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ISSUE 104, YULE 2011-2012

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Screwing workers, trashing countryside, wrecking the NHS

The Na$ty Party versus the people

2012 has got to be the year we all finally stand up to the rich and arrogant 1%

A THOUSAND people marched through Worthing on November 30 in protest at the government's attack on ordinary men and women working in the public sector.

Meanwhile, the letters pages of the Worthing Herald have been buzzing with outrage at the council's decision to give the go-ahead to the 700-home Durrington development next to Titnore Woods, despite overwhelming public opposition and very real fears of massive flooding.

The mood is the same nationally, with The Observer reporting on December 4 that "an extraordinary alliance of countryside campaigners, wildlife groups and green activists" had launched a "savage onslaught on the government, accusing it of showing a 'stunning disregard' for the environment."

Young people are being put off going to university because of the prospect of crippling debts looming over the rest of their lives as education increasingly becomes a treat for the rich.

And the not-so-young, now expected to work until they drop dead of exhaustion, worry about how they are going to be able to afford to go to the doctor's once the NHS is fully privatised along American lines.

What has happened to this country? Why is the future looking so bleak? The immediate answer is The Nasty Party is back in power and, despite all that greenwash and soft-soaping before the general election, this version is even worse than Thatcher's mob.

New Labour was bad enough, with war criminal Tony Bliar, his croneyism and his phoney freedom-stealing 'war on terror', but we've now reached a new phase. Make no mistake, the ruling elite of this country have now well and truly declared war on the people. This cabinet of millionaires regard the rest of us as nothing but a bunch of pathetic cattle to be herded about, left in the shit and milked for all we are worth.

They have a barely disguised contempt for the 'lower orders' and hate it when we stand up for ourselves - witness Cameron's fellow millionaire mate Jeremy Clarkson 'joking' that he'd like to see trade unionists dragged out of their homes and executed in front of their families.

Their corrupt Ponzi scheme is imploding and in order to ensure the bankers and the bosses keep getting richer, they have decided to make the rest of us bail them out - again and again and again. And if we don't like it? They've already pretty much abolished democracy - there's no real 'choice' with the fibbing cretins we are presented with on the ballot paper - and in Greece and Italy they've now being ruled by unelected 'technocrats' brought in to impose the bankers' will.

Try peaceful mass occupations like they have in the USA? Out comes the tear gas and water cannons. It sometimes seems like an impossible task to stop this descent into social slavery, environmental disaster and totalitarian police state rule.

But the one thing we should never forget is that we are the majority - the 99% as the Occupy movement so rightly points out. We are the majority in Worthing, the majority in Sussex, the majority in England, the majority in Europe, the majority in the world.

They, the 1%, may have the guns and the money but they will always be outnumbered by the rest of us, by the people. All we have to do is find the determination and courage to take them on!

How can I do my bit?

HERE at The Porkbolter we try to spread info about a range of campaign groups, so get yourself on our email list by writing to

Going to monthly Worthing Alliance meetings is a good place to get involved and discuss ideas (see Pork Scratchings, below).

A great source of weekly info is the Brighton newsletter SchNEWS ( and Brighton also hosts the excellent Cowley Club social centre (12 London Road, A number of Worthing people were also involved with the recent Occupy Brighton protest camp (occupy

Here in Worthing, if you're concerned about the environment there is the Worthing Downlanders ( or Don't Overdevelop Durrington (, for a start. For workers' rights try Worthing Solidarity Network ( or Worthing Trades Council (mail

If none of them appeal, why not set up your own action group - or just be a lone wolf freelance rebel!

Man of principle 'to resign'

RUMOURS have reached us that deputy mayor Charles James may be about to resign from the Conservative group in protest at the decision over the West Durrington development.

Mr James earned a huge round of applause from residents when he spoke out against the consortium's application at the fateful meeting. After his fellow Tories on the planning committee ensured the scheme got the go-ahead, it would be understandable if Mr James was forced to reconsider his position. As a man of great principle, he could well find it untenable to remain associated with a party which rode roughshod over the arguments he so eloquently expressed.

