Ways to Support the People of Black Mesa

At the request of Elders and families of Black Mesa, support is requested to herd sheep, haul water, chop wood, act as human rights observers, for Elder care and various work projects.

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Black Mesa has suffered human rights abuses and ecological devastation; the water supply on Black Mesa is shrinking; thousands of archeological sites have been destroyed; and, unbeknownst to most Americans, close to 14,000 Navajos, or Dineh, have been removed from their homes. As sacred lands like Black Mesa and indigenous cultures everywhere are being sacrificed to feed the growing demand for energy and other consumptive lifestyle choices, it is our responsibility to act on these injustices. This deliberate program of organized genocide MUST STOP!!

"We must not let artificial concepts of reservation boundaries and the rhetoric of corporate and governmental terrorism sway from us our inherent stewardship of our Awidelin Tsitda, Mother Earth." (quote taken from The Shiwi Messenger by Cal Seciwa, Zuni Tribal Member.)

There are several ways that you can actively support the struggle at Black Mesa.

Stay With a Family on Black Mesa

DIRECT, ON-LAND SUPPORT (long or short term): BMIS has a growing list of families requesting for support to come live with them for a month or longer to help out with daily chores. Especially during the cold winter months there is much wood-chopping and gathering to be done, and during lambing season help is also much appreciated. A one month minimum stay is preferred, for longer as long term support but no one is turned away. If staying a month or longer is not possible for you, consider organizing a work crew to help build/repair corrals and homes, repair roads, massage Elders, and various other projects needing attention. Please make arrangements with BMIS prior!

As for long-term support, staying a month or longer to get the routine down works out best for families. Families may need you to herd sheep, run errands, haul water, chop wood, help with repair work. Many Elders are very appreciative of massage. Once you are staying with a family they will let you know what is needed. In no way do we as supporters ever want to impose our ways on one another, no matter how small an action you think it is. Come to Black Mesa with the intention to take direction from the Elders and residents- we are there to support. If Elders' children or grandchildren are there, it is important that support do not take over roles that are good for family to be doing. Some Elders live alone and are in need of help with daily chores and other projects. BMIS requires supporters to read the cultural sensitivity / supporter packet online via the link or or by writing BMIS - P.O. Box 23501, Flagstaff, Arizona 86002

If you cannot commit to long-term support then organize or be part of a work crew on a run to The Land for a few days. If you can, bring some tools for chopping wood, repairing sheds, shelters, cars, and roads. Please be sure to contact BMIS and arrangements can be made for somebody to act as a guide for getting around those back-country roads to home sites. Come prepared to help with gas money, bring your own food and plenty of water (enough for the duration of the trip is required).

Support the need for a truly sustainable economy.

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Black Mesa Indigenous Support is a group of individuals acting to support the sovereignty of the indigenous people affected by mining activities on Black Mesa, who face forced relocation, environmental devastation, and cultural extinction at the hands of multi-national corporations, and United States and Tribal Governments.
P.O. Box 23501,
Arizona 86002
Message Voice Mail: 928.773.8086
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