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I am a woman of strength and courage and wisdom.
I stand on my own NOT a failure or victim.
The system corrupts and blinds the citizen.
I rise up and discover the higher nutrition
of solitude and love and respect for the earth.
Our sustenance, our life, our mother of birth.

My name is River Nola and for months I lived at Fall Creek, 207 feet up an old growth Douglas Fir named Fanghorn who is about 600 years old.

We are here protecting these precious trees and land so it won't be destroyed by your excess and greed. We are directly acting on our beliefs and what we know is right. We are practicing both community and anarchy.

By getting in people's faces and awakening them to the sad reality of what's going on, we also awaken choices for them to make. Do you want to be a slave to the machine for the rest of your life? Or do you want to live freely, in the moment, going at your pace, working for yourself , and not having your life rotate around dollar signs?

It is about living for yourself, and knowing that everything, around you intertwines and connects somehow. It's about getting back to the earth, being primitive, and being with your natural surroundings. It's about being grounded and solidifying meaningful relations.

Its about turning off your televisions and looking and thinking for yourselves. It's realizing that what we've been fed for centuries are nothing but lies. Civilization and technology are raping this world, not improving it.

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