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SSP New Orleans created

Hey y'all,

Just wanted to inform you that an SSP / West Papua Solidarity Group has formed here in New Orleans, Louisiana. Like other groups we will focus on fundraising, but due to our strategic location (the home of Freeport-McMoran and many of its higher-ups) we will also be doing anti-Freeport action. We have already started doing some fundraising and we hope to put on many presentations in the very near future, either showing videos, or simply talking about Freeport-McMoran's activities in West Papua.

We are in the process of doing a lot of reading and research on the issue, but most of us have known about it for a few years at least. Not sure if y'all are aware, but there is a National Security Archive hosted by George Washinton Univeristy in Washington DC that has a lot of documents about the act of free choice.

That's all for now...

West Papua Solidarity Group- New Orleans