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Reclaim Shell Cove Aboriginal Embassy

This action alert was sent to us, it is not by SSP, and relates to an embassy for the aboriginal peoples of Australia.


Camping gear and supplies are needed for the Embassy.
Contact Uncle Dootch for help/donations on:
0413 736 742
Original action call

The Shell Cove Aboriginal Embassy was illegally evicted on Friday 15th April, with Embassy supporters expelled from the site , and their personal belongings and camping gear stolen.

Yuin elder Roy Kennedy (Uncle Dootch) from the Kuradji Embassy has put an urgent call out for people ASAP to show solidarity by joining the camp @ Bellambi Point. Ongoing support will be needed to enable the protection of threatened Sacred Sites.

The Shell Cove Aboriginal Embassy, south of Wollongong, is in Yuin country, and is set up to protect Sacred Aboriginal Sites that are threatened by a 200 birth Marina.

"They want to disturb 4000 burial sites to put in 200 boats".

The disrespect shown to Aboriginal culture, in the search of the almighty dollar, needs to stop. Destruction of cultural artifacts and sacred burial sites is illegal under international genocide conventions.

This development threatens coastal and estuary ecosystems and threatens a chain reaction of consequences for surrounding natural systems.

There are a number of sacred Aboriginal sites that need protection from 'developments' (destruction).

Bellambi Point Aboriginal Embassy is set up out of concern for sewerage outfall and developments that threaten the natural waterways of the area.

Currently Embassy supporters are at another Embassy stronghold @ Bellambi Point. Uncle Dootch is calling out for people to come and camp at the embassy in solidarity. Ongoing support will be needed to enable the protection of threatened Sacred Sites.

Map to get to Bellambi tent embassy