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Prisoners released from West Papuan jail

From: "Benny Wenda"

Hi all this was good news from back home last night, I got telephone call from West Papua and they report 8 people already release from Abepura Prison.

They say that thank you for our friend in U.K and around the world when we were in prison save our live and remind the Indonesia Government to save our live until now we got release but some other sill in prison we need your attention.

This people Wamena Case 6 October 2000

  1. Edi Marian
  2. Frans Huby
  3. Herry Kosay
  4. Joel Wenda
  5. Timanus Kogoya
  6. Yohakim Huby
  7. Agus Surabut
  8. Isak Wenda.

Still in Prison in Abepura right now is Wamena case 6 Oktebe is

  1. Rev Obet Komba
  2. Muriaono Murib
  3. Sudirman Pagawak
  4. Yudas Meage

My self would like to say thank you for all of you because I know you guys ring direct to Abepura to remained the prisoner guard to save their live and until now they got release.

-Benny Wenda