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cleveland infoshop

hello. i'm part of a newly-formed, not-yet-named collective that will be starting a co-housing/infoshop project here in cleveland this fall of 2003. there's been talk of an infoshop in cleveland for a long time, but since there hasn't been one, we're all pretty new at this. needless to say, any help/advice/resources/encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

we're looking to do a regional tour of info-shops this summer to see what others are doing before we get started, so drop us a line if you'd be alright with a visit and giving us the low-down.

we're shopping for a good name too. we've got a few good ideas, but we could use some good suggestions there. if you can name our collective/infoshop/co-house, we'll send you something neat through the mail. no joke here.

that's about it at this point.
have he(A)rt! kero.

email: keroism@hotmail.com

Pewaukee, WI. contacts wanted

I am not sure I'm directing this to the right person/persons but am curious about how I can meet up with like minded people in my area. I live in Pewaukee, WI and want to take a more active role in at least slowing down the rapid growth of strip malls, subdivisions, or preserving some green space, green corridors. Any info. would be appreciated.


Anarchist infoshop in Romania


we are a group of anarchist activists from Craiova, Romania and we will open an infoshop in short time. It is a space with two floors but we can only use the upper room and there gonna be library and infoshop and we will use it also for metings, workshop, video projections...The place is situated in the center of the town so it is gonna be very practical and we hope that the impact of our activities there will be very big.

So, what we need from you, if you can support our projects: issues, zines,books, video tapes, audios and everything printed on xerox with/for anarcho purposes. Also contacts, distros, individulas who can put our contacts visuable let everybody informed about our project, send stuff, everything you think it is important...

You can contact us at this adress- revolutionshop@hotmail.com and you can help us sending any kind of materials on this adress:
BL.T2 APT.21


Boulder Co-op Market Opens

The Boulder co-op market opened this month (Jan 2003) and offers support for Activist Organizations - provides a venue for organizational outreach, promotions, education, meetings, and organizing. The Commons, the Co-op's non-profit arm, sponsors twice weekly ecological and socio-political educational events, providing a gateway for first time activists to get involved. By actively building community, we at the Co-op help contribute to the kind of humane world activists work for, in addition to providing a base of support for activists and activist organizations.

Boulder Co-op Market. 1904 Pearl St. in Boulder, US.

Cornerstone Housing Co-op Raided by Pigs

Wed, 4 Dec 2002

At 8:45 on Thursday 28th November 2002 both houses which make up Cornerstone Housing Co-op (in Leeds, UK) were raided by the police. The raid was in connection with an action against the 'New Tribes Mission' (in solidarity with the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific) in Grimsby, Lincolnshire on 11 October 2002. The raid was carried out to secure evidence namely some computer hard disks that were reported stolen during the action.

After an hour or so of searching they decided to arrest everyone who had slept in the houses that night and anyone who came home during the search (13 people in all). We assume that this decision was made as the houses were a lot bigger than Lincolnshire police expected and most people have a lot of stuff in their rooms, so they wanted us out of the way.

The police took a wide variety of personal and communal effects. They seized 15 computers between the two houses. The computers at both houses were used by lots of people and groups. We've discussed what we think is on the computers and are not too worried about that, but we obviously don't know what other people who are not members of the co-op had saved on them. If you have used our computers in either house in the past then please be aware that the police now have copies of any work you have done. They also have our email address book and email archive.

All arrestees were released without being charged with "conspiracy to burgle" (for which we were arrested), but have been bailed to return to the police station on 6,7,8,9 January 2003. Everyone arrested had fingerprints and DNA taken (this was authorised by a superintendent as we were not charged).

We've had many offers of support and messages of solidarity over the past few days for which we are very grateful. We have been lent 4 computers so far, so those whose work relies heavily on them can continue to earn money, although they have taken part of a printing press owned by Footprint Workers Co-op, which is based in one of the houses.

We are no longer desperate for computers, but one more decent one for 2-3 months would be good.

We would like to express our solidarity with the other three places raided in the last ten days on unrelated pretexts, namely A-Spire (Leeds) last Saturday night, a friend in Manchester on Sunday and the Sumac Centre (Nottingham) on Friday.

From:"Cornerstone ukf"

Postscript:The computers have been given back - except for one which has been given to the Ministry of Defence. Also, another house was raided in mid-December, but so far noone has been arrested. There have also been raids. Brambles housing co-op in Sheffield was raided 16th Jan 2003, Neds co-op in Notts the day before. Everyone from Leeds has been re-bailed till March. All from A-spire squat have had the charges dropped and will sue.

Assistance For Our Resistance!

Dear comrade in struggle, A warm greetings to you all! I an JIM2 from Davao Anarchist Resistance Movement (D.A.R.M) in the philippines.We have here also some of the front line radical collective like the Earth First! Davao, Davao Anarcha Feminista Collective (D.A.F.C), Davao Anarcho Peace Punks (D.A.P.P), Animal Resistance Movement and local Food Not Bombs! Davao.

I hope you can grant our great favor,that kindly send us any reading materials like magazines,'zines, newspapers, newsletters, pamplets, leaflets, booklets, flyers and especially books or VHS tapes that deals about sabotage direct action or a libertarian perspective or any topic that you think will do for us, as long as it is available,so you may send it to my address below because we really need it here and because we are now very busy prepairing to open our very first INFO SHOP here in the davao city even in the whole philippines, in our squat house.

