Some History of Ecological Direct Action


Our past is not behind us,
it is our very beginning

-David Ben Gurion, Call of the Spirit

Usually history is written by someone not directly involved in the events described; the original stories rarely survive. We make no attempt to organise the links here (and you thought it was cos i am lazy!). All articles are written by the people taking part in the story, from road protest camps to revolutions. His story is written by someone else. Our story is what we present here.
history is a lie agreed upon
June 18th, 1999: Stopping the city
"Lessons I learned"
"Dancing on the Ruins"
Reflections on June 18th
From people who were there

Jesmond Dene

The first ever tree protest camp was near Newcastle in the UK.

Gorleben 1997

10,000 protestors vs 30,000 cops in a fight against the nuclear industry.

Victory at Offham

In 1997 South Downs EF! unploughed the downs and set up camp.

The Long Struggle for Freedom

The story of the revolution on Bougainville, written by the freedom fighters.

Worthing Anarchist Teapot

The ongoing story of a sometimes squat cafe and a street infoshop.

Wor History

Stories of activism on Tyneside
-excellent site.

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