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SSP Fundraising

SSP is presently fundraising for a significant direct aid shipment to Bougainville. At the end of September SSP types organised a fundraising Karaoke night in a squat in Barcelona. The successful event raised awareness of pacific struggles and 220 Euros! The money will go towards direct medical aid to Bougainville. 220 Euro (£150) pay seem like a relatively small amount of money in Europe/America but it can make a significant difference in a place like Bougainville.

People have raised thousands of pounds for SSP direct aid in the last few years. It's been done with everything from benefit gigs, stalls, dinners and Jumble Sales to donations from workers co-ops and selling rancid lager at squat parties.

"Thanks to exchange rates small amounts of hard currency can have a much larger effect in Majority World countries than it does here. Providing practical financial aid for libertarian and ecological groups abroad should not be seen as charity. It's merely a tool of solidarity that we have available to us as a result of our position in the highly moneterised capitalist core."

Do or Die Issue 10