the pork-bolter
No 38, August 2001


KIDS in West Sussex schools are rebelling against the sinister CCTV systems that watch over their every move. A dramatic mass walk-out at a Horsham secondary school has already made headlines and the wave of revolt is set to spread. Students in Worthing are now said to be getting together to plan similar protests and schools and colleges are bracing themselves for conflict at the start of the next school year. Rumours are suggesting that the morning break on Friday September 28 has been chosen as the moment for a walk-out across Worthing schools. The uprising in Horsham happened on Wednesday June 27 at Tanbridge School, for 11 to 16 year olds. Students told the West Sussex County Times (June 29) that more than 100 pupils walked out in protest at spy cameras. One said: "There is no privacy. We cannot go anywhere without being watched. We’ve just had enough of them." A horrified West Sussex County Council tried to claim the walk-out had never happened but, as a letter from a father of a pupil commented in the following week’s paper Denying there was a walk out when clearly there was and many, many students including my own son witnessed it, seems to be downright worrying." Downright worrying. That just about sums up the loss of personal freedom we are all experiencing these days. But the fact that a new generation are beginning to fight back can only be described as downright encouraging!

Fat cats against beauty

ONE of the best things about living in Worthing and West Sussex is that it is such a visually appealing area. From Cissbury Ring, for instance, you cannot fail to be impressed by the vista laid out before you. The green ridge of the Downs stretches out to the east, the unspoilt downlands across to Chanctonbury Ring to the north, a view across Salvington Hill and Highdown on to the Isle of Wight across to the west and to the south the red brick of the town bordering the shimmering blue sea. It’s so pretty you could print postcards of it. But all this scenery does not go down at all well with those ever-so important persons who make up the so-called Business Community and their puppets on the councils. Last year we had the new signs placed on the roads leading into Worthing replacing the description of "seaside resort" with the Blairspeak term "centre for business". And now we have had an explicit admission from the self-same Business Community that they are out to destroy everything that most of us like about this humble corner of the universe. The game was given away by Dr Norman Boyland, former vice-president of controversial multinational drugs company SmithKline Beecham and a key member of the local establishment - he is Deputy Lieutenant of West Sussex and chairs Sussex Innovations Ltd, Sussex Learning and Skills Council, the board of of governors at Northbrook College and the West Sussex Economic Forum. It was in his role with the WSEF that he announced (Worthing Guardian, June 8) his determination to horribly alter the familiar face of West Sussex. He warned: "Too many cling to an outdated Victorian postcard image. We’re going to change that." Some might think that the Business Community had already gone some way to fulfilling this blatant threat - town centre monstrosities like the seafront multi-storey car park, the Guildbourne Centre and Teville Gate, plus the greenfield sprawl of Durrington, Lyons Farm and so on. But that’s obviously not enough. For a clue as to what the Business Mafia have in mind for us all we might look at the June 2001 issue of Sussex Enterprise Business News - The Voice of Sussex Business. Here Sussex Enterprise chief executive Ken Caldwell declares he is "delighted" that the South Downs at Goodwood are to be cruelly despoiled by having a car factory built on them (it’s Rolls Royce, so that’s a superior quality of despoliation we’re talking about). Though he cannot help conceding that there are "some significant environmental issues to be considered", he says these are completely outweighed by the need for "a prosperous local economy along the south coast" - in other words, another opportunity for his fat cat chums to get richer at whatever cost to the community and environment. We could also look at comments made by the superbly named Lieutenant Colonel Tex Pemberton, county cabinet member for strategic environmental services. The Worthing Advertiser reported (July 4) that he was getting impatient about the time being taken on the local transport study looking at improving overall transport links, including rail and bus routes. He fumed: "The study is holding up work on improvements, such as the Arundel bypass, which will be required whatever the outcome. It is not just the residents of West Sussex that want something to happen urgently," said the Lt-Col. Who else’s views could he possibly be interested in, we wonder... "We know that it is also an urgent priority within the business community". Well who’d have thought it! Closer to home, the council has recently given the go-ahead for businessmen to demolish the popular seafront pub The Litten Tree and replace it with flats. The 19th century building is even in a conservation area, but of course that can’t be allowed to stand in the way of Progress and a fast buck. Building factories on the Downs, pushing new roads across the countryside, demolishing all the attractive old buildings in town - these are the weapons of the business dictators in their unholy war to create a Brave New Sussex of which nobody would ever want to be sent a postcard.

