Ecological Direct Action Online Magazines and publications

Earth First! Action Update

Latest action news and upcoming events from around UK and some from rest of Europe.

Earth First! Journal

The original, the one and only, from the USA.

Green Anarchist Magazine

UK based mag with news and features. "for the destruction of civilisation".

Australia EF! Action Update

Cool and Sexy

West Papua Action Update

Cover news of solidarity actions and of events in W. Papua. Also communiques from those fighting in the forest.

disco daves tunnel guide

There are few defense tactics that can compare with the protest tunnel.

Think Globally - Act Locally

Putting a global perspective on local actions in North-East England.

Acme Tat Catalogue

Are there tools, equipment or books that you want and cannot find?


miljöaktivisten är en radikal miljökampstidning. 5 nummer kostar 50 kronor, annars kan den läsas online på

Road Raging - Top Tips for Wrecking Roadbuilding

Full text and images of the 217 page book published (anticopyright) by Road Alert!

Direkte Aktionen

Direkte Aktionen oder Die kleine Blockadefibel - Die Homepage einer Broschuere, die von Road Raging inspiriert und zu einem großen Teil auch davon uebersetzt wurde.

Do or Die Online Magazine

Online magazine. In depth coverage of many subjects related to ecological direct action.

Strummin' up Support

Original songs and bastardised cover versions that tell tales of eco-resistance and other related matters. It was produced because the environmental movement, indeed any (counter) culture, needs its cultural representations just as much as its directly political messages. A song can say far more than a thesis, and indeed is much more accessible than a thick tome on a dusty shelf.


...are models of bulldozers and cars you can make and then crush to relieve the frustration when progress gets too much for you.

These are all freely available on the web. To help ensure they are available to a wider audience, please support them by subscribing. Although you don't need them as you have access to them here, it's a good idea to subscribe and leave in a public place (library, cafe etc) so more people read it. These publications are on the web for free solely because the publishing and distribution costs are lower. The work involved in editing them is huge, and the people who do it then let us read it for nothing. Without the paper version they will not be available at all.

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