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Demonstration at Canadian Consulate in Barcelona

Dear everyone,

Today, April 14th, a group of us made a small demonstration outside the consulate of Canada here in Barcelona, Spain, in solidarity with the struggles against Canadian mining companies in Canatuan and Mindoro, Philippines, and recognising that the Canadian government is actively supporting these companies .

The consulate is situated right on the central square of Barcelona, a place it is always crowded. We hung a banner across the entrance of the building, so people had to bend down to enter. Also we gave out leaflets and pasted fly-posters around the area with information about the events of the past month in the two places - the shooting of 4 people by TVI Pacific's private army, and Crew's claim that the president has given them permission once again to open their mine.

From the leaflet:

"What we are doing here today is not an act of resistance. We do not believe that those with power will change their minds just because a few people are asking them nicely. Those that are resisting and living with the repression are those over there in the Philippines. We have our own struggles to fight on other days, but we can also spread information about other situations - hoping that the knowledge that there are people taking action in other countries can help give strength to these struggle"

A very small action, but we hope it is welcome. Sorry there are no photos...