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Benefit to Phillipines and other SSP projects


Benefit updates...

Santa Cruz SSP recently did a video showing benefit to help open a space for a Manilla based anarcho-punk collective. The collective works on the Phillipines Indymedia site and the on-line "zine" Oathmeal. Some of them have also assisted with anti-genetics actions and other projects. We've been in correspondence with them for a few months and decided to raise them some $ for opening up an Infoshop to hold "in one roof the FNB chapter in Manila,our infoshop materials, and the local network of autonomous activists based locally."

We raised $100 so far, they have the goal of trying to get $300 more to cover rent for 3 months. We're in the process of setting up a benefit with a local Phillipino punk band to help raise the rest of the $.

December 4th. We will be showing The Coconut Revolution to raise $ for medical aid/communications equipment for West Papua and Bougainville. We expect to raise another $100 and will send the money to the Brighton SSP chapter once we've got it.

We have tenative plans for two other benefit shows and some other fundraising ideas, unfortunatly though they will likely occur after the January trip to Bougainville/West Papua. But if we can swing something, we will.

We've sent several zine packages out, two of these packages (that we're a little less than 20 lbs. each) have been confirmed that they were recieved by the Manilla group mentioned earlier and Davao EF!

That's all for now.