Benefit gig

The Ego-Warriors are proud to present the porkbolter gig, a fund-raiser for the Cowley Club (Brighton social centre) and The Pork-Bolter at 8pm Thursday September 20, 2001 @ The Lounge Bar, Bath Place, Worthing (by back door of Woolworth’s, was Frog Pond). Featuring punk sensations Becomes the Water of Death, plus support act and DJs. Free entry!

Politicians murder democracy

ANTI-ELECTION protesters caused a stir outside several polling stations in Worthing on the afternoon and evening of June 7. They handed out slips of paper, remarkably similar to the official voting cards issued by the authorities, advising people to spoil their ballot papers. Said a spokesman for the activists: "We had a lot of good responses from people who appreciated the sense of humour and could also see what we were getting at - that the whole election system is a trick and a fraud. The best thing is to stay away all together, but our aim was to catch people who were already on their way to vote and dissuade them from actually endorsing any of these political con-artists." The objectors’ efforts didn’t go down so well with the election officials, with one particular jobsworth apparently displaying some highly entertaining signs of indignation - the sort of reaction that makes it all worthwhile. And a measure of the action’s success was perhaps revealed by the next week’s issue of the Worthing Guardian, which reported (June 15) that locally there had been "a rise in spoilt or void votes, with a number of cards voting for no one at all and others scrawled with various blunt opinions on the election itself." The paper also confirmed that turnouts in both Worthing constituencies were well down, reflecting the national picture. More people stayed away from the polls than at any election since 1918. Only one in four of the electorate voted for Tony Blair and his New Labour cronies - hardly the popular mandate they like to pretend they have received. But at the end of the day, all that matters to any politician is power - the views of the people they represent is only of peripheral interest once every four or five years. And once safely back in the driving seat of our happy democratic island paradise, Mr Blair demonstrated that it was "business as usual" in every sense of the phrase. Before the public knew what had hit them he awarded himself a £47,000 pay rise (try asking your boss for that!), postponed the long-awaited Freedom of Information legislation for three or four years and rushed full steam ahead into another round of Thatcher-style privatisations (they’re called "reforms" in Blairspeak) of everything from the London tube to hospitals and schools. A MORI survey has since shown that privatisation is even more unpopular than the poll tax used to be (The Guardian, July 12). But, of course, nobody had the chance to vote against privatisation at the election because all the main parties are in favour of it! This contempt for public opinion is at the heart of the arrogant global political and economic system that Mr Blair represents. That’s why our Government expects us to host America’s Star Wars missile system that will protect only the USA and make England a prime target for Uncle Sam’s many enemies! That’s why voters in Eire who rejected the EU’s Nice Treaty are going to have to vote again (and again and again?) until they give the answer their rulers want to hear! That’s why Tony Blair won’t admit the existence of a principled boycott of the polls ("apathy") or the fact that hundreds of thousands of outraged and alienated human beings across the world are revolting against the greed and destruction of the capitalist system ("an anarchists’ travelling circus with the sole purpose of causing as much mayhem as possible")! That’s why he thinks it’s OK for police to shoot protesters dead and why he would have no moral qualms, if it came to it, about having his own paramilitary goon squads murder anyone in the country that made a serious challenge to the power and domination of money and greed over humanity and justice.

Porky Pie’s Top Tip of the Month!

  1. Bomb countries that don’t agree with you.
  2. Shoot protesters who don’t agree with you.
  3. Dismiss all your critics as "terrorists".

Victory in Hastings!

