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Santa Cruz updates

We raised $200 for medical and communications equipment to be sent to West Papua/Bougainville during a weekend of 2 events.

The first was an Anarchist Cafe which featured:


  • Sasha K. (from Killing King Abacus) on Class Conflict in China. A report back after traveling there for the past year.
  • Wolfi Landstreicher (Venemous Butterfly Publications) On the Insurrection in Algeria.


  • Urban Sabotage & Piracy
  • Urban Squatting
  • A presentation by the film maker of "My Heros Wear Masks" an ALF documentry, complimented by an introduction film to the SHAC campaign.
  • Ka-Chuck (Balinese Monkey Chant)
  • Scams by the author of Evasion

Music by:

  • Pondscum
  • and random delinquints playing some foot stomping tunes on some old- time instruments.

The following day The Coconut Revolution was shown.


We recently sent out approximately 60 packages about SSP to EF! and prisoner support groups throughout the U.S.

People interested in recieving literature within the U.S., of if you live on the west coast and will set up a gig for a possible tour in the summer of 2005 contact SSP Santa Cruz.

To get copies of SSP films in US format, if you do a zine and can want to feature an article on SSP, or are interested in doing research on U.S. institutions/NGO's involved in the destruction of wild people and lands in the Soulth Pacific contact SSP Minneapolis.