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West Papuan boycott of Indonesian elections

July 5th is the day of the Indonesian presidential elections.

The elections of May 5th were met with a strong West Papuan boycott with around 60% of the population (i.e almost 100% of the indigenous population) joining the boycott. Support for the boycott was shown in several countries with pickets and phone-ins of Indonesian embassies. This may help to explain the fact that there seems to have been little in the way of military reprisals against the people of west Papua. There have been a few arrests and killings but overall the picture is far better than could have been expected.

On July 5th it is likely that Papuans will again refuse to vote in large numbers, although it may be that the main focus of the boycott was on May 5th. Support action is needed again to try to minimise any resulting repression.

At 12.00 noon there will be a picket of the Indonesian embassy, attended by people from Solidarity South Pacific, as well as other groups and individuals. Please join us at the embassy which is in Grosvenor Square, London, UK. Those living outside the UK could put on similar events in their respective countries.

If you are unable to attend the picket then letter/phonecalls to the embassy, stating support for the boycott and protesting the arrests and killings, would all be helpful.