load of you soon at one of our events. Take care,
stay active and prosper! with love and respect from all at camp
see ya soon

Spring 03 UPDATE

After a cold & snowy winter Bilston Wood is coming to
life again. The trees are starting to bud, snowdrops
are sprouting all around and the crawly things seem to
be awakening.

Having just had a massive spring clean of our
surroundings, site and paths we've now erected a
large kitchen/ free café with an infoshop attached.
Our stage is built, and after an initial performance
by the "Beltane Drummers" from Edinburgh we now hope
to host more local bands and musicians. There are
many new treehouses in progress and our walkway
system is ever extending...

We would welcome vistors to come for short/long/
permanent stays (warm dry friendly communal space
is always available), or even just to pop by for a
cup of tea and a read. Our wishlist is too long to
print but mainly at the moment we need 10mm polyprop
(please call us as we have a supplier who can send
this to us direct as & when funds become available),
all and any inner tubes (these are desperately required!
- many thanks to "Freewhiling Cycles" in Penicuick!)
and all forms of "defensive" materials. We would also
welcome any literature that may be suitable for our
expanding info-shop/free café... any & all anarchist
press (worldwide), earth first! essays, campaign/
protest flyers &c &c...

For more information &/or directions please call the
site mobile : 07986 632429

Postal Address -
Bilston Glen Anti Bypass Protest Site
c/o The Autonomous Center
17 West Montgomery Place

By Bus/Car -

Take the A701 (number 37/37a) Towards Penicuik & you'll
come to the village of Bilston (8 miles south of
Edinburgh). Just as you come into the village there is
a metal gated footpath (opposite the large VW garage),
go through this & down the path till you come to the
bridge, & youll see us :)

Don't be afeard of us crusties.. a warm welcome awaits!!

Update, Fri, 6 Dec 2002

bilston glen is a wood that was due to be felled to
make way for a new road nr edinboro. A few months ago
a small number of us occupied the site with treehouses
tunnels etc.The road is funded by local multinationals
in the economic growth of edinboro (sainsbiry ikea
costco kwicksave and vivisection and gm giants PPL
therapeutics) we need support always in direct action.
we need

people polyprop rope climbing equipment cement tarps
and candles.

we have communal sleeping spaces and many ongoing
projects for people to get involved with either on
site or from afar. any benefit gigs propositions and
ideas would be good. wehave an acoustic music poetry
and story telling session at site every saturday email
me or ring 07986632429

hope you can help us out cheers


BILSTON GLEN ANTI-BYPASS CAMP, near Edinburgh, Scotland -

BIOTECH (famous for cloning sheep) has started the 1st
private road construction in the U.K., a bypass to the
A701, 8 miles south of Edinburgh, at Bilston.
The local woodland is in the way & will be chopped down

Senseless destruction of our natural heritage for the sake
of profit maximation.

In june 2002 a camp was set up to make a visible & radical
point that we oppose the plans of Biotech and the council.
More people are urgently needed to survive that harsh, wet
& stormy autumn(?...) and winter season.
Just drop in for a weekend, some days, some weeks.
Committed people to stay over the winter would be great.

Postal Address:
Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5HA

and one can get more infos about the A701 Bypass plans at
www.spokes.org.uk/naag, that´s the No Aligment Action
Group, a local group which is opposing this road
construction aswell, and we have good contacts to them...

by car - take the A701 towards Pennicuik & you´ll get to
Bilston. Search for a metal gate on your left (opposite VW
garage), go through & follow the path
by bus - take the 37A from E´burgh towards Pennicuik, get
off at the 1st bus stop in Bilston

Wishlist: tarpaulins, ropes - for climbing &lashing,
blankets&duvets, torches/candles/lanterns, old tools,
winter clothing, D Locks(etc.), building material, dog
food, eviction stash foods, music (tapes, cds, people with
instruments) - well anything else you can think of...
thanx from us all!
site-phone: 0798 6632429 , for more infomaterial e-mail

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