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ISSUE 95, MARCH 2010

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As politicians unleash the bulldozers and the bullsh*t, we say:

Democracy? What a joke!

NOW we have finally pulled clear of the worst winter for nearly half a century, what delights lie ahead of us this Spring?

Well, on the one hand Worthing council looks all set to give the go-ahead to the massive West Durrington development which will destroy ancient Titnore Woods - once the bailiffs have violently evicted the plucky eco-protesters still mounting guard in the trees.

On the other hand those very same politicians will be urging the people of this town to vote for their party and will try to pretend that they care about the environment and the welfare of ordinary local people. Both of these are, of course, monumental and shameless lies.

Just to rewind to Titnore Woods for a moment, observant readers may recall that in our last issue we were talking about a decision to be taken on January 28. So what happened?

Well, the council moved the date back. This was ostensibly to give objectors more time to wade through the masses of detail with which the corporate applicants hoped to kill off any attempt to scrutinise their hideous profiteering plan.

But then, amidst much muttering about 'security concerns', the town hall bigwigs announced that instead of the original evening meeting, the Titnore decision would now be taken on a Monday afternoon. In other words, they don't want too many Worthing residents, most of whom sadly have to work to earn a crust, turning up and voicing their disgust at the nauseating sight of their supposed representatives ignoring the clear will of the borough's population and allowing property speculators to destroy a precious piece of our landscape.

Having said that, there will still be a protest outside the Assembly Hall in Stoke Abbott Road, at 1.30pm on Monday March 15, before the planning meeting starts at 2pm.

So get down there if you can, but don’t expect the Great British Commitment to Democracy to extend to allowing you to express an opinion. Look at what happened to the Titnore protesters who had the temerity to unfurl a banner at the official opening of the new Tesco mega-ugly store at Durrington on February 25.

The Argus (February 26) described scenes worthy of China or the old USSR, as they were "tackled to the ground by officers" having been told that they were "trespassing" by standing outside the supermarket.

We look forward to more glorious democracy in the next few months as we are asked to decide which political party should take over the fine work of allowing us all to be ripped off by bankers, forcing us to work until we drop dead to pay off the same bankers' debts which our rulers have kindly agreed to sort out on our behalf, and, of course, passing new laws to stop us doing anything about this rather depressing state of affairs.

They don't even care that most people have twigged that all the politicians from all the parties are all exactly the same. They will just keep on acting out their general election charade and keep up the pretence that the public have some kind of say in the fundamental way their corrupt, hypocritical, scam of a system is run.

Pah! You won't catch us in the polling stations! As a sage once remarked - if voting changed anything they would have banned it by now!

* For more info on Titnore see Protect Our Woodland! or

* For more info on an anti-election campaign in Worthing go to


MORE trouble for Worthing’s top drug dealer, on top of the lengthy list in issue 93. A US Congressional committee found that GlaxoSmith Kline "tried to intimidate independent scientists and deliberately misrepresented medical data to rebut safety concerns over a lucrative diabetes treatment", reported The Guardian on February 23.
* * *

THE WINTER weather may have scuppered the train services, but it didn't stop the onward march (as in jackboots) of the police state. Latest highlights include a 'South Coast Partnership' police plan to to use military-style CCTV drones to spy on protesters and others (Guardian, January 23), the news that air passengers 'have no right' to refuse naked body scans (Guardian, Jan 27), the deployment of police armed with 50,000-volt Taser guns on the railway and tube in London (Evening Standard, December 8), and the official labelling of eco-activists as 'low-level terrorists' (Guardian, Jan 27).
* * *

A MIGHTY new organisation has been formed to celebrate and protect our local countryside. The Worthing Downlanders have emerged from the successful Stop the Cissbury Sell-Off campaign and are positively bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. They are setting up a new website, but in the meantime go to
* * *

THE enclosure/theft of public space in Maybridge (see previous issues) continues, with 'temporary' measures near the old boys' club turning out to in fact be hedge-planting!
* * *

THE people behind last year’s G20 protests are staging a Mayday Election Meltdown on Saturday May 1. There is to be a carnival in Parliament Square, London, rumoured to involve converging marches carrying effigies of politicians Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nick Griffin, ready for democratic beheading.
* * *

WORTHING Alliance has been in hibernation since Christmas, but is emerging, refreshed and ready for action, on Thursday March 25, 8pm at The Jolly Brewers in Clifton Road, Worthing (not far from the station), for another evening of campaign updates, sparkling debate and beer.
* * *

FINALLY some disturbing news regarding the personal lives of Worthing’s elderly folk. The Worthing Herald's report on February 18 about 'sex toys' being on sale next to children's socks (oh, the horror!) at Poundland quoted a spokeswoman for the Montague Street shop as claiming: "I've seen women in their 80s buy packs of four or five of them." Veteran morality crusader and expert pornography confiscator Maurice Morrison was unavailable for comment.

Gil: a scourge of all injustice

PAGE two of the printed issue is given over to tributes to our comrade Gil (Michael Gilbert), who died over the New Year. Rather than reproduce the edited version here, it makes more sense to direct readers to the special section of this website for the full texts.

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