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AAAGGGHHHHH! what's happened to time? - the diary dates are completely old and sooo last year. Sorry :-(

We're going to get back on the case - so watch this space. In the meantime, have a look at the About Us section and check out these links:

Virtual Lancaster
Find out everything there is to know about Lancaster and Morecambe. Check out the News section for the latest town gossip and the What's on section for an up to date events listing.

Independent news-sheet and website designed to publicise the stories too often ignored or censored by the Lancaster Student Unions' newspaper Scan.

Gregson Community Centre
The Gregson Centre is an Arts & Community Centre lurking on Moorgate in the Freehold area of Lancaster. They've got a cafe, bar, a chippie (recently acquired!), a meeting space, a hall, a noticeboard and lots of interesting events.

Real Planning for Lancaster
A group working for environmentally and people friendly development on the Canal Corridor site in Lancaster. This area is threatened by big business development (roads, supermarkets etc).

Global Link
Global Link is a development education centre based in Lancaster promoting awareness and understanding of global issues.

Lancaster Animal Rights Group
Check out the new website of the Lancaster Animal Rights Group to keep up to date with animal rights campaigns and events going on in the Lancaster area!

Lancaster Computer Swapshop
Got useful computers/bits you don't want to throw away? Looking for a cheap or free computer or printer? Then check out the computer swapshop. You can give computers and related things away for free, ask for payment in LETS or in pounds, shillings and pence or try and do a direct swap.

Food Not Bombs
Anarchist Teapot style vegetarian cooking collective that uses discarded/donated food to cook at actions and events in and around Lancaster.

Fairfield Association
The Fairfield Association was set up to protect and conserve our local green spaces and has successfully saved and extended Fairfield play area and created the Fairfields Commmunity Orchard.

Open every Wednesday from 4-7pm.

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