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Throughout the Pacific Rim wild nature and wild culture are under attack.

Loggers tear down the forests. Mining corporations rip open chasms in the earth. Free tribal societies are either exterminated or assimilated. In this century, over half of the earth's diverse forms of life are facing extinction - these are critical times.

Picture: A tribesman stands in front of a massive open-cast quarry.
Photo: Indiginous warrior standing against a cobalt-blue waterfall

The Pacific Rim with its rainforest expanses, surviving pockets of wild peoples and coral reefs is a critical field of battle. Against the death culture rebellion grows. The victorious eco-insurrection in Bougainville and the strengthening resistance in Papua are just two examples.

For ten years the British radical ecological movement has taken inspiration from Pacific struggles and in return carried out sporadic solidarity actions against companies and embassies. In the middle of 2002 some of us behind these actions decided we needed to consolidate to make sure we can give more consistent support to struggling wild peoples in this region, so the S. S. P. network was formed.

Our work has centered primarily around West Papua, The Philippines and Bougainville. We are currently involved mainly in supporting the West Papuan tribal resistance. We carry out solidarity actions here, support those imprisoned for their resistance, raise money to send as direct aid and produce publications bringing the voices of rebels in the South Pacific unmediated.

At the beginning of the 21st century we all have to choose sides. Do we remain on the side of industrial civilisation, or do we stand with wild cultures and radical social movements - in defence of the living earth?

Photo: Banner on tripod outside garage, reads: Stop Mining West Papua

See the action chronology for examples of our practical support to the indigenous people of the South Pacific.