You may also check our website at: www.geocities.com/efdavao. (it's working now as of 19/1/03)

Hope you really understand our situation here in the third world.Thank's in advance to your inner support. That's all for now and I wish you all the best! see you in the field of global resistance. Let's continue our struggle towards the libertarian society.

In Solidarity!
No Compromise!
All Power To The People,

My Address At:

ACC-Philippines Network! Help US!

Greetings of Solidarity!

We are from ACC-Philippines Network, with different collectives on it around the Philippines. We are actively doing actions from FnB, protests actions and different kinds direct actions.

In an effort to sustain our activities/initiatives... we are planning to conduct a workshop that would involve all those collectives - it'll be a workshop that includes the basics of collectivism, practical anarchist techniques, to name a few. However our lack of resources due to the inavailability of materials hampers us to push through with these initiatives. For this reason that we would like to solicit any help you could extend to our Network here in the Philippines, we would like to ask if you could share us your spare materials, books, video/tapes documentations that you think might be useful for a third world country like us struggling to sustain our collectives here.

Thank you and we hope to hear positive response.
In solidarity,
ACC-Philippines Network.
mailing address: # 7 Dr. Tinio Subd. Guinayang San Mateo Rizal 1850, Philippines.

Greetings from the eco-3rdworld - we need your help and support!!!

Hello mates,

I'm eco-ist from davao city, philippines. i wrote this letter to those individuals/collectives all-over-the-world who really care to the 3rd world EF!er activists! the EF! davao is still looking for those who concern and willing to help and support our EF! collective here in davao city, philippines? to tell you prankly and honestly, the EF! davao is badly needed more materials/literatures and more awareness about veganism/vegetarianisms, canopy activities, squatting, radical ecology, about genetic engineering, how to make a vegan organic soap or any alternatives to procter & gamble, uniliver, novartis, GEsoyabeans etc... monkeyW! techniques, G-gardening, video's of radical activities, musics of native/tribal people, eco-patches, t-shirts or even good and new grapix of EF!, squatting, etc that can agit people coz we know how to make a tshirt (photographics & greenfilm-silk screens), anything that will be useful to our collective here in davao city, philippines.

Hoping that some of you is willing to support our activities and is in solidarity with us to our resistance for the existence of the people, animals, and our planet earth!!! pls. help the 3rd world counter-cultures/environmentalists to evolve and to know how to protect ourselves and our planet and how to survive without depending to technologies (like what im using ryt now), corporates, TNC & MNC. More on DIY ethics, smash the philippine cultures/traditions like (male dominated, homophobics, unequal rights, lots of scapegoatz, just to fullfil the greedness and to make profit)!!! so til here all of you my co-humans, fellow earthlings, & intelligence (i know who you are, GOD BLESS YOU!)..... :)

Hope to hear your response ASAP... hope you will understand our situation here in the philippines.

heres my address:
EARTH FIRST! DAVAO, c/o vernice vicente, 44-20 elenita heights, mintal, davao city, philippines 8000.

you can check our websites:

in advance- thank you!!!
in solidarity, eco-ist

Tele Plaisance Tolbiac

It's a public access TV : - anyone can propose a program or - send a PAL VHS videotape to this address : Tele Plaisance / 29, rue Plaisance / 75014 Paris

Tele Plaisance Tolbiac broadcast on Paris (France) from september 2002 to march 2003. It's an alternative and associative TV.

Everything is on the website : www.teleplaisance.org

The collaboration is open to any kind of human being from here or other there who desire to share
- experiments,
-- testimonies,
--- debates,
---- videos,
----- films,
------ reading,
------- concert,
-------- known or unknown universe,
--------- etc...

In a world of darkness, make public your light...

Radical Contact List Out Now

The 2003 Slingshot Organizer - a radical contact list - is now available. Its similar to past editions. See the website for more details: (www.tao.ca/~slingshot).

But beware of the entry from Ireland - The Workers Solidarity Movement pretends to be an anarchist group, but is in fact a very boring socialist group. You have been warned!

Budapest anarchist bookshop needs support

I was in Budapest last November, and visited the comrades there in the bookshop which they have and I've kept in touch with them since my return to England. This is how I got to hear about their problems. Apparently they are in arrears with the rent for their shop, which is fairly centrally located, and need to raise about 1600 euros if they are to stay. They reckon they can raise about 400Euros themselves. I have been able to raise about 85Euros in the UK so far, and hope to raise some more. All the details about the group, their bookshop and their e-mail addresses can be found on their website at http://www.geocities.com/subesipu/

The postal address is Goldolko Auntonom Antikvarium, Budapest 1066, O u40, Hungary.

Please make direct contact with the group if you think you can help Could you also circulate this information to other groups who may be interested in some practical mutual aid?

From: Martyn Everett


Radical Dairy Raided

12th April 2002

After days of varied police presence outside the Stoke Newington social centre, police arrived this morning on the pretense of looking for drugs. After searching everyone and coming up empty handed they went for what they were really after - the computer hard drives. The accompanying people from the electric board cut off the electric supply. Loads of neighbours came out in support of the social centre, as they have on previous police visits, and many have already offered help.

We have now put a sign up outside the dairy: "Thankyou for all of your support this morning. For those who don't already know, the police came to visit us again today. They have taken our computers and te electricity was cut off. However... WE WANT TO STAY! We will have an open meeting this evening at 6.30pm and all are welcome. We now need donations of gas lamps, tilly lamps, car batteries, gas bottle heaters etc, (oh yeah and solar panels and wind turbines would be great too!)"

