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Photo: Demonstrators at house holding placards

Demo at Freeport CEO's house

Activists with the West Papua Solidarity Group held a protest at Freeport-McMoRan CEO Richard Adkerson's French Quarter home. The demonstration called attention to Freeport-McMoRan's use of Indonesian military personnel, known for their human rights abuses, to guard its Grasberg Mine in West Papua, Indonesia. See the Freeport demo news item for more info.

Santa Cruz SSP raises $200 for West Papua / Bougainville

Santa Cruz SSP held two events over a weekend to raise money - an anarchist café featuring workshops / information / music, and a showing of The Coconut Revolution.

They also recently sent out approximately 60 packages about SSP to EF! and prisoner support groups throughout the U.S.

For further information see news item Santa Cruz updates

Santa Cruz SSP raises money for Manila infoshop

Santa Cruz SSP recently did a video benefit to help a Manilla-based anarcho-punk collective open a space. The group, working for Philippines Indymedia and Oathmeal and who have assisted with anti-genetics actions, are opening an Infoshop to hold "in one roof the FNB chapter in Manila, our infoshop materials, and the local network of autonomous activist based locally." They are also planning a benefit with a Philippino punk band.

Prisoners released from West Papuan jail.

West Papuans tell us that prisoners survived jail and were released. It is thought (by them!) that our prisoner support had a lot to do with this. This is great news - see the news page, Prisoners released from West Papuan jail for more information.

Plantation Pushers Targeted

On 6th July at 9am 8 of us did a "lightning demo" against CDC in London, unfurling a banner which read "PLANTATIONS ARE CORPORATE COLONIALISM AND ECOCIDE". After chaining up their entrance doors we left, seeing little point in waiting for the cops to turn up. The action was carried out at the request of environmentalists in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

CDC is a government body that funds projects which transform land and relatively autonomous subsistence cultures into profit making resources for the global industrial system. It is THE player in oil palm expansion in PNG, a major threat to forests and peoples.

Papuan boycott

On Monday 5th July twenty people held a demonstration at the Indonesian embassy in London in solidarity with West Papua. We have heard that many West Papuans were refusing to vote in the Indonesian presidential elections and we were demonstrating in support of those boycotting the vote.

As all the expat Indonesians turned up to vote they were confronted with banners reading 'Free West Papua' and 'Solidarity with the OPM'. Many stopped to talk and they were handed leaflets which read:


More information on the July Papuan Boycott news page.

Norwich SSP activists fined

To nobody's surprise, the two activists on trial for an office occupation at Indonesian timber agents Cipta last July, were found guilty of Section 5 of the Public Order Act. The defendants each received a conditional discharge for two years and they were ordered to pay costs of £300 between them.

The judge was clearly not interested in the issues surrounding the case and demonstrably paid no attention when matters of environmental destruction or human rights were mentioned.

For more information, see the Norwich Activists news page.

Global demonstrations in solidarity with Papuan ballot boycott

Following the refusal to vote by 60% of West Papuans, demonstrations of solidarity were held in London, Sydney, Washington DC and the Hague. In London, ex-patriots had to to go the Indonesian embassy to place their votes - activists got there first and Indonesians were given leaflets informing them of the boycott and the embassy was surrounded by banners proclaiming 'solidarity with the OPM' on one of its most public days.

For more information see the April Papuan boycott news page.

London Rising Tide pickets BP Tangguh Gas Greenwash Meeting

The meeting was concerning the Tangguh Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) project in West Papua (Indonesia), a supremely dodgy development in which BP has a controlling stake (and in which British Gas also has a large holding.)

London Rising Tide held aloft their "Oil fuels climate chaos" banner, which had been modified to read "NGOs fuel climate chaos".

For more information see the London Rising Tide news page.