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Come to Itoiz in August

Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 09:51:02 +0100 (BST)
From: STOP ITOIZ stopitoiz@yahoo.co.uk
There is a website at www.infoladen-danaben.demost of the material there is in german, but there some english bits and pieces, and also interesting images. There should be an english website soon.


Mountain Trek to Villages Threatened by the Reservoir.

As we already stated in the last newsletter, the international protest camp that we celebrate every year will, this year be transformed into a 4 day trek (28,29,30,31 August) which will pass some of the villages threatened by the reservoir.

Support vehicle; throughout the trek there will be a van to transport backpacks etc.food will also be availablethrough the purchase of tokens.

Activities; Although it is still not specified, there will be Informative, festive, and protestive activities. Forthcoming newsletters will include any further information.

Equipment; Everyone should bring the necessary equipment for camping in the mountains, e.g. tent, sleeping bag, bed mat etc .

This summer we await you in Itoitz.



Information on The Fight Against The Itoitz Reservoir And Dam Project

JUNE 2002

The ‘Audiencia Nacional’ (Provincial High Court) Gives the Green Light to the Filling of The Reservoir of Itoitz.

After seven years of repeated court hearings in the ‘audiencia nacional’ and supreme tribunal which prevented the filling of the reservoir for it’s obvious ilegality(that it would flood the protected areas of 3 nature reserves) the ‘audiencia nacional’ declared a new hearing in which it approved the filling of the reservoir.

In their shameful argument it declares as positive the modification of protected areas in the nature reserves which were carried out by the Navarran government to avoid the ilegality of the reservoir project.

In this way, being that which we feared they have converted what they declared as ilegal in legal. With this declaration it demonstrates the total submission of judicial power against that of the ‘Economic-politics’ of the spanish state, setting a dangerous precedent against future protests in defence of the land and environment.

S.O.S. Red Alert Itoiz

The aforementioned declaration in the ‘Audiencia nacional’ will speed up the destructive plans of the institutions with the filling trials scheduled for spring 2003, it looks like they want to bring it forward to Autumn of this year.

This will mean the imminent eviction of villages in the flood areas and the mass felling of nearly one million trees .

These trials will take some 3 years and with them the institutions will put the reservoir banks to the test. The stability of the banks has been seriously doubted by different independent engineers and

geologists.According to them in the event of the reservoir being filled there is a grave risk that it could produce a catastrophe of incalculable consequences.

Meanwhile the ‘Canal de Navarra’ (canal of navarra) which begins at the Itoitz dam is also under construction, causing more ecological destruction in it’s wake, that is not all, the project of a new road between ‘Nagore’ and ‘Oroz-Betelu’ (the old road being flooded if the reservoir is filled) has also been approved, this new road will result in the destruction of a large part of the ‘Iñarbe’ nature reserve.

Iñaki: One Year in Prison.

Our colleague Iñaki Garcia Koch has now completed one year in prison, after being arrested in June last year.During this time he has been unjustly held under the special F.I.E.S catagory of prisoner, this being the catagory applied to prisoners who are supposedly linked to armed groups.Recently he has been re-classified as a normal catagory prisoner due to applications from his lawyer.

If you wish to offer your solidarity to Iñaki you can write to him at this address;

Iñaki Garcia Koch,

Carcel de Iruña,

C/San Roque s/n, 31011 Iruña,

Euskal Herria (Spanish State)

Solidari@S Con Itoitz

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Subject: Come to Itoiz this summer - plus latest news
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 23:45:11 +0100 (BST)
From: STOP ITOIZstopitoiz@yahoo.co.uk


28th August- 1st September;
The international protest camp will this year be
transformed into a hike in the mountains, valleys and
by the rivers of the Itoiz area, spending the nights
in villages, and with their inhabitants, it will visit
the dam site with the combination of Party and Protest
of previous years, but this time on the move. We will
keep you informed in later correspondence with details
on the hike: Itinery, activities, conditions,
infrastructure etc. Put it in your diaries

OF ITOIZ (Oct 2001-Apr2002)

After the international protest camp organised by our
collective, which constituted a real success in it's
participation, these are the latest reports in
relation to this project: -Actions which took place on
Oct 31 and Nov 1 for the release of Iñaki Garcia Koch
and a halt to the dam project.

As you know Iñaki Garcia Koch is one of the 8 members
of our collective who cut concrete supply cables at
the dam works, was arrested in a routine police
control in June last year. He is currently serving a 4
year 10 month sentence in the prison of
Iruña/Pamplona. To demand his release and a halt to
the dam project various actions of protest took place
in different parts of the Basque Country and the
Spanish state.

