Wednesday, 5.3.97: eviction of the nuclear waste convoy blockade starts

Up-to-date News from the area Luechow - Dannenberg

01.00  - Dannenberg - eviction of the blockade starts.

02.00   - Dannenberg.

Eviction at the crane is in progress.

Now, at 2.30 they only managed to evict 40 metres. Police only carries away activists, they don´t use their water-cannons or batons, yet. Still some hundred metres to go... ;-)

Northern route undermined

Late last evening the message went out, that some citizens in Langendorf undermined the road, starting from their cellar.

04.00  - Forest between Quickborn and Dannenberg(Seybruch)

On the road through the forest (northern route) there are fights between protesters and police. Some helicopters ary flying in circles over there and make announcements. Police is shooten at with light-trail-munition (pyro).

04.00  - loading-crane

After another two hours the police only evicted a third of the blockade on the route in front of the loading-crane. But the activists don´t stay where they were carried to by the police, but sit down again at the end of the blockade.

05.00  - loading-crane/Dannenberg

Police now uses watercannons to make it wet and more difficult to stay on the street. Activists use large tarps for protection.


7.30  - loading-crane/Dannenberg

Police uses watercannons now with a harder jet directly shooting at the peaceful activists. At this point of time the police has already moved 150m. If they carry on at that speed they´ll need for the whole transport route (Dannenberg-Gorleben, 20 km) 33 days. - Have fun !

8.02  - loading crane, n-tv reports: 250 m cleared.

8.30  - loading-crane, NDR reports:half the blockade, 300 m, evicted.

9.20  - Quickborn

Massive use of water-cannons and batons against protesters. On the fields southern to the route tyres and straw is burning.

ca. 10.00  - loading crane

The whole peaceful blockade is cleared off by using batons and watercannons. More than hundred injured, more than 30 heavily (broken arms, jaw-bones, etc.) many injuries on vertebras (by watercannons).

A group of four activists climbed up trees during the night and are up on two walkway across the street. Police makes some very silly attempts to get them down, climbing on their roofs, using a ladder and a hydraulic platform (No climbing tat !). Activists nicked the rope of the officer who obviously didn´t feel very well, blaming himself with about 5000 people watching every step of him, shouting, laughing... (or singing something like: „Try minigolf instead!")

10.50  - near Langendorf

Near Langendorf police surrounded 60-70 people who made it on the street.

11.45  - loading crane/Dannenberg

Police is unable to evict the tree-climbers, and decides to just run the convoy through beneath them.

Semitrailers left the gates of the loading station.


Climbers abseiled down to get in the way of the convoy but now the police is able to reach them from their roofs. One activist abseiled on the semitrailer.

13.30  - Castors passes through Grippel.

13.40  - Grippel

Police beats up a medic (!). Blockade in Pölitz.

13.42  - a protester managed to jump on the semitrailer - for a moment.

13.45  - in Gorleben a "20 t" barrel is standing on the street.

13.50  - Zadrau. 6 transporthelicopters of the BGS are flying towards Gorleben

14.00  - Laase. People locked-on

15.11  - The transport has reached Gorleben

:-( The struggle carries on !!!

war is over - for now !

This happened somewhen between mid-day and afternoon:

A few helicopters landed on a field near Splietau, police jumped out, ran to the tractor blockade and destroyed about 40-60 tyres (each worth about 400 pounds), using knifes, etc... Then ran back to their helicopters followed by some really angry farmers, and took off. This police-action has been filmed by a TV-crew !!!

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