Gorleben - Saturday: Nuclear waste convoy resistance

Up-to-date News from the area Luechow - Dannenberg

10.45am  - Eviction

The police prepares to evict the occupied gym in Hitzacker - it is occupied by children together with some teachers to prevent police from staying there. Some gyms were seized by police for accomodation on Tuesday and then got occupied by pupils,... on Wednesday.

The road is blocked there.

11.25am  - Police left Hitzacker, the road-crossing is clear again.

11.40am  - Police want to evict

Police is on the way to evict the gym of the primary school Luechow.

12.30  - More than 15.000 in Lueneburg!

At the rally Lueneburg there are already more than 10.000 people on the way from the rail station to the point where they will meet the other groups/rallies, to express their views against the Castors and nuclear power.

- The open letter of the energy-business must have failed...

During the rally in a park which was too small for the 20.000 people (number by the organizers). The „prelude-rally" was more like a festival, in several speeches the connections between state, industry and politics were shown. "The nuclear industry is not just a special part grown out of the social system, the Castor is not an error in the system, the system is the error."

All speakers made clear that it´s not just about stopping the Castors getting to Gorleben, but about backing out of nuclear technology. Talking about a final disposal will take place when all nuclear power stations are turned off!

13.55  - At 14.30 the occupied gym in Hitzacker shall be evicted.

16.20 Gym in Hitzacker evicted

In Hitzacker the eviction of the big gym take place after hours of preparation by the police. The small gym shall also be evicted soon.

19.00 The convoy from Lueneburg has reached the camp in Quickborn, no problems on the way...

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