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Tory councillor with "nothing to declare"


WE HAVE never had occasion to mention Vino Vinojan in The Porkbolter before. The Conservative was only elected to Worthing Borough Council in May 2012 and has not particularly been in the political limelight.

An interesting fact about him, as stated on the returning officer's ballot report, is that his full name is actually Vinojan Vijayakumar. There's nothing untoward in this, of course, and Vinojan uses his full name for his business activity - he is director of Key 2 Security Solutions Ltd based in Salvington Hill, Worthing.

He's hardly secretive about the link - one of the two mobile phone numbers listed on the firm's website ( is the contact number he provides with his details on both the Worthing Borough Council website and the Worthing Conservatives site. And closer examination of the records shows that the same address in South Street, Tarring, is (unsurprisingly!) home to both Vino Vinojan (councillor) and Vinojan Vijayakumar (businessman).

Worthing borough councillors are a very open and honest lot, by all accounts. Why, they even signed up to a code of conduct last summer, which includes reassuring clauses like: "Selflessness: holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their families or their friends."

Another one states: "Honesty: holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interest relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest." To help councillors be open about their private interests, there is a special register displayed on the council's website. Some of the councillors have duly filled in various details but the version we saw (and saved!) displayed, at the time of going to press, nothing but a series of blank spaces for the "Vino Vinojan" section, even the areas labelled "Any employment or business carried on by me. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation" and "Any business you carry on either part-time or full-time".

Now, this is clearly a bit of an oversight on our Tory councillor's part, as we already know that he is a director of Key 2 Security Solutions Ltd. One could argue that his private business is of little relevance to his role as a councillor - unless, that is, one happened to stumble across (and save a copy of!) another document on the council website listing Worthing Borough Council "Spend Data".

Here, under items 56833 to 56841 we find a series of council payments for "manned guards" under the heading of "community safety", adding up to more than 1,000. And the firm to which the money was paid? You guessed it: Key 2 Security Solutions Ltd - director Vinojan Vijayakumar, also known as Vino Vinojan (Con, Worthing Central). This was the Spend Data for June 2012 - the month after Vinojan was elected to the council!

We're sure there has been something of a misunderstanding here, but just in case of any tricky issues, maybe it should go before the Worthing and Adur councils' Joint Standards Committee, on which sit worthy and irreproachably upright independent individuals selected by the Joint Member Appointments Committee and its vice-chair... errr... Vino Vinojan.

Is Worthing MP really "lazy and incompetent?"

TYPE the phrase "lazy, incompetent narcissist obsessed only with self-promotion" into a popular internet search engine and you get a string of news reports about East Worthing and Shoreham MP Tim Loughton! Here at The Porkbolter we would never dare be so rude about our old pal Tory Tim, but it seems that official sources at the Department of Education, where he used to be a minister, have no such qualms and used the cutting phrase to describe him. According to The Daily Telegraph on January 23: "The briefing to the Spectator magazine by a Department for Education source came in retaliation for the ex-minister savaging the DfE as inefficient and bureaucratic. In evidence to the education select committee, Mr Loughton likened Mr Gove to Mr Grace, the department store owner in the TV sitcom Are You Being Served?, who barely knew the people who worked for him." The accusation of narcissism is particularly bizarre. Anybody familiar with Tim and his good works will know that "modesty" is virtually his middle name and has got him where he is today. Indeed, he told The Argus (January 22) that when, back in September, he was summoned by David Cameron to be sacked as minister, "I actually thought there was a chance I could get promoted."

Nail in coffin of free speech

YOU would have thought that being an outspoken newspaper columnist would go hand in hand with a certain commitment to the concept of free speech.

Not in the case of Worthing's Ian Hart it would seem. Our story in the last Porkbolter about his strange defence of serial child abuser Jimmy Savile prompted a bizarre lashing-out. Solicitors acting on his behalf contacted well-known Worthing Tweeter and campaigner Dan Thompson threatening legal action against him, apparently on the mistaken assumption a) that he was the author of the Porkbolter piece and b) that it is somehow libellous to repeat parts of somebody's newspaper column that they subsequently wished they had never written!

Green, the shop in Victoria Road, Worthing, which kindly stocks our newsletters, also contacted us to say people claiming to be Hart's solicitors turned up and tried to take away all their copies of The Porkbolter (they didn't let them!). Altogether, not a reaction for the Broadwater undertaker to be proud of. Clearly the people of Worthing are not expected to answer back when the Great Man speaks!

Seething mass in town battle

A DRAMATIC incident from Worthing's past has been brought back to life in a newly-published book. Physical Resistance: A Hundred Years of Anti-Fascism by the late Dave Hann (Zero Books, 2013) includes an account of the night of October 9, 1934, when British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosley turned up to speak in town.

