Strummin' up Support

This is a booklet of original songs and bastardised cover versions that tell tales of eco-resistance and other related matters. It was produced because the environmental movement, indeed any (counter) culture, needs its cultural representations just as much as its directly political messages. A song can say far more than a thesis, and indeed is much more accessible than a thick tome on a dusty shelf.

Any comments, criticisms or additions to the collection, perhaps for "Strumming Up Support Vol II" should be sent to:- SUS c/o South Downs EF! or emailed to savage at the address below. This is equally applicable for anyone with a fat recording contract to give to a budding wordsmith and tunesmith!!!


How to Play the Chords in these pages:-

Guide for complete beginners.
Do not be intimidated by these boxes with dots in. All basic chords require you to put your fingers in logical and, with practice, comfortable positions. With a little perserverence, you will be playing the chords with confidence in no time, and not relying on multinationals to provide your entertainment.

To read these chord charts, imagine that the first string is the fattest one on your guitar (preferably acoustic). Play around with other finger positions. The G- chord is perhaps the least comfortable in these songs, so if you master that the rest is plain sailing.

The Songs

Here's a new version of "The Passenger" by Iggy Pop
Not a Wonderful World (borrowed from Louis Armstrong.)
You'll Never Walk Alone (D-lock mix)
In the Eco- Wars (A revised version of 'Between the Wars' by Billy Bragg)
More to follow.

South Downs Earth First!
c/o PO Box 2971

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