The meeting will be followed by the usual Friday night acoustic caff! we hope that some of you can make it! It would also be great to get hold of someone to do a workshop for making coal burners out of gas bottles so that we can keep warm while and learn new skills. Please get in touch with support and ideas for ways to go from strength to strength with this wonderful place.

You can call the Radical Dairy on: 0207 249 6996.
or pop by 47 Kynaston Road, N16

Prisoner Letter-Writing Sessions

Inspired by Aspire (and others) the Radical Dairy Social Centre is to start Prisoner Letter Writing Sessions every Monday night - 8pm till late!
(If you know any prisoner that might want to be written to by the likes of us please send their details to allsorts@gn.apc.org and they will pass them on.)
If you can; bring paper, stamps, prisoner addresses, postcards etc, though not essential that everyone bring these.
Radical Dairy: 47 Kynaston Road, Stoke Neington, Hackney, N16
Tel: 020 7249 6996

I have thought for years that I would like to start writing to prisoners, but never got down to sorting it out and felt crap for not doing so. In truth the thought of writing to a stranger scared the hell out of me let alone being convinced that I wouldn't be able to think of anything to write that they would want to read, so the only prisoners I have ever written to were people I already knew really well and were only in for short periods of time.

One of my most lovely mates goes to prisoner writing nights and writes to them all the time so I thought I'd ask her some basic questions about how to get started and she replied with some really helpful stuff. So I have edited her response a little to get rid of some names and some personal stuff about me and others but I hope that it still helps inspire you to get writing and get over any fears that you might have that you may have.

Her response: okay prisoner stuff. i think it's best if you start off with postcards or making cards cos that's a kind ov creative thing to do and you dont have to write much. its worth knowing a bit about someone before you write: you can either check the earth lib prisoner website : http://www.spiritoffreedom.org.uk
the brighton ABC website or Earth Liberation Prisoners or: check the Earth First! action update.

i think the shac 3 are still doing time and they are all quite uplifting people to write to i tend to write more to english ones, cos its cheaper and you have more points ov reference. even better, if you write to those in your area you can visit. it's very important to prisoners. also, you can do noise demos and things at the prison and strike up a real friendship. so I would say go as local as possible. saying that, it might be you are particularly moved by someone's experience and want to write to them. all the MOVE prisoners for example have had a hell ov a time, and although that means writing to the states, that might be something to get a good relationship across continents. A friend writes to a guy in germany the last two years and wants to visit but has to learn german which she cant!! so there are problems with that too. also, you might want to write to a woman cos you feel a stronger bond, whatever you feel moves you. i try and remember its a relationship with that person, not an act ov charity.

i tend to write from a social centre [or other non-residential address] rather than home address at first, and i tend to use one ov my aliases unless i start visiting in which case you have to use a real name. that isnt to fool them, it just makes me feel safer, cos its true, you don't know who they are and prison can leave you vulnerable to weird emotional stuff. some prisoners develop crushes on who they write with, and vica versa when i first started i got a guy who wrote me a poem i found deeply offensive cos it was sexist. i wasnt sure what to do, so i wrote back explaining this, i dont think you have to be softly softly, just be yourself. just cos someone is inside doesnt mean they are naturally good or used to writing letters either!!!!

ask about which company uses prison labour, cos that;s useful for us on the outside too.... say you arent used to writing to prisoners, ask them if they think letters are important, ask them how prison is, say about the noise demo at holloway [that a few of us took part in a while ago] and about starting up prisoner writing nights at the dairy. ask if they think that's a good idea, tell them about when you had a curfew and how it made you feel, tell them you havent been to prison but you expected too....

usually, the first letters back are so warming and real you find yourself writing quite freely. i would exercise caution about being too personal at first, i never mention my lovelife to prisoners unless ive been writing for a long time. if they ask, you can just skip the question unless you want to tell them and it feels fine to do that.

i hope this is ov some use to you.
good luck and much love, bonnie ventura.xxxxxxxxx.

London social Centres network

The London social Centres network [SCN] is a monthly forum where people interested in setting up social centres or interested in helping out and also for already established Social Centres to get together and plan. The network is based on de-centralisation and autonomy and is there to serve as a tool for us to work collectively.

We formed in January 2002 to provide a support and communications network for the newly emmerging occupied and legal social centres, infoshops, Radical Bookshops and independent community centres. We have public monthly meetings made up of all the Social Centres [next meeting is on March 20th]. We currently have the following centres in our network: Radical Dairy, Emmaz, LARC, 56a infoshop, Carnivalistas. There is also another collective called the Red & Black club who are opening up a space in south London.

There aren't any formal memberships to be made to be included in the network, as long as the spaces are open, public, community focused and are run by anti-authoritarian/anti-capitalists they will be supported and there space will be publicised on the website when it is up. We also have two mailing lists: Discussion list: londonscn-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Events list/newsletter: londonscn-Events-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

If you would like to get involved in the network there is an unending list of things to do from helping clear out newly occupied buildings, web skills, distributing leaflets and also forming your own collective and open a social centre.
Contact us for date of next meeting.
Sebbon Street Community Centre
Sebbon Street
London N1
email: Londonscn@yahoo.co.uk

New Social Centre in Hackney

With free yoga classes, vegan food and anarchist youth meetings. Anarchist Youth Network is a newly formed network fighting against Capitalism, Sexism, Racism and Homophobia. Open to all.
email: younganarchos@hushmail.com
47 Kynaston Road, Stoke Newington, London N16

Anyone looking for a job doing radical youth- and infoshop-related work?

