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A Summary of SSP - Santa Cruz's activities since it's inception.

Prisoner Support:

At the 2005 San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair, about $55 was raised for West Papuan prisoners while tabling SSP literature. (Soon to be sent.)

Direct Cash Aid:

We raised $150 for medical supplies for West Papua and Bougainville by hosting a film showing of "The Coconut Revolution" and fundraising through an Anarchist Café.

We fundraised $100 to help an anarchist collective in Manilla, Philippines start an infoshop.

We fundraised about $45 to support DeMMaK printing projects.

Providing Anarchist/Ecological Literature:

We've sent out several packages to the south pacific over the past few months. Here's a round-up:

  • 8 boxes were sent to the Philippines. (with another in the works.)
  • 2 packages were sent to Papua New Guinea.
  • 1 box and 1 package was sent to West Papua.
  • 2 boxes were sent to Indonesia.

Most of the boxes weighed 20 lbs. or more. They were sent to help start up distros, infoshops, groups that print literature and others that requested it.

Outreach and Education:

Besides the film showing and the tabling at the Bookfair as mentioned above a lot of time and money has gone into compiling and mailing out SSP packets in North America. About 125 packets we're mailed out to Earth First!, anarchist prisoner support, west coast, and other eco-anarchist groups.

Green Anarchy has done some coverage of SSP projects and reports, with possibilities of more in the future.


We've helped with providing literature to individuals interested in getting groups started, helping facilitate distribution of SSP literature, and providing support to those setting up benefit gigs.

Upcomming Happenings:

A benefit on the 24th (of April?) at the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley that some friends are putting on.

A benefit in San Francisco also by another friend, details forthcomming.

And tenatively some tabling at the EF! RRR in Oregon this Summer.