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London Rising Tide pickets BP Tangguh Gas Greenwash Meeting

Earth First! Action Update, March 04

A deep-frozen London Rising Tide were on hand to meet and greet those NGOs and "socially responsible" investors attending a meeting organised by BP and the "Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel" (TIAP). TIAP is made up of Senator George Mitchell, (Chairman of TIAP and now also of Disney!), Lord David Hannay, Reverend Herman Saud and Ambassador Sabam Siagan, all of whom are on the BP payroll.

The meeting was concerning the Tangguh Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) project in West Papua (Indonesia), a supremely dodgy development in which BP has a controlling stake (and in which British Gas also has a large holding.)

LRT held aloft their "Oil fuels climate chaos" banner, which had been modified to read "NGOs fuel climate chaos". Met Police and BP security were also on hand as a slow trickle of people made their way inside - the low numbers may have had something to do with the information about the Baku Ceyhan pipeline and about Tangguh which had been circulated to all invitees beforehand by LRT. Chief NGOs collaborating with BP on Tangguh appear to be the WWF and Conservation International.

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