Gorleben nuclear waste transport
Monday, 3.3.97

photo of cops

Evening thoughts...

The 2 tons concrete blocks are probably removed from the rails near Hitzacker now, and so the Castor nuclear waste transport could arrive 6 hours late at the loading crane... where 1000s of protestors are still standing and already waiting for it.

The southern route is not able to carry the transport anymore (because of the underminings ,etc. in Splietau), we´re still working on the northern route... ;-) But it is occupied by police (every few metres a van) and up to six helicopters with searchlights are buzzing through the clear evening sky.

The camps in Grippel, the women-lesbian- and the IDAS-motorbikers camp and the camp in Putrip are only accessible by feet, the digging work continues without disturbing in Splitau.

All in all there are 30.000 cops working in this operation, that means about 12% of all cops in the FRG !!! Despite that - or maybe because of it - the whole area of Lüchow-Dannenberg is upset. I think the estimate of 10.000 protesters are too low anyway ;-)

In Hamburg 2500 people protested against the transport this evening, most of them want to come here afterwards !!!

The federal working group of critical police officers are handing out flyers to the police. Text: You don´t have to take part in this ! You are in operation, we help you. (...) It´s said that almost 100 cops refused their duty - Will be continued !

[The train didn´t reach the crane in the evening, 2 people put their arms either in lock-ons or in tubes filled with fast-concrete (!) and stopped the train for some hours... Police had to cut the rails to get them out]

- All in all 82 arrests today.

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