the pork-bolter
No 69, August/September 2005

New Titnore protest called

Democracy denied as woods face the chop

AT A SHAM of a meeting on Friday June 10, plans to build 875 homes and fell 275 trees at Titnore Lane, Durrington, were given the go-ahead by sell-out Worthing Borough Council. And the betrayal continued on August 1 when the Government Office for the South East announced it would not be ‘calling in’ the development for a public enquiry.Apparently "the proposal does not raise matters of more than local importance" so the Government will not get involved.

In truth, of course, Neo-Labour want the countryside to be concreted over to make more millions for fat cat property developers just as much as the Conservatives at the Town Hall - and the ‘opposition’ Lib Dems. That’s because none of these political parties represent us, the public. Instead they represent the interests of money and business - their job is to enforce the demands of this greedy power clique on the rest of us while keeping the illusion of ‘democracy’ alive.

The people of Worthing could hardly have made it clearer over the last few years that they oppose the scheme. Thousands signed petitions, hundreds joined protest marches, even the slippery politicians themselves had to pretend to oppose this monstrous expansion of the concrete tide in order to avoid humiliating rejection in the local elections. The Porkbolter has been proud to have played an active role in the effort to stop this scheme getting the go-ahead. And we are just as delighted to report that the fight goes on! (see below)

* While the bulldozers rev up in Titnore Lane, there are still 1,000 empty homes in Worthing borough, the council has admitted (Worthing Advertiser, July 6). That’s Titnore Woods saved and 125 homes to spare!

Titnore - what now?

Emergency open air meeting

2pm, Sunday Sep 4

Northbrook Park

Romany Road/Titnore Lane


Your chance to be on TV!

Vultures circle over town

WORTHING’S urban heritage is once more under threat from an unholy alliance of greedy property developers and dodgy council planners. They want to rip up what’s left of our town and turn it into a giant shopping mall and luxury flat complex. Astonishingly, council leader Keith Mercer even admitted (Worthing Herald, July 7) that they are considering building on the beach - hardly the smartest of moves in view of rising sea levels!

The listed Northbrook College building in Union Place has been sold off to developers and the council wants it all to be part of a big scheme to rip the heart out of our town centre (Worthing Herald, August 4), which may even include the main post office. And the ploy of building posh flats over our Aquarena, while promising a new pool at Teville Gate, is now looking like it may be another cruel con.

The Argus reported on August 8 that Teville Gate owners Hanson Capital Management "said private companies were interested in putting a members-only leisure complex at Teville Gate which would lead to the public pool plans being dropped." Splash FM’s Roy Stannard inadvertently put his finger on the spot in the Argus’s report when he bragged that Worthing "has a committed core of business people" out to change the face of the town. Yes - at our expense and for their profit!

Meanwhile, the future of Worthing’s historic Dome cinema remains uncertain as an alleged "£2 million refurbishment" begins, thanks to a £1.654 million lottery grant. Concerned campaigners from Save the Worthing Dome were outside the seafront venue on Saturday July 23, handing out leaflets to those attending a ‘closing down’ gala evening. These contained a number of pertinent questions about the venue and its management, such as: "Taking into account a Heritage Lottery Grant, six years of planning, an imminent closure for vital works and the proposed operation of a restaurant and several bars, where is a comprehensive business plan?". They also asked: "Considering that the Trust pays no rent on the Dome’s freehold, and that blockbusters such as all three Harry Potter and Lord Of the Rings films have been screened to packed houses, why is the cinema running at a consistent and considerable operational loss?"

Visions of a Worthing future...

WORTHING’S very own Mystic Meg, Porca the Prophetess, has come up with some visions of the town’s future, hot from the crystal ball. Here are some of them:

* The Dome Cinema reverting to Worthing Borough Council - and the site being turned into luxury flats .

* The Connaught Theatre knocked down (the listed frontage preserved of course) and replaced with retail units (too expensive for any but chain stores to rent) and mixed housing units.

* The Pavilion Theatre flogged off as bingo hall/giant games arcade.

* Former ‘Area 51’ (aka ‘Flappers’) club site - more flats and retail units.

* The Assembly Hall mothballed until it falls down - although given Worthing’s history, probably falling prey to a ‘mysterious’ fire.

* Live music legislated and prosecuted out of existence, along with amateur theatre groups who can no longer afford the insurance premiums and risk assessment requirements

* The skate park replaced with a circular cycle lane going nowhere.

* All Durrington’s dormice and great-crested newts from (now concreted-over) 99 acres of green space still in a queue waiting for the ‘replanted trees and landscaping’ that conservative Councillor ‘completely-missing-the-point’ Livermore promised on television.

* Membership of Worthing’s six Freemason Lodges peaking at over 1,000 (from 700 in 2005), curiously swelled by property owners and developers.

* The umpteenth, umpteen-thousand pound, pointless, consultative survey through your door asking ‘We really want to know what you think: how well is Worthing Borough Council doing?’