CONGRATULATIONS to all those who mobilised ready to fight the threatened Hastings bypass, now chucked out by the Government. A Pork-Bolter representative joined a walk along the proposed route a few weeks back and was appalled at the thought of such an overwhelmingly beautiful piece of countryside being destroyed. The fact that eco-groups were getting organised to fight this road all the way, plus the fact that they were getting considerable support from locals, including the affected landowners, is thought to have been a key factor in the Government’s decision not to go ahead. The Battle of Hastings won without an arrow being fired! The course of history can be changed! More info on the SCAR website -

Victory in Brighton!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Brighton binmen for winning their battle against their privatised employers Sita, who tried to impose street cleaning rounds that were described by the GMB union as "impossible". 11 staff who refused to go along with the rounds were suspended and then more than 100 union members who protested about the suspensions were sacked. So the binmen occupied the depot and won massive support from the Brighton public, with clothes, food and blankets donated. Anti-capitalist activisits joined in the battle with one chaining himself to the underside of a dustcart to stop it leaving the depot. A picket was held of Worthing’s Options job agency opposite the pier to protest at its part in recruiting scab workers. In the end, Brighton council had to side with the strikers. They ended Sita’s contract and forced it to pay compensation. The staff have their jobs back. A stunning victory for direct action

Sex shop scandal horror

PROTECTOR of public morality Anthony Anthonies has discovered a pernicious array of obscene items on display at a Worthing shop. Reported the saintly anti-smut campaigner: "I was horrified on entering a certain supermarket, which shall remain nameless, to discover items of an overtly sexual nature on display in front of women and children. Imagine my horror on seeing whipped cream and all kinds of differently shaped vegetables openly for sale. I well know from personal experience how the minds of adult men can be horribly corrupted by contact with large cucumbers. I am now seeking sponsorship for The Anthony Anthonies Trolley Dash in which I will rush around the shop amassing all sexually explicit items and then disappear without paying for them."

Way out west in Goring

WELL howdy pardner! We sure do have some mighty swell noos for y’all this month. Yes sirreee! Seems how our old buddy John Vaughan of Goring has gone and got hisself hitched over Nevada way. Remember the fella? Wrote real fine letters to the Worthing Guardian back in the Fall. Get rid of them hootin tootin human rights, he said. We gotta build us a six-lane highway over them there Downs. And bring back the good ole’ British empire. And now I guess we know why ole Vaughan came over the way he did. Yip, he’s a red-neck boy just like you and me! Listen up to what they writ in the Worthing Herald (June 26): "Worthing residents John Vaughan and Maureen Allen went way out west to be married at the Pioneer Saloon, at Goodsprings, Nevada, USA. The bridegroom wore western clothes for the ceremony at the near ghost town that was once a thriving mining town." There’s even a fetchin’ photy-graph of ole Vaughan in his costoom. Yeee-ha John-boy! You’re one hell of a cowboy!


WE were interested to hear our old chum West Worthing MP Peter Bottomley rush onto BBC radio to defend Lord Archer when the fellow Tory was jailed for four years for perjury. Nice to know that Bumley sticks by his friends in times of need - and nicer still to know exactly what kind of people those friends are...
* * *

THREE big events are coming up in Worthing. On Bank Holiday Monday, August 27, pro-cannabis campaigners are staging Worthing’s first annual Big Smoke at 4pm by the sea at the "Field of Dope", Beach House Green (next to the Aquarena). On Tuesday September 4, Worthing eco-action are holding a meeting about the anti-G8 protests and repression in Genoa, at The Downview pub opposite West Worthing railway station, from 7.45pm. Then on Thursday September 20 there is our very own benefit gig (see above.
* * *

FANCY attending some Egyptian Dance classes? Then pop down to the Sidney Walter Centre in Sussex Road, Worthing, on Friday evenings from 7pm. Cost is £3. Contact 01903 231775 for details and if you’re interested in classes for children.
* * *

RUPERT the Bear, a visitor to the Worthing Pavilion on Monday July 30, is not as nice as he looks. It turns out (The Guardian, June 30) that the Invesco Perpetual Rupert the Bear children’s fund invests millions in cigarette company Imperial Tobacco. Watch out kids! Rupert wants you to die of lung cancer!

Resistance is criminal

"CRIMINAL thugs calling themselves ‘Resistance fighters’ have been engaging in violent acts across the country, putting lives of men and women and children at risk, damaging the economy and compromising national security. These anti-social troublemakers are not motivated by any positive ideals or aspirations, but have the sole purpose of causing as much mayhem as possible. Make no mistake, they must and will be crushed in the name of stability and progress!" from The Daily Collaborator, Paris, Greater Germany, 1942.

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