Indeed, he may well feel that to stay on in their ranks could even lead cynics to suggest he in some way connived to be seen to be opposing the development as local councillor, while knowing full well that it would go ahead anyway. In those circumstances, resigning would clearly be the right and proper thing for him to do. We await with interest Mr James' next move.

Meanwhile, a real sense of injustice has followed the passing of the Durrington housing scheme on October 20. As letter-writers to the Herald have explained, residents were excluded from a too-small room, speakers were harried by the chairman, developers were allowed a right to reply denied to the campaigners. Finally, came the biggest insult of the lot. When it came to the vote, a number of councillors barely moved their hands, making it impossible for the public to know what had happened. The chair, Joan Bradley, announced it was a 3-2 vote in favour, then changed it to 4-2. Asked what the official record showed, residents were told that the vote was not minuted!

As a public service, we are therefore publishing the names and wards of the four Conservative councillors who voted in favour of allowing property developers to concrete over Worthing's remaining countryside: Carol Molineaux (Heene). Clive Roberts (Central). Bryan Turner (Gaisford). Nicky Waight (Salvington). We will remember them!

Filth sleaze sex smut victory

BIBLE-BASHING anti-smut campaigner Maurice Morrison has claimed a personal victory with the impending closure of Worthing's Taboo sex shop in Rowlands Road.

The Boer War 'Penny Farthing Brigade' veteran, aged 132, says he played a direct role in the financial downturn that spelled flesh curtains for the sleaze emporium. He exclusively told The Porkbolter: "As part of my campaign work, I unfortunately have had to visit this den of filth on many occasions to gather evidence to be used against them. Unfortunately, however, earlier this year I became afflicted with a serious case of Repetitive Strain Injury and have no longer been able to carry out certain aspects of my investigative work.

"As a consequence, the Cash Tills of Shame have not been ringing out to the sound of my purchases and it is this, I believe, which has finally pushed this sordid business over the edge. I am delighted to lay claim to a moral victory of the highest order!"

Mr Morrison told us he was currently undergoing hospital treatment on both wrists, adding: "In the New Year I am hoping to get back to grips with this whole sticky issue."


WHAT'S going on with the Worthing Dome? Campaigners have long feared that owners PDJ Cinemas Ltd are not entirely serious about its long-term future as a cinema, what with the lacklustre marketing and difficulties in finding out what is on there and how to buy a ticket. These failings are particularly shown up by the dynamism of the entirely amateur Worthing Film Club, which staged the superb On Location film festival in the town. Concerns have been reinforced by the fact that the Dome is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary - but does not seem to be inviting the Worthing public to celebrate the fact.We trust there is no truth in the awful suggestion that the Dome's owners are just waiting for the planned Teville Gate nine-screen multiplex to open before they can declare it unviable and convert Worthing's number one historic gem into a nightclub, casino or some other travesty of our heritage...
* * *

SINISTER new developments in the UK police state, which has (surprise, surprise!) kept expanding under the Nasty Party. Reported The Guardian on October 31: "Britain's largest police force is operating covert surveillance technology that can masquerade as a mobile phone network, transmitting a signal that allows authorities to shut off phones remotely, intercept communications and gather data about thousands of users in a targeted area." Thank goodness we live in a democracy, eh?
* * *

TWO meetings have been lined up by the Worthing Alliance, which brings together a range of campaign groups in the town. They are free and open to anyone interested. On Thursday December 29 the Alliance is having a festive occasion with mulled wine (that bit's not free!) - plus the usual political discussion, of course - and on Thursday January 26 it will be hosting a talk on What Is Anarchism? Both nights are at the Beechwood Hall Hotel in Wykeham Road (near Victoria Park) and begin at 8pm.
* * *

IF YOU'VE been reading The Porkbolter for a long time, you may remember our Riot Gran exclusive back in March 2000. Well, now it seems satire has turned to fact, in Greece at least, with a startling video of a real-life Riot Gran, complete with handbag, scurrying up to the front of a protest and chucking rocks at the police!
* * *

THE Save Our Sussex Alliance, formed a couple of months ago to fight the threat of property development to our county's countryside, has staged successful protests outside Tory party HQs in Worthing and Horsham and is now heading to Brighton some time in January. Check out for latest details.

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