The Brycc House is a non-profit youth and community center in Louisville, KY. We have had a physical location for three years and have been incorporated longer than that. We grew out of the youth rights zine Brat (now defunct) and offer a space for shows, workshops, conferences, classes, etc. We also have a computer lab, a zine library, a garden space, and an internet radio station that may soon receive a LPFM license. In the past, we have hosted the Southern Girls Convention and the PAZ Conference, not to many festivals and hundreds of local events. We are collectively run by the youth and adults that use the center. These jobs serve to support the collectives, not dictate to them.

The two jobs are described on our web page at http://www.brycchouse.org. In particular, we're looking for people with collective organizing experience. Though it doesn't say on the web page, the pay for the coordinator job is $19,000 - $21,000/year with benefits. The part time facility maintenance job is $8/hour, 20/hours a week. Needless to say, both of these jobs would require that you relocate.

If you're interested, submit a resume by mail to Brycc House, 1055 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205, or email to brycc@brycchouse.org. If we ask you for an interview, we can't pay travel expenses but we can put you up in my house during your visit. You can email me with any questions.
Please forward this to anyone that might be interested.

Want to meet this fella in London?

I've just seen yur site about 'shops and shopping', and i remember a mate of mine telling me about what he used 2 do when he was younger (i'm 22, + he's not) and I wondered , like, how do u get into it?? I'm gonna meet a bloke in london on 29th Jan and hes running his own gaf (no shopping) and he's bin doing it 4 a while. He should be able to give me an insight, but the real know how is, like you say, held in this networking environment u'v got going. If you can put me in touch with someone who's willing to meet n greet, maybe in london over 29/30/31 Jan ( i know it's short notice, but, hey, thats just me), i'd be greatful.
Thanx 4 yur time,
email: euan clark oioverhere@hotmail.com

Polish Squat

The autonomus cultural center "FREE DOM" from Wroclaw (Poland) is facing troubles from the local government. The support is needed to keep the center, where a lot of cultural and social activities are going on.

The prehistory of "FREE DOM" ("dom" means in Polish "house") begins in the middle of 90', when the group of friends squatted a small house near the center of Wroclaw (called "REJON 69"). During 3,5 years the group form a small comunnity and organised many cultural "&" political events (like punk concerts and festivals, regular food not bombs, demonstrations). In 1999 we had to leave this building and we squatted the next building. Unfortunately it lasted only 2 weeks. Anyway we organised there "Eviction party" (concerts connected with spectacles and games for children), which showed the support of local (Jewish) community and made the "questions of squats" present in the media - first time on such a level.

Owing to the big campaign, in the september 2000 we got the building for the cultural activity from the local authorities. It was quite devastated and we've spent almost a year on repairs. We called it "FREE DOM".

The activites in the house began in the spring of 2001 with a new alternative library, space for the anarchist black cross, and cinema and concert rooms with acts like: Citizen Fish, Catharsis, Sin Dios, Tragedy, and many many others. There is now a info cafe, dark room, serography space, art gallery exibitions and every Sunday there is Food not Bombs which gives squatters a chance to give food and eat together with local homeless people and speak to the community people.

Many things we do is to have contact with the local people. It is a cultural "community" center after all with the purpose of taking care of the local issues. We plan to start a local newspaper to give out independent information as well as promote anti-capitalist ideas and alternatives to capitalism, and give more possiblities for community involvement. We've started activites with the city kids which have started to become part of the house. Together with their parents we held parties and childerens feasts with games and painting. Also in the plan is to begin an "after school" program where they can get help with homework and spend their time with some creative activites like juggling, theater, photography workshops etc.

The idea and function of the Cultural center is to be the place where people can come, and without money realise non profit projects, ideas, or just have a place to meet. This house is the only legal place like this in the city. But - we cooperate with the squatters groups from the city. Now there are 2 squats and one wagenburg in Wroclaw - we are in close contact with these groups, we've tried to give them support, when they had problems with police (eg. Kromera - one of the squats was evicted and reoccupied after 2 months, owing to a large campaign it exist until today). We cooperate also with other squats and autonomous groups from Poland - last November we've hosted persons from dozens of Polish autonomous groups on the congress.

Polish squatters used to have problems with police. There is not any good squatters laws, police is often agressive and works outside of law in the contacts with squatters. "Free Dom" as a legal center doesn't have such a troubles. But our activity is also not acceptable for many politics from the local government - eg. Food Not Bombs, contacts with children. Instead of police they use the fact that we are legal: we have to fullfill many rules, ordered by Fire Brigade, police, building inspectors. Many of theserules are absurd and we can't fullfill them because we don't have enough money to pay bribes (and we generally don't want to do it) and to make many reparations. We can't organise any cultural events, if we don't fullfill it and we can be kicked out from the building.

So - much support for us is needed - especially from abroad. When the local government see, that some groups and individuals from abroad support us, it will help us very much in negotations. They must feel that we are not alone!

You can send the letters with support (the best solution is to write few sentences in English and in your native language) to the following addresses:
doivon@um.wroc.pl - city goverment
sekret@um.wroc.pl - president of the city
architek@um.wroc.pl -building inspectors
Fire Inspection: Fax: +48 71 329 21 88
City Goverment (Wroclaw) Fax: +48 71 344 78 29

We need also money for the repairs, lawyer, architect, etc... so if you want to help us financially, please contact us.