It recalls: "'No More War. Damn Mosley. Fight Fascism' was written in tar on Worthing Town Hall and tar was also spread on the walls of the local fascist headquarters at 27 Marine Parade. On the night, just sixteen members of the Defence Force accompanied Mosley to the Pier Pavilion. He considerably underestimated the depth of local hostility towards him and his movement. As the meeting got underway, a crowd gathered outside that numbered several thousand by the time Blackshirts marched out in military formation. Fireworks were thrown as choruses of "Poor old Mosley's got the wind up" were sung to the tune of John Brown's Body. Mosley was struck, he retaliated and fights started that spread along the Esplanade. Blackshirts were forced to retreat to Barnes Cafe in the Arcade, a well-known BUF meeting place. The cafe was stormed, windows were broken, missiles thrown. As midnight neared, the Blackshirts tried to break out of the cafe but were spotted and attacked. A 'seething, struggling mass of howling people' poured into the road and fought each other in what has become known as the Battle of South Street."

* Any Worthing folk wanting to be part of a seething anti-fascist mass in 2013 might want to pop over to Brighton on Sunday April 21 when the modern-day Mosleys of the March for England and English Defence League will be trying to gain 'revenge' for their 2012 humiliation at the hands of the Sussex public, having also badly "underestimated the depth of local hostility" towards them! See http://brighton for updates.

When iconic is a bit ironic

WE REALISE we risk having the "boys sent round" for daring to mention Ian Hart again, but we couldn't help noticing that after suggesting Adolf Hitler as an amusing coach trip companion and sticking up for poor Jimmy Savile, he has revealed another focus of his idiosyncratic admiration - Margaret Thatcher (who, coincidentally, was a great chum of mass child-abuser Savile, an annual New Year guest of hers!). Again Harty is miffed that others don't love his own personal hero and he complains (Worthing Herald, January 10) that there are some dastardly types planning to celebrate her death (the party starts at 6pm in Trafalgar Square the first Saturday after she dies, in case you hadn't heard by now!). Totally wrong, he says, when she is "without doubt one of the icons of the 20th century". What - like Pol Pot? Or Joseph Stalin? Or (oh blimey, another coincidence!) back-of-the-bus laugh-a-minute Adolf Hitler?

Tories sell out - shock!

WHEN we noticed the Conservative Party had put their Worthing HQ - Haverfield House in Union Place - on the market, for a moment we thought a miracle had occurred and they had seen the light, were folding up the whole kaboodle and retiring en masse to the Costa del Sol. Alas, no. But then we realised what a great opportunity was staring us in the face. For a mere third of million quid we could get ourselves a new Porkbolter Towers and start planning for our first social event - a big pork-off party to mark the death of Margaret Thatcher, with Ian Hart, Tim Loughton and Vino Vinojan as Guests of Honour! Watch this space... (but not too carefully!)


THE police spy who targeted the Save Titnore Woods! campaign in Worthing (see issue 100) has been named in the scandal over sexual abuse of protesters by undercover cops. The Guardian (January 18) says Lynn Watson, a constable, slept with a climate camp activist in a tent in 2006. The man concerned is not joining the legal case against the police (saying she meant nothing to him!), in which the judge absurdly suggested that when MPs approved spying legislation they would have imagined this involved sexual deceit because of the example of the (entirely fictional, as far we know!) James Bond.
* * *

SO WHAT'S happened to all the ambitious plans for Worthing's Teville Gate? Hanson Capital Management was proposing a 9-screen multiplex cinema, 260 new homes, a 100-bedroom hotel, new restaurants and coffee shops, a conference centre, offices and a new supermarket. But as we went to press, the Worthing Gateway website ( was still declaring: "If Planning Permission is granted by early 2011, demolition work could start in Spring 2011. If the above timetable is followed, the completion of the project would be in 2014." Quick maths test: If work hasn't started in early 2013, when does that make the completion date? Answer: Probably never.
* * *

IF YOU were upset by the gas-leak smell creeping over the channel from France, ponder for a moment what would happen if there was an accident at one of the nuclear power stations along the northern French coast. No, it's not a particularly nice thought, is it?
* * *

MORE scandal concerning Worthing's biggest drug dealer. The Guardian reports (January 29) that thousands of families in the UK "could be deprived of compensation for the death or harm of a relative caused by the diabetes drug Avandia" even though GlaxoSmithKlein has agreed to pay billions of dollars to settle similar claims in the US. Nice.
* * *

SCARY news of the state trying to create a DNA database in the NHS by stealth. GeneWatch UK director Helen Wallace warns: "It is a big mistake to allow private medical records and personal genetic information to be data-mined by private companies without people's knowledge or consent." For more information see
* * *

STOP PRESS: Protest against the bankers and fat cats! Meet under the clock outside Guildbourne Centre, South Street, Worthing, 12 noon Saturday February 23. Part of build-up to London protests in week beginning June 10, ahead of G8 summit. Check out

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