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Philippines: EF! Davao Pesticide Day

by EarthFirst!-Davao

Dec. 3, 2004 a call for No Pesticide Use Day. Earth first Movement, different Environmental groups, Katribu Art Movement, Youth Sector, Tiatro kalye, students from different schools gathered at Freedom park Davao City to voice out their rage against the use of chemical pesticide.

The gathering wants to spread the news that the world's worst industrial accident occured at a Union Carbide pest plant in Bhopal, India. This accident happend on sunday Dec. 3,1984. Many countries arround the globe have been commemorating the Dec. 3 tragedy thru a no Pesticide Use Day (ACTUALLY EVERYDAY IS A NO PESTICIDE USE DAY!). It is a campaign to remember the hundreds who died, and thousands who suffered the disaster world wide including the bagobo community and other tribal community in Mindanao.

The Day is also to draw attention to the life threatening impacts of chemical pesticides on people and the environment by the plantations here in mindanao.

For more information: Earth First! Davao website