Gorleben - Sunday: protesters blockade railway and road

Up-to-date News from the area Luechow - Dannenberg

11.55  - Police surrounded activists in Hitzacker at a railway-walk

At a walk on the rails in Hitzacker 30-50 People were surrounded by police; some hundred police are on the way there.

Despite the fact that the prohibition of demonstrations starts on monday, 16 people were arrested and brought to the policebarracks in Neu Tramm.

Near Hitzacker about 50 people walked on the rails just watched and acconmanied by the police.

550 tractors at the „Stunkparade"!!!

The tractors were acconmanied by 5000 people. On the way of the transport-route the road was undermined in parts.

16.45 Rally to the loading-crane

After the „Stunkparade" hundreds of protesters move towards the loading-crane in Dannenberg. The police gathered to several hundreds to stop the demonstration.

Obviously some protesters are surrounded by them. Arrests and baton-operations are not known yet.


ca. 17.30  - Tractor blockade in Splietau

In Splietau the southern route is blockaded by about 80 tractors at the moment. The blockade shall be held till tomorrow. Police moved tanks for eviction in the area, but they are still on the way. The tractors are locked into each other and the keys taken away...

Evening : 18 arrests - that doesn´t say much

18 people arrested, 17 free again up to now. No one can tell exactly how many people are still here.

But it´s a lot of them ! The whole area stands crosswise, everywhere are people and machines (cars, tractors, bikes). The "normal" life tomorrow will not be the same normality as we´re used to it in this country. The Wendland is occupied by police, but even they with their enormous violence are not superiour, maybe the will be able to push the resistance of the people who are here to beside but they will not break it.

No pasaran !

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