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This website has not been updated for some years. This website has been left as it may still contain useful content.

infoshops network  e-mail list
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Subscribe to the List - send an e-mail lists@tao.ca with the words "subscribe infoshops" in the body of the message (don't put quotation marks though!)

The main purposes of the mail list are to:

  1. Enable networking, skill and information sharing between autonomous groups who run info-shops/cafes/etc
  2. Discuss how information can best be brought together and disseminated both on and off the internet
  3. Initiate creation of a central online information database
  4. Inspire others to create their own autonomous spaces
  5. Help people get away from their computers and into the real world by putting them in touch with real people near them who want to create actual communities
But feel free to discuss / suggest modifications to the above purposes in postings to the list!