When is a human just a robot?

THOUSANDS of workers in warehouses across Britain are being "electronically tagged" to "cut costs and increase the efficient delivery of goods and food to supermarkets", reported The Guardian on June 7. It added that the US technology "is spreading rapidly, with up to 10,000 employees using it to supply household names such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Boots and Marks & Spencer... Under the system workers are asked to wear computers on their wrists, arms and fingers, and in some cases to put on a vest containing a computer which instructs them where to go to collect goods from warehouse shelves."

And they said slavery had been abolished?

An attack on our freedom?

SO THAT’S it, is it? A few bombs go off up in London and suddenly world poverty and environmental destruction don’t matter any more, civil liberties are a dangerous luxury, Tony Blair is the new Winston Churchill and the cops are allowed to summarily execute anyone they reckon looks a bit dodgy.

Here are some survival guidelines for post 7/7 Britain:

1. Never try to draw any causal link between Britain’s role in Iraq and what happened in London.

2. Never suggest any kind of moral equivalence between leaving bombs on tube trains and dropping them on cities from the air.

3. Never mention that Al Qa’ida was originally set up and funded by the CIA and still enjoys strange links with the Americans via the ISI - the security service in Pakistan.

* Unconnected book recommendation. NATO’S Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe by Daniele Ganser (Frank Cass, London, 2005) A Swiss academic catalogues the astonishing way that NATO ran post-war extreme right terror cells across Europe, using sophisticated ‘false flag’ operations to blacken the name of their (left-wing) enemies and reduce populations to a state of fearful obedience.

Mass poisoners are targeting our water!

"ANY PERSON who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person". This was the alarming conclusion from Charles Eliot Perkins, a US government scientist, after spending 20 years studying fluoride. In case you hadn’t noticed, we are now faced with having ‘fluoride’ added to our water supplies by Blair & Co. This in fact means fluorisilisic acid (FA) and sodium fluoride, proscribed poisons under the 1972 Poisons Act. FA is toxic industrial waste mainly from the phosphate fertiliser industry, contaminated with heavy metals, arsenic and radionuclides. It is too toxic for landfill or sea disposal, but apparently fine for public water supplies...

French water company Rhone Poulenc’s safety data sheet states: "Hexafluorisilisic acid is a highly toxic and highly corrosive liquid. Causes burns. May cause delayed lung oedema; may have a corrosive effect on the digestive tract. Do not let this chemical enter the environment." The 1982 Toxicology of Commercial Products lists FA as more toxic than lead, marginally less so than arsenic. After extensive studies, the US National Cancer Institute estimated that fluoridated water caused 35,000 excess cancer deaths per year. Dean Burk, who headed the study, said "Fluoride causes more human cancer death and causes it faster, than any other chemical."

One local campaigner told us: "Forced medication is highly illegal and violates the Code of Medical Ethics. Water fluoridation is mass medication without individual consent, diagnosis or medical supervision, with an untested, unlicensed substance. Strategic Health Authorities - at their own request - were given illegal powers in 2003 to force water companies to fluoridate where there are high levels of dental decay and the ‘public are in favour’. "Wouldn’t you expect that before they consider fluoridating your water, they show you, at the very least, exact legitimate, evidence that water fluoridation prevents tooth decay and the safety testing data? But, incredibly, there is none!"

Veteran anti fluoridation campaigner and ex Director of the National Pure Water Association Jane Jones said: "The ‘public consultations’ will be a public relations exercise - as they always have been. The decision is foregone... " Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority (SYSXSHA) has the power to poison the drinking water of 2.5 million people in Surrey and Sussex. Why not tell these incompetent fools what you think about them playing Russian Roulette with your water supply? Write to: SYSXSHA, York House, 18-20 Massetts Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 7DE. Tel 01293 778899.

Also tell Southern Water, who have failed miserably to stand up for our rights and instead secured Government indemnity against litigation by consumers, that you withhold your consent to your water being artificially fluoridated. Don’t leave this to others. Your water, your health, your rights are at stake.

* Join Sussex Against Fluoridation via or Website info:

Treat of Tory twins

WE WERE so charmed to read in the Worthing Herald (May 19) of Worthing’s ‘Tory Twins’, Jonathan and Julian Chatterton of Kingston Gorse: "They look the same. They dress the same. They even study the same course at the same university and both want to become Tory MPs." Commented one of them (we’re not sure which): "I am not very interested in local politics." Sounds like they’re ideally qualified to become local politicians! But we reckon they are missing a trick by being in the same party. What if one of them joined New Labour and rose to the leadership there, while the other took over the reins of the Tory party? Two rival leaders. Identical faces. Identical views. What a superb choice that would be, encapsulating all that is great about British democracy!