Our address:
ul.Jagiellonczyka 10 d
50-240 Wroclaw, Poland

A brief guide to liberating buildings

Eclectic City have opened 3 squats (autonomous centres) in Newcastle [england] in one year. We did this for a variety of reasons and we were a diverse and rather fragmented group. However, these three squats (Eclectic City I, II, "&" III ) did raise a number of issues. Here's a quick guide...

HOW? - a group of likeminded friends who are prepared to put a bit of time in finding, securing and maintaining a building of your choice.

WHY? - increasing property speculation means that there is less and less building s in the city centre for affordable community use. Obviously some people are going to feel that its just a big party - so if you want it to be 'issue based' or political make sure you make this clear from the start.

WHEN? - nice to coincide with an event - ie days of action against a global summit; a local issue such as privatization, etc

WHERE? - take your pick!

WHO? - its up to you - the more the merrier....

GET SQUATTING! - people before profit every time....

Squatter's Handbook- a guide to practicalities of squatting, is available from the Advisory Service for Squatters, 2 St Paul's Road, London, N1 2QN. Tel: 020 7359 8814

Abused by the system

This doesn't deal directly with infoshops, but is a good firsthand account of just how shit the system is and hopefully will inspire people to work for it's destruction.

The story is at: www.abusedbythesystem.org.uk

Advice please

Any amount of advice would be helpful. i am a part of a newly formed collective to create a radical library/bookstore in cincinnati, oh. we are interested in any advice, tips, and correspondence with experienced infoshop collectives. any info will be appreciated.
thanks, aaron
email: autonospace@hotmail.com

Video nights in Ohio

Hi! Corner Books is a small infoshop in Yellow Springs, Ohio. We are very interested in learning from you all.

Just wanted to share one clear success that we have had - a weekly video viewing. We solicit videos (alternative news videos, PBS docs, SOA video, whatever we think is interesting) from wherever we can find them, send out news releases to our local paper, and show the videos in the shop. This has proved a great tool for free advertising - our local paper runs the news release since it is a local event. And we get our name in the paper every week. For free.

Good luck, Cincy Collective! (see contacts page)

Buttons, t-shirts, books and pamhlets

Check out the buttons (pins/badges), t-shirts and books and pamphlets i distribute. You can view it all at http://www.kersplebedeb.com or send me an email info@kersplebedeb.com with your snail mail address and i can send you a catalog.

Prague infoshop needs stuff!

In Prague there is a great infoshop. They've got tons of zines, newsletters, action guides in czech, but very little in other languages. If you publish a zine, newsletter, or any literatre of general interest and can afford to ship some off to the czech republic we'd greatly appriciate it.

Sorry i can't offer money.

thank you, "è" au!!

marty camberlango
Utopia, Wenzigova 21, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic

Jerusalem Infoshop Needs Advice

My name is Liat Taub. I am part of a group of people who would like to establish an infoshop in Jerusalem, Israel. We are facing several problems and I was wandering whether you can assist us with some advises, based on your experience in managing your infoshop:

1. In what way your infoshop is managed? Is it managed by collective management, do you have one manager who\'s responsible for running the shop, do you have some kind of mixed management method, or is your infoshop managed by other ways?

2. We have problems getting money for the infoshop. I was wondering whether you can advice us on how to get the initial funding for starting the infoshop (to buy equipment, repair the place etc.) and to get funding for running it.

I would appreciate any advice on those matters or any other ideas you have that you think can help us in establishing the infoshop. Thank you very much, Liat and the group.

e-mail: emma-infoshop@yahoogroups.com
or: liataub@yahoo.com

Squat Gardens in Berlin

I heard that in London people are squatting places to start neighbourhood gardens on them. here in Berlin we are planning similar actions and would like to contact the people in London. Do you have any clue?
thanks in advance,

email: Markus.Fugmann@gmx.net

Looking for Paris contacts

My name is Emily Romund. I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. I will be moving to Paris, France in about 2 weeks. (received 3/8/01)

My concern is that I will not be able to meet the wonderful sort of DIY-ethical people I have here quickly enough for my own satisfaction when I get there. Selfish, I know, but direct, DIY, start-at-home kind of action is so dear to my heart and such a part of who I am and hope to be that I feel I will need pals to help with my first month or so of culture shock.

However, I noticed on the site that there are no infoshop type things listed for Paris or even France...I know this site is incomplete, and that can't possibly mean there are no such things at all there, but--do you or anyone you know have any connections to fun, happy activist kids in Paris? I've been searching also for all-ages clubs, collectives, etc. to no avail. If you could put me in contact with somebuddy that would be so owchey.

I would even be into starting something when I get settled there...

Best Regards,
Emily Caroline Romund

email: tinybadger17@hotmail.com

Book Collective

I'm starting a book collective. I'm looking to emphasise intelligent left, progressive, and anarchist voices who aren't properly heard. So, we're looking for Black Brit writers of every colour including Romani, Dombari, Kurds, Afro-Caribbeans, Africans, Arabs (particularly Palestinians and Berbers), people from Indian descent who in India are wrongly named 'untouchables', transgendered people, mixed race people, disabled, etc.

At the present time we can only manage Anglophone works, and English translations of works, but our goal is to be able to manage the different currencies, then we can bring in French, Italian, Arabic and Spanish languages from the communites we've mentioned and more.

Also, I'm having a difficulty locating infoshops, anarchist bookshops, anti-racist/ antifascist groups and organisations in Italy, France, and the rest of Europe. Do you know any?

email: collorcoop@hotmail.com

OKasional Cafe Reopens

The Okay cafe is now open and busy, and should be around for a while. If you have any literature you would like put out on display (fliers, newsletters, etc.) to a wider public then you can send it direct to the OK Cafe, 61 Charles Street, Central Manchester.

email: OKasional-cafe@nematode.freeserve.co.uk

One day event in Florida

The Civic Media Center will be hosting a one day event on infoshops in Gainesville, Florida on May 19th 2001 (see contacts page for how to find the place).