In the 4 provincial capitals of the Basque Country:
Iruña (4 arrests) , Bilbo, Gasteiz, and Donostia
various people chained themselves to the interior of
different public # In the Spanish state there were
numerous actions of protest in Granada (one protester
was detained and accused of being a terrorist
sympathiser) , Castellon (protest heavily suppressed
by police) , Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona, Leganes, and
Badalona. In all these actions other hydrological
projects and the entire "Plan Hidrologico Nacional"
were also denounced. On these dates the action of
simultaneously sending faxes to the director of the
Itoiz dam project also took place and signatures are
still being collected for a manifesto supporting the
release of Iñaki. If you wish to express your
solidarity and support to Iñaki you can write to him
in prison in Iruña at the following address: Iñaki
Garcia Koch, Carcel de Iruña, C/San Roque s/n, 31011
Iruñea Basque Country.

-Action of Solidarios with Itoiz at the stone laying
ceremony of the canal of Navarra.

3 members of our collective disrupted the official
stone laying ceremony to inaugurate the building of
the "Canal de Navarra " when they arrived naked and
interrupted the actual stone laying. Despite the very
high security the 3 managed to arrive cross-country to
within meters of the Spanish Environment Minister and
the president of Navarra. They were arrested and later

This 177Km canal beginning at Itoiz, with an estimated
cost of 625 million Euros is in theory for the
irrigation of 53,000 hectares in lands in the south of
Navarra (La Ribera). We say in theory because, we
believe that in practise the canal in it's entirety
will never actually be completed, that the true
objective of the construction of the Itoiz reservoir
and other reservoir projects in the Ebro valley
(Cuenca del Ebro) is the immense program of waterways
designed in the "Plan Hidrologico Nacional" to carry
huge quantities of water to Catalonia and the
Mediteranian coast. Favouring the interests of
industry, development, tourism and intensive farming.

This canal will be nothing more than another
ecological and economical fiasco within the
senselessness of everything relating to the project of
Itoiz. -Demonstration of over 300,000 people in
Barcelona to demand the scrapping of the National
hydrological plan (Plan hidrologico Nacional).

On the day before the summit of European leaders in
Barcelona there was one of the largest demonstrations
against this insane project, which will result in the
building of nearly 200 new reservoirs (in the country
with the highest number of reservoirs per square Km
per habitant in the world) with a vast network of
waterways. If it goes ahead it will result in the
ecological destruction of unexpected consequences
greatly worsening the environmental unbalances which
already exist.

This is a key moment for the execution of the plan,
now that the government of the European union have to
decide to economically support (more than 30%) this
barbaric plan or not. -

Delays of 1 year in commencing the filling of the
Itoiz reservoir.

Both the environment minister and the Navarran
government had announced the beginning of trial
filling of the reservoir for spring last year, but
something in their calculations was wrong. Not only
have they not filled it, but they have announced more
delays taking the date to the end of this present
year. The reason for these long delays is no other
than the fear of an incalculable catastrophe resulting
from the filling of the reservoir.

The 2 independent engineers of recognised prestige,
Arturo Rebollo and Antonio Casas, warned more than a
year ago of the geological instability of the area in
which the dam has been constructed. Predicting the
possibility of 7 different risks of a disaster if it
is filled, resulting in the death of thousands of
people living near the waters not only below but above
the dam. As if this is not enough, there are also
serious doubts to the resistance of the foundations of
the Asco Nuclear plant (situated on the banks of the
river Ebro) to flood waters in the event of the dam

Up till now the authorities have ignored the engineers
report, even ridiculed it. The Emergency Program
approved by the Spanish government is based
principally on the report. The said program
contemplates the possibility of catastrophes similar
to those described by A. Rebollo and A. Casas, putting
in danger the lives of 66,000 people in Navarra and
tens of thousands in Aragon including the residents of
Zaragoza, not counting the millions of people who
could be affected by the consequences of the dams
possible overflow on the Asco nuclear plant.

This emergency plan doesn't even include measures for
the evacuation of the people (in many cases
impossible) it is limited to warning the population
with the use of sirens! -13th April 2002
Demonstration in Iruña/Pamplona: "NO TO THE FILLING OF

Some 3000 people were present on the march from the
centre of Pamplona to the prison where Inaki Garcia
Koch has been imprisoned for the last 9 months. The
march was colourful and noisy with sirens which
ridiculed those of the emergency plan which the
Spanish Government plans to install to warn the
population in the event of an accident at the dam.
When the march arrived outside the prison(where Inaki
could hear) one of the solidarios who has a warrant
out for his arrest, read an end of demonsration
announcement. He then slipped away due to the large
police presence. In the announcement Solidarios con
Itoiz stated the necessity to keep up the fight
against the building project and the filling of the
reservoir, which is planned for next winter. A speech
written by Iñaki from the prison was also read out.
Until next time, an embrace of solidarity, SOLIDARI@S CON ITOIZ