Councillor clams up

COMPLETE silence from Lib Dem county councillor Donald Lissenburg on the questions we posed to him in the last Porkbolter - and by post to his home and council addresses. You may recall that the six questions concerned his poor attendance record at council meetings, the expenses he has nevertheless merrily been claiming, a complaint against him that has been lodged with the Standards Board for England, the exact nature of he and his wife’s relationship with fellow Lib Dem Sheila Player and the matter of whether he and his wife took part and voted in a meeting authorising £2,000 be spent on independent legal advice for the very same Sheila Player in connection with Sheryl Grady’s employment tribunal case without declaring a personal and prejudicial interest.

Readers may like to ponder over the possible reasons for Mr Lissenburg’s failure to respond - and in the meantime we have an additional question for him: When are you going to resign?

Lost down memory lane

NOSTALGIC memories from reader and rhino fancier Eric Cabinet of Rife Way, Ferring, who recalls Worthing’s unique twin MPs who represented the town during the war. The Twatterton Twins of Goring, Justin and Jeremy, were elected as Conservatives, but in 1942 Jeremy declared he was a Fascist and had himself interned in Wormwood Scrubs as a traitor. Mr Cabinet tells us he still owns a clockwork porcelain toothbrush holder discarded by one of the twins (he is not sure which). He recalls: "They were keen Scouters and always had a bag of sweets and a smile for a young lad like me." The twins were, he recalls, fondly known locally as "That Pair of Twats".

Yet another new-look Nick!

WE WERE entranced to hear that larger than life political chameleon Nick John is now proudly wearing the mayoral gown and chain. This, of course, calls for an emergency upgrade to ‘Nick’s Party Game’, gifted to the world by The Porkbolter in June 2000. This was inspired by the colourful political past of thespian Nick - now a Tory. He was, readers may recall, a Lib Dem councillor from 1990 to 1994, a would-be parliamentary candidate for the UK Independence Party in 1997 and an actual candidate for the Referendum Party in West Worthing that same year. The paper version of this month's issue features your ‘Nick the Mayor’ cut-out costume to complete your souvenir collection. And remember kids, don’t get over-excited!


PEOPLE POWER 1: Well done to the residents who forced O2 to back down over its phone mast plan for the Grove Lodge roundabout at Broadwater!

PEOPLE POWER 2: After widespread outrage, Worthing Borough Council performed a welcome U-turn on plans to let 120 cars park on Beach House Green near the Aquarena for the bowls tournament this month. But we are mystified by their claims that the whole thing was never going to happen in the first place and that no trees would have been uprooted. Was the Worthing Herald lying when it reported on January 13: "It will cost the council £1,500 to £2,000 a week to operate the temporary car park and small saplings may have to be uprooted and relocated for access purposes"?

PEOPLE POWER 3: Find out what’s going on in town with the monthly celebration of people power known as the Worthing Alliance. It’s all free and open to everyone. Next dates: Thursday September 1 and Thursday September 29, both starting at 8pm upstairs at The Rest in Bath Place, Worthing.

* * *

NO2ID, the anti-ID card campaign, has set up a ‘pledge bank’ at More info:
* * *

IN THESE dark days of increasing state control, it is always inspiring to read of those who have battled against oppression from fascists of the ‘right’ or the ‘left’. New from the excellent Kate Sharpley Library (BM Hurricane, London WC1N 3XX), is a booklet, ‘Unknown Heroes: Biographies of Anarchist Resistance Fighters’ (£3), about the Spanish militants who never surrendered to the dictator Franco. And jointly with AK Press it has produced the 400-page ‘Nestor Makhno - Anarchy’s Cossack’ (£13), about the Ukrainian hero whose peasant army helped the Russian revolution and then had to fight to defend freedom against the new oppressors - Trotsky and Lenin’s centralised red state.
* * *

YOU may not have heard much about it on the news (surprise, surprise!) but the protests in Scotland against the G8 and its global privatisation agenda were massive and immensely encouraging for all those who took part. To find out what they didn’t tell you on the telly, try
* * *

HOW strange that, despite the terrorist "red alert", police still found the time and resources to violently raid Worthing’s harmless cannabis cafe on August 11...
* * *

WE HAVE had a lot of interest lately in our correspondent Teddy Beest’s expose of the tunnel networks under Worthing, which, he has explained, remarkably link up to the London tube network and the Parisian metro. All such enquiries should go direct to Mr Beest. We are not responsible for any comments made by Mr Beest or for his personal appearance, conduct or levels of hygiene.

Warning: Surrender or Die!

AN opinion poll conducted by the Ministry of Facts in central London 30 seconds after the recent bomb explosions showed that 88% of the public would prefer not be blown into tiny pieces, with only 2% preferring to see all their family dead or maimed but with civil liberties intact. Said a spokesman: "This shows once and for all that people simply don’t want to be free. Accordingly, all freedoms have been suspended until the scheduled end of TWAT (The War Against Terror) in 2137. After years of whingeing about a warmongering Big Brother state, people are now being asked very simply to surrender their liberties or face certain death. They have, of course, responded in the way we anticipated. This is what democracy is all about."

Plenty to pork about

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