Against Capital and State

You are invited to our conference! We're organizing a conference about autonomous community spaces (and similar projects) here in Louisville, KY for Labor Day weekend. The planning is by the Civic Media Center, Stone Soup Collective, International Books, and many others groups and individuals. It's called PAZ: Building Permanent Autonomous Zones, and it's going to be here at the Brycc House, a collectively-run community center. The conference spans the entire Labor Day weekend, with housing, food, and entertainment included in the admission ($15). Basically, we're looking for people involved in:
  • -- Autonomous Zones
  • -- Infoshops
  • -- Co-ops
  • -- Community gardens
  • -- Free/modern/community schools
  • -- Squats, ecovillages, collective housing
Along with:
  • -- Publishers (such as AK Press, zine publishers)
  • -- Festival/conference planners (such as the Southern Girls Convention)
  • -- Political organizations (like ARA, Food Not Bombs)
To talk about:
  • -- How to build these spaces and orgs
  • -- How to organize collectively
  • -- How to successfully delegate responsibility
  • -- Consensus vs. majority rule
  • -- How to get money for projects
  • -- Dealing with hostile neighbors
  • -- Dealing with government interference
etc. etc. etc.

As far as we know, this is the first conference of its kind. As people involved in PAZs here in L'ville, we are extremely interested in discussing organizational strategies to help our projects better live up to the world we're envisioning. We are in need of people like the ones on this list to sign up to run workshops so we can encourage the spread and growth of non-hierarchical, non-government, and non-corporate institutions. Please get in touch with me, Liz, ASAP if you're interested in attending, helping with, or learning more about this conference, or just send a message to this group. We hope to make this an annual gathering of PAZ organizers around the country that's informative and inspiring (and oh yeah -- fun.).

Liz Palmer, Brycce House (see contacts page)

New squat in Newcastle

Tyneside Squatters are at it again! This time in a brilliant social club in Newcastle city centre which is due to be turned into a lap- dancing bar. Women have opened up the squat today, at the same time as a hearing a magistrates in Newcastle regarding a licence for the proposed sexist bar. The results of the hearing aren't known yet, but the club will inevitably be delayed by the squatting.

So, WE have a wonderful social centre for the immediate future. So please come along to express your support for the squat and protest at the plans for another way of comodifying women's bodies. It's a really great building, so there is various events planned, but come along anyway during the day - something will be going on.

Programme of Events (all start are from 7pm)
Tue 24 April
Mushy Pea's Cafe and various DJ's
Wed 25 April
Film and food night
Thur 26 April
Open night - bright your ideas and muxical instruments
Fri 27 April
Eclectic Cabaret - bring your music, jokes, poems, acrobatics, etc.
Sat 28 April
May Day benefit night (to follow on from the Tyneside May Day march)
Sun 29 April
DJ's, Quiz and food. From 7pm.

Electic City II is in the former Manors Social Club, Carliol Square, Newcastle NE1 6UQ. Tel: 07833 646228
It's behind the job centre in central Newcastle, and near the police station.

Help needed at Atherden Centre

We seem to have a knack for seeming more together from the outside than we actually are and this often leads to people thinking that we couldn't possibly need any help. NOT TRUE. Yes Atherden is an amazing space with a lot more potential and lots more ideas for things to happen there, but we cannot stress enough that there are not enough people helping with the day to day running of the place, to keep it open and welcoming. So to keep it secure as well as being a pleasant place to be, WE NEED MORE PEOPLE to get involved.

If you live in the area and think that you can sign up to the rota which is set up in four hour shifts, then please give us a ring and/ or pop in soon.

A council closed nursery - re-opened as a community centre with a thriving community focus - is now under threat of eviction

The identity of Hackney is being challenged by the marginalisation of local populations through gentrification and outrageously incompetent council spending. One of the ways community groups have challenged this process is to reclaim neglected or un-occupied buildings and land for communal use.

The increasing dilapidation of Hackney in the face of the erection of enclosed, guarded private housing complexes highlights the many social and economic questions ignored by the government. In light if this, and in spite of it, local community activsts have addressed their own needs and those lacking in the local community, by forming a collective that opened a community space that functions as a comprehensive and autonomous social center, comprised of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

Atherden Community Centre is this example - fighting to provide an alternative and inject creativity and energy into a tired urban city-scape. The diverse collective which includes mothers, artists and activists, demonstrates a group on the front lines of alternative strategies for opening up the community zeitgeist. They liberate the imagination of the community by presenting an alternative space and invites them to be part of and even be the key to this process.

Atherden Community Center offers mother and toddler mornings, arts and craft space, a cafe, office space for campaign groups, samba and DJ rehearsals, a cyber-café made from recycled computers, gallery space, library and a wide selection of free weekly workshops offers tuition in anything from shiatsu to ceramics. It provides a huge space and opportunity for local people to get involved, and if given the support, will soon become an even stronger and more important community focus in Hackney.

It is also part of the focus in the fight against the failing Hackney council and hosted get-togethers where ideas and strategies could be discussed and exchanged between the various campaign groups and concerned locals, involved in the Hackney fight back campaign, including the Hackney Heckler bulletin.

