Wildlife protected from agriculture by protest camp

Frog off, farmer Harmer!

This campaign has been won now, the marsh will be protected.

Not content with trying to destroy one Special Site of Scientific Interest earlier this year (see SchNEWS 117) Farmer Harmer is at it again! This time he wants to plough up the Offham marshland SSSI to plant flax in order to take advantage of another mad Common Agricultural Policy scam.

Packed full of newts, frogs, dragonflies, water scorpions and kingfishers, the site backs onto the river Ouse outside Lewes. One local resident told SchNEWS "SSSI's represent the small pockets left of biodiversity in an otherwise ecological barren Britain."

Last Sunday (31 Aug) activists set up camp on his land and people are needed now. Come a take a restful break in a beautiful part of the South Downs - but bring sunblock. A continuous presence is needed, as the trustworthy farmer trashed a bender at the entrance to the field when no-one was looking.


Take the A275 out of Lewes (at the corner of the prison) towards Plumpton. Go to Offham village, park opposite the church behind the Old PostHouse. Take the path into woods for 5 minutes and camp is in a field over a gate on the left. Better still, take train to Lewes, walk through the town to the river Ouse on the western bank and walk north for 20 minutes. It's under the railway line where the pumping station lives.

Captionless photos.


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