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Ecological Direct Action - Places to go

It's always been the purpose of these pages to provide info for people to get involved in action, to make contacts in the real world with people of a like mind and thus release the energy they have in positive ways that will ultimately bring down this imposed system we live in so we can build our own futures. All over the world people are getting together and defying the growing culture of control that is trying to take over our lives and freedom.

It isn't always easy to find people near you though. Then you have three choices: Keep trying, give up, or go somewhere else. This section is for the third option. Here we will list (and try to keep up to date) currently active campaigns which want people to come and join in. Events and other things like one-off days of action can be found out about via the contacts pages; what's listed here you could travel a long way for.

Remember nothing on the web is very reliable. Always contact someone by phone or email, or snail mail before traveling. A slightly fancier page might follow, but the important thing is to get the info up here.

Action Camps, Treesits, Villages

Gatherings, meetings etc

Squat Centers

The Infoshops Network has been set up as a resource by - and for - autonomous centres, infoshops, free cafes, reading rooms, etc. These pages are gradually being put together as a start to a central database of information - contacts, news, views, ideas, skills, publications, and other useful resources.

Join the Infoshops mailing list. email majordomo@tao.ca with the words "subscribe infoshops" in the body of the message (don't put quotation marks though!) The list exists to share experience and knowledge between existing infoshops, squat cafes etc, and to be a contact point for people looking for one to join in with. Traffic can be very low, so don't be afraid to ask. If you know a squat center or infoshop (not all are squatted) then please join the list and tell everyone about them.

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