Benefit parties are regularly held for various campaign groups, and these proved to be enormously popular, with DJs such as Megabitch and local comedians like Rob Newman and Jeremy Hardyleaving audiences laughing out loud at the audacity and inefficiency of Hackney council. The nights offered far more than your average party and incorporated performance, dance, circus, poetry and independent films and guest speakers, including indigenous people from as far as Colombia, sharing stories of their fights to retain land and autonomous spaces also under threat from developers.

These benefits prove an invaluable additional resource for keeping the building and campaign groups afloat - as well as providing the local community with affordable entertainment and a place to socialise and relax in their locality. Proof indeed that there is a great need for such a place.

Atherden Community Centre also provides a forum and venue for exploring new ways of community orgaisation, such as debates about decision-making models, and the rotation of roles. It facilitates a search for new values, criticise existing social models, fighting prejudice and stereotypes, creates space for original viewpoints and individual perspectives, and a chance to look at things differently. An autonomous social centre is a form of expression - of direct democracy in action not hypocritical distraction.

Lots of ripples will make a tidal wave. Make sure your part of that new wave, offering support, time and action for the assured continuance of this vital local space.

Contact Atherden center: 020 8525 0247 email: atherden@gmx.net Address: 15 Atherden Road E5, Off Lower Clapton Road

The Big May Hot Squat 2001

Are planning to squat a big site with disused buildings and open land for farming. Looking for handy people or good childcarers.
Contact MaySquat, c/o 2, St. Pauls Road, London N1 2QN
email: BigMaySquat@excite.com

Temporary Autonomous Art (London)

After a successful event in Farringdon in March, TAA is back. Look forward to a film night, art workshops, photography, sculpture, video, painting, and more on the 23rd, 24th, 25th May 2001. The Random Artists behind this project draw their inspiration from the squat rave scene and tekno culture. Contributions welcome. GET IN TOUCH !!
Arty line - 07050 614 804
Email - 1dimensional@another.com
Web - http://www.partyvibe.com/headfuk/taa/index.htm
Venue - tbc

Squat Demolished by Police, April 2001

A police campaign of violence against anti- capitalist activists began at the weekend when they swooped on a squatted community building and, with the help of bailiffs and the building's owners, vandalised the former button factory, rendering it inhabitable. Mechanical diggers were used to demolish part of the building.

Two hundred (if you read the Sunday Telegraph) or 150 (if you read the Sunday Times) police officers were involved in the raid, even though the building was known to be empty. Officers from the Metropolitan, City and British Transport Police (if you get your news from the BBC) or Special Branch overseen by MI5 (if you read the Sunday Times) or riot police (if you read the Sunday Telegraph) were involved in violence and property destruction. "We're the law, and we can smash up what the fuck we like," a copper said, still sweating from his exertions. "I wish you hadn't smashed the bogs up, I need a shit," said another boy in blue.

There is a long history of squatting buildings for community purposes in London, and in the Brixton area in particular. This squat was one in a long line of previous squats (such as the Cool Tan - so called because it was housed in a former sun tan lotion factory, and the old Dole House). These squats have been used as meeting places for community groups, and as art and entertainment spaces. However, in recent years, a drive by local councillors to turn Brixton into a high-rent Yuppy playground has led to widespread evictions of squatters.

Anarchists squatted and continuously occupied the 121 centre on Railton Road in Brixton for more than fifteen years. By law, the building should have become the property of the occupants. However, Lambeth Council decided that building a load of shopping complexes was more important for Brixton's future than the existence of vibrant, grassroots, community groups.

Big money is more important than little people, and as ever, the police will always be on hand to effect the "legal" violence that usually accompanies such evictions. For many years, councils have employed professional "property destroyers" whose job it is to make sure that squatted buildings - once evicted - cannot be used again. For example, they might fill toilets with cement or take floor boards out.

Now that they have smashed up the former button factory they say that "a police presence will be maintained in the area to ensure community safety." Funny that - coming from the same force that routinely beats up Black men whilst in custody.

Source: http://uk.indymedia.org/

Biblioteca Social in Danger of Closing its Doors

The Biblioteca Social Reconstruir (The Library of Social Reconstruction), is an anarchist space located in downtown Mexico City. The Biblioteca Social Reconstruir first began in 1978. The library currently contains 3,000 books, of which approximately 850 are anarchist. Some are extremely old, such as La Pornocracia by Proudhon, edited in Spain in 1892. We also have 4,700 magazines, some very old and important such as the historic "Revista Blanca." The library also holds dozens of magazines edited during the Spanish Revolution of 1936, as well as important Mexican anarchist publications. Hundreds of newspapers are still in the process of being classified, including issue #13 of Regeneracion, edited by the Flores Magon brothers [Anarchists and heroes of the Mexican Revolution], published November 7, 1900.

The Biblioteca Social Reconstruir is visited by investigators researching books, students researching thesis topics, professors, etc., but it is mainly frequented by liberationist youth [many of them punks and other working class kids] that look to the library for inspiration and knowledge in the quest for freedom and justice for all. The BSR is also a meeting point for liberationist men and women from Mexico and many other parts of the world.

The BSR is the fruit of the labor of old friends who are no longer with us today. We were supported by the bibliographic funds of Marcos Alcon, Ignacio Portilla, Benjamin Cano Ruiz, Eliseo Rojas and Ricardo Mestre Ventura.

