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17th May - Remembrance Day and Independence Day for the people of Bougainville

This coming monday 17th of May will be a Remembrance Day and the Independence Day for the people of Bougainville. There will be celebration in various parts or districts around the Island. It's the 14th Anniversary since the declaration of UDI on May 17 1990. Ever since that date there's been celebration to mark the day and to remembered our fallen comrades and those who had been killed during the war.

Even though, there's been a division between the BRA, and the MDF May 17th is celebrated by people on both sides, those who join the peace process and those outside of the peace process. Bougainvilleans at heart wants Independence, May 17th go on to prove it. Self rule is the only solution to the far from over Bougainville conflict.

Mekamui Spokeperson.

Clive Porabou.