Gorleben - Tuesday: Many arrests, police violence escalates

Up-to-date News from the area Luechow - Dannenberg

1.00  - The Castors have reached Dannenberg, they shall be lifted on the articulated lorries during the day.

9.30  - Pudripp - Civil officer threatens woman with pistol.

A civil car of the police [means undercover] drove into a sit-down blockade of about 30 people so that a woman fell down with a chair. When other bystanding people demanded the driver to show his ID, he drew his pistol. The woman wants to make a complaint.

11.10  - The third Castor is on the semitrailer.

11.30  - 90 Police vehicles and a water cannon start of towards Quickborn, some minutes later another 100 cops and two more water cannons.

13.00  - In Bremen pupils try to occupy the city hall, but it doesn´t seem like they have a real chance. (Radio-news)


13.00  - In the forest in Langendorf about 200-300 people are surrounded by police. All in all about 800 people are somewhere in that area. The people are outside of the 50-metres-zone near the street (where demonstrations are prohibited) so the police action is illegal.

13.15  - Three prisoner-transporters 200 more cops are on the way to the people in Langendorf.

ca. 13.40 Police officially said that they will arrest all the people surrounded in Langendorf, and starts doing it.

14.00  - Sixth Castor on the semitrailer.

14.42  - An ambulance of ParaMedic, on the way to injured people in Kaltendorf is stopped and held back on the way

News from Hanau. This morning there was a rally with 400 pupils

15.20  - Poelitz - 200 protesters got evicted from a peaceful sit-down with police using batons


16.00  - Langendorf - still 100 people surrounded by police.

16.40  - Kacherien. The ambulance of ParaMedic is not only prevented from their work, but is officially ordered to leave !!!

17.25  - Report of the EA : 100 arrests up to now. At the peaceful sit-down in Poelitz 28 people were tied up and then left sitting on the street for 45 minutes, then taken to the barracks.

17.30  - In Hamburg 500 people protest against the Castor-Transport. Many of them are coming here afterwards

17.45  - Report of PARAMEDIC about the incidents in the afternoon: A doctor from Herford sits in the ambulance and watches a prisoner lieing on the ground. As he wanted to walk up to him he is pushed back with physical violence. Doctor and driver are pushed back to the ambulance with the police insulting them. The Police (Duisburg) threatens to arrest them.

In Langendorf after restricting her to get to an injured person, a doctor is threatened to get the ambulance seized if she would not leave. - No reasons given.

17.45  - It seems like it´s impossible to get across the northern route. Every few metres there is a police van filled with cops.

18.20  - Report of a journalist from the surrounded people in Quickborn. When he and other journalists arrived, the police made a photography-restriction. While the journalists had to wait in cars for the thorough inspection of their press/identity cards, they were filmed themselves by an documentation and evidence gathering unit. When they complained about the filming, the police (coming from Thueringen) told them that that is a police-action. Quotation: "Then we´re allowed to do everything.".

19.30  - Dannenberg/loading-crane - The sit down blockade in front of the crane is at the moment about 4000 - 5000 people strong. All the time more people join in. The leader of the police operation explained that police will start evicting people during the night. The reason they said: At night there are less children at the action.

The Campaign „Umweltschutz Lüchow- Dannenberg e.V." suspects that the police wants to evict at night to make it more difficult for the press. All the day police units kept jounalists of their work.

23.15  - Quickborn.Ca. 300 people try to get on the road of the northern route but they fail (no arrests). Simultaneously a convoy of tractors try to get on route but they also fail.

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