The Biblioteca Social Reconstruir is facing a very difficult economic situation, the high costs of rent, telephone, electricity, Internet service, correspondence (we receive about 50 letters a month), etc. We have been hit with an economic situation so extreme that if we do not receive financial help from friends who are able to collaborate, it is very likely that this liberationist center will close its doors forever. If the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir is unable to finance its costs, it will mean closing what has been perhaps the most important center in Mexico for the dissemination of anarchist ideas during the last 22 years, during which the center has slowly built on its modest roots. The BSR is part of Mexico's anarchist community and its loss would mean a defeat and a setback for the organized movement - a defeat and a loss that we do not know if we could recover from. It is for these reasons that we appeal to your solidarity, so that the library can continue to be one of the points of contact for anarchy in Mexico. So that this project continues to carry out its principal task: the sowing of ideas.


  • I commit to helping support the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir:
    Collectively ____________ Individually _____________
  • Amount: ________________
  • Type of support:
    Monthly _______ Quarterly ______ Annually ______
  • For the space of:
    6 months __________ One Year __________ Two Years ___________
  • I will deposit the amount in the library's bank account _________
  • I will send the amount in cash [not recommended] _______________
  • I will send the amount via check or money order ______________
[Support from abroad may require special arrangements to successful transfer funds. Please write and we will investigate your case.]

Address, telephone number, and e-mail (if available) of the collective or individual:
If you have any questions, please write us and we will respond immediately.

Thank you for any and all support.

A.P. 9090 C.P. 06002 MEXICO 1 D.F.
TEL-FAX 55-12-08-86

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MAFIA Evicted

MAFIA, Hull's autonomous squat cafe was evicted at 11am on Tuesday 18th January. Despite no eviction notice having been served upon the building, 10-15 policemen kicked the door in and entered the building on the grounds that the electricity board had a warrent. Three people were arrested and taken to cells, two were later charged with theft of electricity and the third released without charge. MAFIA is currently boarded up.
from: hull_mafia@hotmail.com

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SQUAT 2000 in Muenster, Germoney (Westfalen)

About 50 left radicals, anarchists and alternative people made a Millenium squat in Muenster. They occupied in the night of 31.12.99/1.1.2000 an old school building to protest the destroying of old houses and to make the building a left selforganized social center for cultural and alternative activities. Until now the police keeps quiet and the squat could become a success.
From:ralf@anarch.free.de (Ralf Landmesser)

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Autonomous Culture Factory ATTACK

Autonomous culture factory, Attack, is a project which has started on september 1997 as an initiative whose goal was to open an independent social and cultural space which will promote alternative culture and culture of civil society in Zagreb. Attack has dealt with many issues such as anti racism, human rights, environment etc.. Our main goal is to open and maintain a space wich is open for alternative culture. This space will be an old factory building that has been empty for a long time. We got this building from the city and will move in in january. We want to use the building as an independent cultural center including an alternative library/archive.

ARCHIVE: ATTACK has got some books, magazines etc. and wants to set up an archive. We are updating what we've got now and would be happy to fill our archive with more medias. Our archive is supposed to be a multi media archive and we can use every kind of prints, videos, tapes, cds and cd-roms etc.. There is no place in Croatia yet where people have access to political, cultural, ecological, feminist etc. medias for free in an alternativ space. We don't have a lot of money for this project. We wonder if you could contribute with any material or money, anything is welcome: any subject, language or media, but we're focused on alternative things. Please contact us to tell what you can spare, or to get more information about attack. We publish a newsletter in serbocroatian language every month that we can send you.

Thank you
ATTACK, Vukovarska 237, 100 00 Zagreb, Croatia

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Solidarity from us here in London Town.

Okay, it seems that news has not yet filtered thru worldwide but this is the present situation with infoshops in London:

The 121 Centre, 121 Railton Rd, Brixton SE24 UK has finally been evicted after 18 years. It was evicted by armed riot cops mid-September this year after barricaded occupation since January 28th. It was a long hard struggle and the Centre was lost with much local and international sadness. To anyone who ever visited the place since 1981 - love to you, we will remember you all and thanks to everyone worldwide who tried their best to help us save the centre. So: The mailing adress of 121 Railton Rd, Brixton is defunct and after 18 years that's a lot of mail we were getting but we can't afford to have it forwarded (it costs per item). Best idea is to change your address labels and send stuff to: 56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton St, London SE17 U.K (Thurs + Frid from 3-7pm). This is the only remaining anarchist infoshop in South London. We've been here since 1991 and are still rocking on. We are an infoshop with all the usual trappings (books, mags, t-shirts, badges, records etc). We operate London's only open-access Anarchist archive with thousands of titles (inc. leaflets and posters). This archive maintains itself mainly by donation so any mags, zines etc that want stuff archived but also freely available to browsers - put us on your freebie list and we'll thank you forever. No, really we will! We also have occasional potluck dinners and cafes, meetings and special events. We do squatting info and run a bicycle workshop. Come by and say hello. We have e-mail and a web-site but no phone:-
web: http://www.safetycat.org/56a (under re-construction!!! Bare with us)
e-mail: 56a@safetycat.org
We would also welcome people circulating this info thru' all the @ and Infoshop networks they want too. London is good...lots happening...love to you xx

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Black Kat List

I've set up a new list, which closely resembles this one, except that there will be more of a video focus. The black-kat list is for and about the various black kat cafe and video projects cropping up across North America. Vancouver, Victoria, Courtenay, New Brunswick (I think, can't remember exactly where...) and Ottawa are all black kats which readily come to mind. If anyone is interested in joining send a message to lists@tao.ca with the words "subscribe black-kat" in the body (without the " "). David

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